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Herman Wouk (1915–2019)

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Herman Wouk was born in the Bronx, New York on May 27, 1915. He received a bachelor's degree in comparative literature and philosophy from Columbia University. In 1936, he became a staff writer for the radio comedian Fred Allen. He enlisted in the Navy immediately after Pearl Harbor and was posted visa mer as a radio officer in the South Pacific. His debut novel, Aurora Dawn, was published in 1947. His other novels included The City Boy, Marjorie Morningstar, Youngblood Hawke, Don't Stop the Carnival, The Winds of War, War and Remembrance, The Hope, The Gift, A Hole in Texas, and The Lawgiver. He received the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1952 for The Caine Mutiny. He received the first Library of Congress Lifetime Achievement Award for the Writing of Fiction in 2008. His nonfiction books included This Is My God, The Language God Talks, and Sailor and Fiddler: Reflections of a 100-Year-Old Author. Several of his books were adapted into movies including The Caine Mutiny and Marjorie Morningstar. He adapted the courtroom sections of The Caine Mutiny into the Broadway play The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. His other Broadway shows included The Traitor and Nature's Way. He died on May 17, 2019 at the age of 103. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Krigets vindar (1971) 3,249 exemplar
Myteriet på Caine (1951) 3,222 exemplar
Krig och hågkomst (1978) 2,673 exemplar
Marjorie Morningstar (1955) 1,269 exemplar
Hoppet (1993) 1,082 exemplar
This is My God (1959) 796 exemplar
Äran (1994) 749 exemplar
Don't Stop The Carnival (1965) 678 exemplar
Innanför, utanför (1985) 615 exemplar
City Boy (1948) 340 exemplar
A Hole in Texas: A Novel (2004) 307 exemplar
The Lawgiver: A Novel (2012) 198 exemplar
Aurora Dawn (1947) 168 exemplar
War and Remembrance, Vol. 1 (1978) 162 exemplar
War and Remembrance, Vol. 2 (1978) 159 exemplar
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (1954) 132 exemplar
The "Lomokome" Papers (1956) 71 exemplar
Slattery's hurricane (1956) 21 exemplar
Paradis-ghettoen (1985) 15 exemplar
Byron og Natalie (1979) 15 exemplar
Myteriet på Caine del 1 (1973) 14 exemplar
The Traitor (1949) 13 exemplar
Myteriet på Caine. D. 2 (1973) 11 exemplar
Mundo, demonio y carne (1965) 6 exemplar
Manhattan. 1. osa (1986) 3 exemplar
Manhattan. 2. osa (1986) 3 exemplar
Sodan tuulet 2 (1973) 3 exemplar
Op mod vinden (1983) 3 exemplar
Arthur Hawke . 2 exemplar
Vihre vojne 1 exemplar
The minds of war 1 exemplar
Youngblood Hawks Part 1 of 2 (1962) 1 exemplar
Youngblood Hawks Part 2 of 2 (1962) 1 exemplar
1955 1 exemplar
Nadzieja. [Wol. 1] 1 exemplar
Nadzieja. [Wol. 2] 1 exemplar

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Enough people liked this novel to make it a commercial success in its day. Wouk, being a great fan of the earlier Thomas Wolfe, and a very commercial writer himself, cobbled together this tale of a brilliant, but unknown writer, who does acheive commercial success, but driven by his demons, works himself to death. I wasn't really that interested in Youngblood by the time I finished the book.
DinadansFriend | 5 andra recensioner | Sep 27, 2023 |
I'll read anything Herman Wouk writes. This tale of his inspiration and writing career is truly wonderful, but I miss the awe and wonder on first readings of The Caine Mutiny and Marjorie Morningstar
schoenbc70 | 5 andra recensioner | Sep 2, 2023 |
When readers think of war novels, Tolstoy's classic, War And Peace often comes to mind. I believe Herman Wouk's, War And Remembrance, is destined to become an all time classic as well. An amazing novel on so many fronts !
kevinkevbo | 39 andra recensioner | Jul 14, 2023 |
Another book that I first encountered as a movie. Because of that, I was surprised by the first section of the novel about Willie Keith before he joined The Caine. And the book continues on long past the movie too!

Keith's relationship with May Wynn has a lot more depth in the book, though I came close to despising Willie for his superior attitude towards her. In fact, all the characters had more nuances to them except for Steve Maryk.
leslie.98 | 57 andra recensioner | Jun 27, 2023 |



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