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Inkluderar namnen: EugeneYelchin, Eugene Velchin

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This has been in my pile of to reads for a while and I kept putting it off due to the war in Ukraine -- with Russia in the news I just didn't want to revisit the Soviet era. This was a fantastic and important read! Simple enough for kids to understand, but with some grown-up themes.

For young readers who only learn about the Soviet Union in history class, Yelchin gives a funny, sobering, and accurate depiction of what life was like in late 1950s-early 1960s in the Soviet Union. Also, the description of Soviet state-sponsored anti-Semitism is a big focus in this book. Such views are evident today in Russia and in looking at this through the eyes of a boy -- it is terrifying and outrageous.

The Genius Under the Table is a wonderfully illustrated memoir for young readers, but make no mistake, this is a book for adults as well.
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AnnesLibrary | 11 andra recensioner | Jan 28, 2024 |
This Newbery Honor book is similar in some ways to Lois Lowry's [b:The Giver|3636|The Giver (The Giver, #1)|Lois Lowry||2543234]. Both books feature a young boy who has been taught to believe the world is a certain way, but by the end of both books, his worldview has been turned upside down.

There's a huge difference between The Giver and Stalin's Nose, though. One is science fiction and the other is historical fiction. I worry that, while the sci-fi setting of The Giver succeeds with kids, the historical fiction might be a little too dense for readers as young at the main character, Sasha, who's 10. Most American schools don't exactly teach Russian history to 4th graders, nor have they probably broached subjects like Communism or Stalin.

If a kid has either curricular support or some intrinsic motivation to research the actual history, this is a very good book. I'm just not sure how well it stands on its own for a young audience.
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LibrarianDest | 97 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |
My favorite part of this book is that a goblin's love language is insults.

Honestly, I admired this, but it was not my favorite book of the year. Maybe I guessed the ending/twist too early, but it felt too long. I hope there aren't too many kids who fail to finish the story, because the pay-off at the end is worth it.

This is an excellent exploration of prejudice and politics. Annoyingly, my library has put it in our Teen section, but I think it will work best for ages 10-12 (and it's sophisticated enough for adult readers). I also think it will work best if the child reader has the opportunity to discuss it. It's complicated and surprising and definitely begs to be discussed and dissected.

I'm not a big fan of LOTR myself, but I got the feeling that this would appeal to Tolkienists.

Finally, you can add this to a relatively small number of children's books that don't have child main characters. (THE TWENTY-ONE BALLOONS is another.)
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LibrarianDest | 32 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |



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