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Utdelare: Hawai'i Library Association, Children and Youth Section

Andra namn: Nene Award (engelska)
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Each spring Hawaiʻi's fourth through sixth grade students vote for the best chapter book and best graphic novel they have read from a list of 30 nominees compiled by a group of public and school

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Winner 64

Gömställen av Katherine ArdenFiction2023
Allergic av Megan Wagner LloydGraphic Novel2023
Restart av Gordon KormanFiction2022
Twins av Varian JohnsonGraphic Novel2022
Front Desk av Kelly YangFiction2021
New Kid av Jerry CraftGraphic Novel2021
The Wild Robot av Peter BrownFiction2020
The Cardboard Kingdom av Chad SellGraphic Novel2020
The Terrible Two av Mac Barnett2019
El Deafo av Cece Bell2018
Roller Girl av Victoria Jamieson2017
Smile av Raina Telgemeier2016
Undret av R. J. Palacio2015
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda av Tom Angleberger2014
Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life av James Patterson2013
The Lemonade War (The Lemonade War Series) av Jacqueline Davies2012
En fantastisk upptäckt av Hugo Cabret : en roman i ord och bilder av Brian Selznick2012
NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society av Michael Buckley2011
Found av Margaret Peterson Haddix2010
Bläckhjärta av Cornelia Funke2009
Percy Jackson - född till hjälte av Rick Riordan2008
A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor av Harry Mazer2007
Eragon av Christopher Paolini2006
Tack vare Winn-Dixie av Kate DiCamillo2005
Double Fudge av Judy Blume2004
En olustig början av Lemony Snicket2003
Bud, Not Buddy av Christopher Paul Curtis2002
Ett hål om dagen av Louis Sachar2001
Harry Potter och de vises sten av J. K. Rowling2000
The Best School Year Ever av Barbara Robinson1999
Under the Blood-Red Sun av Graham Salisbury1998
Ghosts In The Fourth Grade av Constance Hiser1997
Maniac Magee av Jerry Spinelli1996
My Teacher Is an Alien av Bruce Coville1995
Shiloh av Phyllis Reynolds Naylor1994
Fudge-a-Mania av Judy Blume1993
The Whipping Boy av Sid Fleischman1992
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom av Louis Sachar1991
Fudge av Charlotte Towner Graeber1990
Dear Mr. Henshaw av Beverly Cleary1989
You Shouldn't Have to Say Good-Bye av Patricia Hermes1988
Karen Kepplewhite Is the World's Best Kisser av Eve Bunting1987
Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! av Stephen Manes1986
Jelly Belly av Robert Kimmel Smith1985
Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade av Barthe DeClements1984
Bunnicula av Deborah Howe1983
Superfudge av Judy Blume1982
My Robot Buddy av Alfred Slote1981
The Cat Ate My Gymsuit av Paula Danziger1980
Ramona and Her Father av Beverly Cleary1979
Kalle och den stora glashissen av Roald Dahl1978
Freaky Friday av Mary Rodgers1977
How to Eat Fried Worms av Thomas Rockwell1976
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret av Judy Blume1975
Måsen : berättelsen om Jonathan Livingston Seagull av Richard Bach1974
Björnhunden Klang av William H. Armstrong1973
Runaway Ralph av Beverly Cleary1972
Ramona the Pest av Beverly Cleary1971
Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service av Keith Robertson1970
The Mouse and the Motorcycle av Beverly Cleary1969
Ribsy av Beverly Cleary1968
Old Yeller av Fred Gipson1966
Mary Poppins av P. L. Travers1965
De blå delfinernas ö av Scott O'Dell1964


Each spring Hawaiʻi's fourth through sixth grade students vote for the best chapter book and best graphic novel they have read from a list of 30 nominees compiled by a group of public and school librarians.

(English, Prisutdelare)
URL: https://www.neneaward.org/
History of the Hawai'i State Reading Award Each year, Hawaii's elementary and middle school children vote for their favorite fiction book and present the author with the prized Nēnē Award. This is an exciting time filled with reading and sharing, and voting for the best. The award began in 1959 when third graders at the University Elementary Lab School decided to create a book award. The Nēnē Goose, Hawaii's State Bird, was chosen for the award's motif. That year, the children selected The Blue Mountain by Beth Lewis as the first winner of the fledgling Nēnē Award. The guidelines for nominated titles were designed by the children themselves: What is the best book you have read? Would many children enjoy reading this book? Does the book have an interesting story (plot), good writing (style) to help in the enjoyment of the reading and memorable characters (people or animals)? Does the book have something important to say (theme)? Is the author living? By 1963, the idea had spread to other schools throughout Hawai'i and the first state-wide Nēnē Award was presented in 1964 to author Scott O'Dell for Island of the Blue Dolphins. Ever since that time more children participate each year. Children in public and private schools and in public libraries read and vote. The award is sponsored by the Hawai'i Library Association's Children and Youth Section, the Hawai'i Association of School Librarians, the Hawai'i State Public Library System, and the Department of Education. The winning authors have been visiting Hawai'i since 1994 -- Phyllis Naylor (Shiloh), Bruce Coville (My Teacher is an Alien), Jerry Spinelli (Maniac Magee), Constance Hiser (Ghosts in Fourth Grade), Graham Salisbury (Under the Blood-Red Sun) and Barbara Robinson (Best School Year Ever). The authors meet with the children who voted for their books and announce the next year's Nēnē Award winner. In 2003, Christopher Paul Curtis entertained the children of Hawai'i by sharing stories about his 2002 Nēnē Award winner, Bud not Buddy. Kate DiCamillo, 2005 Nēnē winner, delighted the audience with her witty banter at the Award Ceremony honoring her book Because of Winn-Dixie. 2009 Nēnē winner Cornelia Funke, author of Inkheart, made an appearance, as did 2010 Nēnē winner, Margaret Peterson Haddix, author of the book Found. The 2011 Nēnē winner, Michael Buckley, author of NERDS, entertained with a lengthy question and answer session. Both the 2012 winners, Brian Selznick and Jacqueline Davies, (an unprecedented tie!) bid fair to follow the trend, as they have tentatively agreed to speak at the 2013 Nēnē Award Ceremony in April 2013. From 1964-1966, the Nene Nominee list was chosen by children in schools, using a variety of methods. Each school submitted one title, these titles were compiled into a ballot, and children voted on the ballot. From 1967-1972, there was no recommended list. Children were encouraged to vote directly, on any book they chose that met the established criteria. However, a significant number (about one-third) of votes cast were ineligible according to the criteria. In 1972, the Nene committee approved the idea of committee members compiling a recommended reading list, but reiterated that this list was not exclusive and children should NOT be limited to voting only for books on the list. Since then, a recommended list has been compiled each year. In recent years, it has gone back and forth between "write-ins allowed" to "write-ins welcome" (with a very high rate of ineligible votes) to "students are encouraged to recommend titles for next year's Suggested Reading List" since the major use of the write-in votes was to find eligible titles suitable to put on the next list. Nene Award-winning books have been selected after being added to the list because they received significant numbers of write-in votes. Selection now consists of the top "votegetters," and write-ins from the previous voting, and additional titles suggested by public and school librarians. Approximately 30 titles comprise the Suggested Reading List printed each year. For more information, email neneaward@gmail.com, write the Nēnē Award Committee c/o Hawai'i State Library, Children's Section at 478 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813 or call 808-586-3510. (English, Medlemsbidrag)


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