Cardinal Cup

Utdelare: Jefferson Cup Committee, Virginia Library Association

Andra namn: Jefferson Cup (1984-2022; engelska)
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Established in 1982 and presented since 1983, the Cardinal Cup Committee’s goal is to promote reading about America’s past; to encourage the quality writing of United States history, biography,

visa mer and historical fiction for young people; and to recognize authors in these disciplines. From 2012-2021 two books were selected: one for geared toward young adult readers and one for young readers. Beginning in 2022, the Committee returned to the original model, honoring the most distinguished biography, historical fiction, or American history book for young people. In 2023, the Committee and award were renamed. The Cardinal Cup Committee’s mission remains the same, with a commitment to celebrating titles that honor the diverse history of the United States.

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Winner 50

Louisa June and the Nazis in the Waves av L. M. Elliott2023
Areli Is a Dreamer: A True Story by Areli Morales, a DACA Recipient av Areli Morales2022
We Are Not Free av Traci CheeYoung Adult Readers2021
Jacob Riis's Camera: Bringing Light to Tenement Children av Alexis O'NeillYoung Readers2021
VIRAL: The Fight Against AIDS in America av Ann BausumYoung Adult Readers2020
Mario and the Hole in the Sky: How a Chemist Saved Our Planet av Elizabeth RuschYoung Readers2020
Chasing King's Killer: The Hunt for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Assassin av James L. SwansonYoung Adult Readers2019
Write to Me: Letters from Japanese American Children to the Librarian They Left Behind av Cynthia GradyYoung Readers2019
Sinking the Sultana: A Civil War Story of Imprisonment, Greed, and a Doomed Journey Home av Sally M. WalkerYoung Adult Readers2018
Before She Was Harriet av Lesa Cline-RansomeYoung Readers2018
The Steep and Thorny Way av Cat WintersYoung Adult Readers2017
I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark av Debbie LevyYoung Readers2017
Audacity av Melanie CrowderYoung Adult Readers2016
Blue Birds av Caroline Starr RoseYoung Readers2016
Red Madness: How a Medical Mystery Changed What We Eat av Gail JarrowOlder Readers2015
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash av G. NeriYounger Readers2015
Brotherhood av Anne WestrickOlder Readers2014
Bluffton: My Summer with Buster Keaton av Matt PhelanYounger Readers2014
Bomb: The Race to Build - and Steal - the World's Most Dangerous Weapon av Steve SheinkinOlder Readers2013
Unspoken: A Story From the Underground Railroad av Henry ColeYounger Readers2013
Okay for Now av Gary D. SchmidtYoung Adult2012
Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade av Melissa SweetYoung Readers2012
Sparky: The Life and Art of Charles Schulz av Beverly Gherman2011
George Washington Carver av Tonya Bolden2010
Birmingham, 1963 av Carole Boston Weatherford2008
Blood on the River: James Town 1607 av Elisa Carbone2007
Sweetgrass Basket av Marlene Carvell2006
A House of Tailors av Patricia Reilly Giff2005
Grape Thief av Kristine L. Franklin2004
Mississippi Trial, 1955 av Chris Crowe2003
Storm Warriors av Elisa Carbone2002
Blizzard!: The Storm That Changed America av Jim Murphy2001
Min lysande plan av Katherine Paterson2000
Soldier's Heart av Gary Paulsen1999
Leon's Story av Leon Walter Tillage1998
The Ornament Tree av Jean Thesman1997
The Great Fire av Jim Murphy1996
Pink and Say av Patricia Polacco1995
Across America on an Emigrant Train av Jim Murphy1994
Children of the Dust Bowl av Jerry Stanley1993
The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane av Russell Freedman1992
Franklin Delano Roosevelt av Russell Freedman1991
Shades of Gray av Carolyn Reeder1990
Anthony Burns: The Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive Slave av Virginia Hamilton1989
Lincoln: A Photobiography av Russell Freedman1988
After the Dancing Days av Margaret Rostkowski1987
En mamma på annons av Patricia MacLachlan1986
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson av Bette Bao Lord1985
Who Speaks for Wolf: A Native American Learning Story av Paula Underwood1984
The Jewish Americans: A History in Their Own Words 1650-1950 av Milton Meltzer1983

Honor 130

Curve & Flow: The Elegant Vision of L.A. Architect Paul R. Williams av Andrea J. Loney2023
Three Strike Summer av Skyler Schrempp2023
Set Me Free av Ann Clare LeZotte2022
Your Legacy: A Bold Reclaiming of Our Enslaved History av Schele Williams2022
Blood and germs : the civil war battle against wounds and disease av Gail JarrowYoung Adult Readers2021
The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep: Voices from the Donner Party av Allan WolfYoung Adult Readers2021
Echo Mountain av Lauren WolkYoung Readers2021
Fighting for the Forest: How FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps Helped Save America av P. O’Connell PearsonYoung Adult Readers2020
Born to Fly: The First Women's Air Race Across America av Steve SheinkinYoung Adult Readers2020
Poison in the Colony: James Town 1622 av Elisa CarboneYoung Readers2020
Unpunished Murder: Massacre at Colfax and the Quest for Justice (Scholastic Focus) av Lawrence GoldstoneYoung Adult Readers2019
Fly Girls: The Daring American Women Pilots Who Helped Win WWII av P. O’Connell PearsonYoung Adult Readers2019
Lord of the Mountain av Ronald KiddYoung Readers2019
Betty Before X av Ilyasah ShabazzYoung Readers2019
Locked Up for Freedom: Civil Rights Protesters at the Leesburg Stockade av Heather E. SchwartzYoung Adult Readers2018
Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team av Steve SheinkinYoung Adult Readers2018
The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming av J. Anderson CoatsYoung Readers2018
Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library av Carole Boston WeatherfordYoung Readers2018
Go South to Freedom av Frye GaillardYoung Adult Readers2017
Bleed, Blister, Puke, and Purge: The Dirty Secrets Behind Early American Medicine av J. Marin YounkerYoung Adult Readers2017
How Kate Warne Saved President Lincoln: The Story Behind the Nation's First Woman Detective av Elizabeth Van SteenwykYoung Readers2017
Runs With Courage av Joan M. WolfYoung Readers2017
Walk on Earth a Stranger av Rae CarsonYoung Adult Readers2016
These Shallow Graves av Jennifer DonnellyYoung Adult Readers2016
Diary of a Waitress: The Not-So-Glamorous Life of a Harvey Girl av Carolyn MeyerYoung Adult Readers2016
Out of Darkness av Ashley Hope PérezYoung Adult Readers2016
Night on Fire av Ronald KiddYoung Readers2016
Sitting Bull: Lakota Warrior and Defender of His People av S.D. NelsonYoung Readers2016
Gingerbread for Liberty!: How a German Baker Helped Win the American Revolution av Mara RockliffYoung Readers2016
Like a River: A Civil War Novel av Kathy Cannon WiechmanYoung Readers2016
Pure Grit: How American World War II Nurses Survived Battle and Prison Camp in the Pacific av Mary Cronk FarrellOlder Readers2015
Halley av Faye GibbonsOlder Readers2015
Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere av Julie T. LamanaOlder Readers2015
President Taft Is Stuck in the Bath av Mac BarnettYounger Readers2015
Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything av Maira KalmanYounger Readers2015
Ben Franklin's Big Splash: The Mostly True Story of His First Invention av Barb RosenstockYounger Readers2015
George Washington's Rules to Live By: How to Sit, Stand, Smile, and Be Cool! A Good Manners Guide From the Father of Our Country av George WashingtonYounger Readers2015
Seeing Red av Kathryn ErskineOlder Readers2014
The President Has Been Shot!: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy av James L. SwansonOlder Readers2014
The Matchbox Diary av Paul FleischmanYounger Readers2014
Voices of Pearl Harbor av Sherry GarlandYounger Readers2014
Come August, Come Freedom: The Bellows, The Gallows, and The Black General Gabriel av Gigi AmateauOlder Readers2013
The Impossible Rescue: The True Story of an Amazing Arctic Adventure av Martin W. SandlerOlder Readers2013
Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington av Jabari AsimYounger Readers2013
Barnum's Bones: How Barnum Brown Discovered the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World av Tracey FernYounger Readers2013
Jefferson's Sons av Kimberly Brubaker BradleyYoung Adult2012
Phantoms In The Snow av Kathleen Benner DubleYoung Adult2012
City of Orphans av AviYoung Readers2012
Belle, The Last Mule at Gee's Bend: A Civil Rights Story av Calvin Alexander RamseyYoung Readers2012
Ruth and the Green Book av Calvin Alexander Ramsey2011
The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery av Steve Sheinkin2011
Mission Control, This is Apollo: The Story of the First Voyages to the Moon av Andrew Chaikin2010
Hellie Jondoe av Randall Platt2010
The Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr av Judith St. George2010
Helen's Eyes: A Photobiography of Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller's Teacher av Marfé Ferguson Delano2009
Ten Cents a Dance av Christine Fletcher2009
The Erie Canal av Martha E. Kendall2009
Lincoln Through the Lens: How Photography Revealed and Shaped an Extraordinary Life av Martin W. Sandler2009
Fire from the Rock av Sharon Draper2008
Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller av Sarah Miller2008
The Ultimate Weapon: The Race to Develop the Atomic Bomb av Edward T. Sullivan2008
5,000 Miles to Freedom: Ellen and William Craft's Flight from Slavery av Judith Bloom Fradin2007
Dark Water Rising av Marian Hale2007
Our Eleanor: A Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt's Remarkable Life av Candace Fleming2006
Children of the Great Depression av Russell Freedman2006
Al Capone Does My Shirts av Gennifer Choldenko2005
The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights av Russell Freedman2005
Going North av Janice N. Harrington2005
Friend on Freedom River av Gloria Whelan2005
A Northern Light av Jennifer Donnelly2004
Ben Franklin's Almanac: Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman's Life av Candace Fleming2004
In Defense of Liberty: The Story of America's Bill of Rights av Russell Freedman2004
Mississippi Trial, 1955 av Chris Crowe2003
Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam av Walter Dean Myers2003
Trouble Don't Last av Shelley Pearsall2003
Under a War-Torn Sky av L. M. Elliott2002
Freedom Summer av Deborah Wiles2002
Fever 1793 av Laurie Halse Anderson2001
The Boxer (Sunburst Book) av Kathleen Karr2001
Through My Eyes av Ruby Bridges2000
The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party av Marian Calabro2000
The Birchbark House av Louise Erdrich2000
Boss of the Plains av Laurie Carlson1999
Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man av David A. Adler1998
Jack London: Biography, A av Daniel Dyer1998
Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero av James Cross Giblin1998
Lily's Crossing av Patricia Reilly Giff1998
Kennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns: A Reporter's Story av Wilborn Hampton1998
Out of the Dust av Karen Hesse1998
Marven of the Great North Woods av Kathryn Lasky1998
Commander in Chief: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War av Albert Marrin1998
Treasures in the Dust av Tracey Porter1998
Sky Pioneer: A Photobiography of Amelia Earhart av Corinne Szabo1998
Train to Somewhere av Eve Bunting1997
The Wagon av Tony Johnston1997
Dandelions av Eve Bunting1996
Kate Shelley: Bound for Legend av Robert D. San Souci1996
Spite Fences av Trudy Krisher1995
Celebrate America: In Poetry and Art av Nora Panzer1995
Giants in the Land av Diana Appelbaum1994
Ticket to the Twenties: A Time Traveler's Guide av Mary Blocksma1994
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery av Russell Freedman1994
White Lilacs av Carolyn Meyer1994
Good-bye, Billy Radish av Gloria Skurzynski1993
Don't You Know There's a War On? av James Stevenson1993
I Am Regina av Sally M. Keehn1992
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle av Avi1991
Other Bells for Us to Ring av Robert Cormier1991
The Great Little Madison av Jean Fritz1990
Voices from the Civil War: A Documentary of the Great American Conflict av Milton Meltzer1990
Arly (Point) av Robert Newton Peck1990
Buffalo Hunt av Russell Freedman1989
Benjamin Franklin: The New American av Milton Meltzer1989
Behind Rebel Lines: The Incredible Story of Emma Edmonds, Civil War Spy av Seymour Reit1989
Indian Chiefs av Russell Freedman1988
West Against the Wind av Liza Ketchum Murrow1988
The Friendship av Mildred D. Taylor1988
The Friendship / The Gold Cadillac av Mildred D. Taylor1988
An album of the Vietnam War av Don Lawson1987
I Go with My Family to Grandma's (Unicorn) av Riki Levinson1987
Walking Up a Rainbow av Theodore Taylor1987
Cowboys of the Wild West av Russell Freedman1986
Mt. Rushmore Story av Judith St. George1986
Beyond the Divide av Kathryn Lasky1984
Under a Strong Wind: Adventures of Jessie Benton Fremont av Dorothy Nafus Morrison1984
Bävertecknet av Elizabeth George Speare1984
A girl called Bob & a horse called Yoki av Barbara Campbell1983
Witches' Children: A Story of Salem av Patricia Clapp1983
Circle of fire av William H. Hooks1983
The Brooklyn Bridge: They said it couldn't be built av Judith St. George1983

Noteworthy 141

11/9 2001 : före, under och efter attackerna : den tecknade versionen av 11 septemberrapporten av Sid Jacobson2007
The Sacrifice av Kathleen Benner Duble2006
Built To Last av George Sullivan2006
The Truth About Sparrows av Marian Hale2005
A Dream of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968 av Diane McWhorter2005
Six Days in October: The Stock Market Crash of 1929 av Karen Blumenthal2003
Jericho Walls av Kristi Collier2003
Minuk: Ashes in the Pathway av Kirkpatrick Hill2003
When Marian Sang: The True Recital of Marian Anderson av Pam Muñoz Ryan2003
The Ransom of Mercy Carter av Caroline B. Cooney2002
My Family Shall Be Free! The Life of Peter Still av Dennis Brindell Fradin2002
Belly Gunner av Carol Edgemon Hipperson2002
America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle av David A. Adler2001
Radio Rescue av Lynne Barasch2001
Spellbinder: The Life of Harry Houdini av Tom Lalicki2001
The Art of Keeping Cool av Janet Taylor Lisle2001
Esperanza Rising av Pam Muñoz Ryan2001
The Babe & I av David A. Adler2000
Kids On Strike! av Susan Campbell Bartoletti2000
Angels of Mercy: The Army Nurses of World War II av Betsy Kuhn2000
Margaret Bourke White av Susan Goldman Rubin2000
What's the Deal?: Jefferson, Napoleon, and the Louisiana Purchase av Rhoda Blumberg1999
Stealing Freedom av Elisa Carbone1999
Restless Spirit: The Life and Work of Dorothea Lange av Elizabeth Partridge1999
A Long Way from Chicago av Richard Peck1999
Drummer Boy: Marching to the Civil War av Ann Warren Turner1999
Mary on Horseback av Rosemary Wells1999
Full Steam Ahead: The Race to Build a Transcontinental Railroad av Rhoda Blumberg1997
The Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker av Cynthia DeFelice1997
An American hero: the true story of Charles A. Lindbergh av Barry Denenberg1997
The Life and Death of Crazy Horse av Russell Freedman1997
The Unbreakable Code av Sara Hoagland Hunter1997
Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio av Peg Kehret1997
The Brooklyn Bridge: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Bridge and the Remarkable Family that Built It av Elizabeth Mann1997
A Young Patriot: The American Revolution as Experienced by One Boy av Jim Murphy1997
John Steinbeck av Catherine Reef1997
Second Daughter: The Story of a Slave Girl av Mildred Pitts Walter1997
Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution av Natalie S. Bober1996
The Quilt-Block History of Pioneer Days av Mary Cobb1996
Mark Twain: America's Humorist, Dreamer, Prophet av Clinton Cox1996
Sound the Jubilee av Sandra Forrester1996
The Stowaway: A Tale Of California Pirates av Kristiana Gregory1996
Keeping the Good Light (Laurel-Leaf Books) av Katherine Kirkpatrick1996
My Fellow Americans: A Family Album av Alice Provensen1996
Carolina Shout! av Alan Schroeder1996
The Road Home av Ellen Emerson White1996
Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor av Russell Freedman1995
Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography av James Cross Giblin1995
Unconditional Surrender: U. S. Grant and the Civil War av Albert Marrin1995
Virginia's General: Robert E. Lee and the Civil War av Albert Marrin1995
A Stitch in Time av Ann Rinaldi1995
Mississippi Chariot av Harriette Gillem Robinet1995
I Am an American: A True Story of Japanese Internment av Jerry Stanley1995
Crazy Horse av Judith St. George1995
Cezanne Pinto: A Memoir av Mary Stolz1995
Lindbergh av Chris L. Demarest1994
Bull Run av Paul Fleischman1994
Many Thousand Gone: African Americans from Slavery to Freedom av Virginia Hamilton1994
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt av Deborah Hopkinson1994
An Indian Winter av Russell Freedman1993
My Great-Aunt Arizona av Gloria Houston1993
Letters From a Slave Girl: The Story of Harriet Jacobs av Mary E. Lyons1993
The Long Road to Gettysburg av Jim Murphy1993
Going West av Jean Van Leeuwen1993
John Muir: Wilderness Protector (Lerner Biographies) av Ginger Wadsworth1993
Rachel Carson: Voice for the Earth (Lerner Biographies) av Ginger Wadsworth1993
A Separate Battle: Women and the Civil War (Young Readers' History of the Civil War) av Ina Chang1992
Duke Ellington av James Lincoln Collier1992
The Borning Room av Paul Fleischman1992
Love You, Soldier av Amy Hest1992
Now is Your Time! : The African-American Struggle for Freedom av Walter Dean Myers1992
Lyddie av Katherine Paterson1992
Cowboys av Glen Rounds1992
Georgia O'Keeffe: Portraits of Women Artists for Children av Robyn Montana Turner1992
Matthew: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 26) av W. F. Albright1991
The Oregon Trail av Leonard Everett Fisher1991
Morning Glory War, The av Judy Glassman1991
Teammates av Peter Golenbock1991
Vietnam: Why We Fought: An Illustrated History av Dorothy Hoobler1991
The Great Monkey Trial: Science Versus Fundamentalism in America (Twentieth Century American History Series) av Tom McGowen1991
First Impressions: Mary Cassatt av Susan E. Meyer1991
The Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin av Mary Pope Osborne1991
Canyons av Gary Paulsen1991
The Buck Stops Here: The Presidents of the United States av Alice Provensen1991
Shaker inventions av Sallie G. Randolph1991
Extraordinary African-Americans: From Colonial to Contemporary Times av Susan Altman1990
The Man Who Was Poe av Avi1990
The Courtship of Joanna av Catherine Gourley1990
Silver Days av Sonia Levitin1990
ABC Americana from the National Gallery of Art av Cynthia Elyce Rubin1990
George and Martha Washington at Home in New York av Beatrice Siegel1990
A Girl From Yamhill: A Memoir av Beverly Cleary1989
Island Boy av Barbara Cooney1989
Monticello av Leonard Everett Fisher1989
Log Cabin in the Woods: A True Story about a Pioneer Boy av Joanne Landers Henry1989
Den slutna cirkeln av Sollace Hotze1989
The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story av Gloria Houston1989
The War for Independence: The Story of the American Revolution av Albert Marrin1989
The Coming Home Cafe av Gayle Pearson1989
Breaker (Pitt Golden Triangle Books) av N.A. Perez1989
Barnstormers & Daredevils av K. C. Tessendorf1989
Follow the Drinking Gourd av Jeanette Winter1989
Charley Skedaddle av Patricia Beatty1988
A Month of Seven Days av Shirley Climo1988
We the People: The Story of the United States Constitution Since 1787 av Doris Faber1988
The Alamo av Leonard Everett Fisher1988
Shh! We're Writing the Constitution av Jean Fritz1988
Death of the Iron Horse av Paul Goble1988
Immigrant Girl: Becky of Eldridge Street av Brett Harvey1988
In Coal Country av Judith Hendershot1988
An Actor's Life for Me! av Selma G. Lanes1988
A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution av Betsy Maestro1988
The American Revolutionaries: A History in Their Own Words 1750-1800 av Milton Meltzer1988
Amelia Earhart av Blythe Randolph1988
The Incredible Sixties: The Stormy Years That Changed America av Jules Archer1987
Behave Yourself Bethany Brant av Patricia Beatty1987
The Tamarack Tree av Patricia Clapp1987
The Josefina Story Quilt av Eleanor Coerr1987
Ellis Island: Gateway to the New World av Leonard Everett Fisher1987
Happily May I Walk: American Indians and Alaska Natives Today av Arlene Hirschfelder1987
I Lift My Lamp: Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty av Nancy Smiler Levinson1987
Guess Again av Jim Murphy1987
Streams to the River, River to the Sea av Scott O'Dell1987
Bad Man Ballad (Library of Indiana Classics) av Scott Russell Sanders1987
The SACRED MOON TREE av Shore1987
Martin Luther King JR. (People Who Made History) av Thomas Siebold1987
One Way to Ansonia av Judie Angell1986
Brothers of the Heart: A Story of the Old Northwest 1837-1838 av Joan W. Blos1986
Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun av Rhoda Blumberg1986
Hiram Bingham and the Dream of Gold av Daniel Cohen1986
Jag heter Louisa av Pam Conrad1986
George Midgett's war av Sally Edwards1986
Coming and Going Men: Four Tales av Paul Fleischman1986
Watch The Stars Come Out av Riki Levinson1986
Vietnam, there and here av Margot C. J. Mabie1986
1812: The War Nobody Won av Albert Marrin1986
Mark Twain : a writer's life av Milton Meltzer1986
How They Built the Statue of Liberty av Mary J. Shapiro1986
Sam Ellis's Island av Beatrice Siegel1986
Dakota Dugout av Ann Turner1986


Established in 1982 and presented since 1983, the Cardinal Cup Committee’s goal is to promote reading about America’s past; to encourage the quality writing of United States history, biography, and historical fiction for young people; and to recognize authors in these disciplines. From 2012-2021 two books were selected: one for geared toward young adult readers and one for young readers. Beginning in 2022, the Committee returned to the original model, honoring the most distinguished biography, historical fiction, or American history book for young people. In 2023, the Committee and award were renamed. The Cardinal Cup Committee’s mission remains the same, with a commitment to celebrating titles that honor the diverse history of the United States.

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The Jefferson Cup honors a distinguished biography, historical fiction or American history book for young people. The Virginia Library Association's Children's and Young Adult Round Table has presented the award annually since 1983. The award seeks to promote reading about America's past, the writing of U.S. history, biography and historical fiction for young people, and the recognition of authors in these disciplines.


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