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Jay Williams (1) (1914–1978)

Författare till Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine

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I mostly remember the absurdity of reading this book as a kid in the 1990s and trying to wrap my head around this being a "scientific" depiction of what space travel was going to be like, in *checks notes* 1956. You know, just casually making a gravitational slingshot around Saturn after accidentally launching my weird grandfathery stepdad's spaceship.

Also, Danny has to write "Space travel isn't possible" 500 times for his teacher at the beginning of the book. On what planet is this considered educational??

Super duper pulp, I bet it would be a fun reread.
… (mer)
caedocyon | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 22, 2024 |
First sentence: Space Captain Daniel Dunn stood on the bridge of the Revenge with his eyes on the viewer screens. He could see the fiery trails that were the rocket ships from Jupiter. Adjutant Dan Dunn ran up to report. "Sir," he cried, "They've got us surrounded!"

Premise/plot: Danny Dunn is a daydreamer. His current obsession is space [the final frontier]. Should he be spending class time daydreaming about exploring space? Probably not. Is he punished by his observant teacher? Yes. Does that lead to a real adventure in space? Perhaps. Danny's mom is a housekeeper who works for a scientist professor, Professor Bullfinch. Danny finds the Professor fascinating. Danny "accidentally" helps the Professor invent something unexpected and unintended--anti-gravity paint. This discovery will lead them [and two others, I believe] into space in a ship of their own, a ship not powered by rockets but by anti-gravity paint. Will they arrive on earth in time for Danny to turn in his homework??? Will they return at all????

My thoughts: It's silly, but it's vintage silly. Vintage science fiction can be a hoot. This is the start of a long series. I'm not sure I'm up to reading them all. But I definitely enjoyed this one. Does it deserve to be widely read today? Probably not. Though I don't recall anything particularly offensive or inappropriate. Though to be fair, it has been over a week since I've read it. I enjoyed it because of the glimpses into the imagination. It captures a time and place where ANYTHING was possible in terms of space exploration. It isn't grounded in science but in fantasy. I do imagine that there were a LOT of young children [boys and girls] who were interested in space in the 1950s and 1960s. This children's book isn't set in the future. It doesn't star adults, it's an ADVENTURE story starring a young child that probably many original readers could relate to.
… (mer)
blbooks | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 13, 2024 |
This book is beautiful, lush colors and scrumptious illustrations. It feels like another variation of the Youngest Son Seeks Fortune story.
FamiliesUnitedLL | 5 andra recensioner | Jul 1, 2023 |
I read this book to see for myself why the reviews talk about it with such fondness and reverence. The protagonists are two 11 year old boys who are called from our world to a parallel world which needs a hero to catch a wolf. Based on Norse mythology, the wolf is Fenris and represents Fear. At the beginning of the story the boys are enemies. Forced to work together to find Fenris and restrain him they are set tasks which they must cooperate to do. Thus a friendship builds. It is a good read, and a good lesson.… (mer)
Eurekas | 1 annan recension | May 2, 2023 |



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