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An Audie Award (or Audie), bestowed annually in the United States, recognizes outstanding audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. The Audies have been granted by the Audio Publishers visa mer Association, the not-for-profit trade organization of the audiobook industry, since 1996. visa färre
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mars 4: Vinnare2024 Nyliga
januari 30: Finalist2024 Nyliga

Winner 17

Finalist 103

Poverty, by America av Matthew Desmond2024
Punished for Dreaming: How School Reform Harms Black Children and How We Heal av Bettina L. Love2024
A Refugee's American Dream: From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to the U.S. Secret Service av Leth Oun2024
Fire Weather: A True Story from a Hotter World av John Vaillant2024
Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies: How Doubting the Bard Became the Biggest Taboo in Literature av Elizabeth Winkler2024
The Ransomware Hunting Team: A Band of Misfits' Improbable Crusade to Save the World from Cybercrime av Renee Dudley2023
The Soul of the Indian: An Interpretation av Charles Alexander Eastman2023
Davos Man: How the Billionaires Devoured the World av Peter S. Goodman2023
Queer Ducks and Other Animals: The Natural World of Animal Sexuality av Eliot Schrefer2023
The Sex Lives of African Women: Self-Discovery, Freedom, and Healing av Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah2023
The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Perspiration av Sarah Everts2022
Last Call: A True Story of Love, Lust, and Murder in Queer New York av Elon Green2022
The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism av Jen Gunter2022
Freedom av Sebastian Junger2022
The Premonition: A Pandemic Story av Michael Lewis2022
This Is Your Mind on Plants av Michael Pollan2022
Fire in Paradise: An American Tragedy av Alastair Gee2021
Wandering in Strange Lands: A Daughter of the Great Migration Reclaims Her Roots av Morgan Jerkins2021
Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope av Nicholas D. Kristof2021
If You Tell: A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood av Gregg Olsen2021
Rage av Bob Woodward2021
Grace Will Lead Us Home: The Charleston Church Massacre and the Hard, Inspiring Journey to Forgiveness av Jennifer Berry Hawes2020
We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast av Jonathan Safran Foer2020
Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don't Know av Malcolm Gladwell2020
The Perfect Predator: A Scientist's Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Superbug: A Memoir av Steffanie Strathdee2020
Mama's Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves av Frans de Waal2020
The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World av Simon Winchester2019
The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: A True Story of Injustice in the American South av Radley Balko2019
Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter av Ben Goldfarb2019
Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America av Beth Macy2019
Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth av Sarah Smarsh2019
American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West av Nate Blakeslee2018
Ghosts of the Tsunami: Death and Life in Japan's Disaster Zone av Richard Lloyd Parry2018
The Butterfly Effect av Jon Ronson2018
This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class av Elizabeth Warren2018
Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis av J. D. Vance2017
Adnan's Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial av Rabia Chaudry2017
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City av Matthew Desmond2017
A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Everyday Life from the Stone Age to the Phone Age av Greg Jenner2017
Words on the Move: Why English Won't—and Can't—Sit Still (Like, Literally) av John McWhorter2017
Genen : en högst privat historia av Siddhartha Mukherjee2017
Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America av Jill Leovy2016
I Wasn't Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse av Lee Gutkind2016
Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town av Jon Krakauer2016
The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth about Food and Flavor av Mark Schatzker2016
The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory av John Seabrook2016
Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him av David Henry2015
Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies av Alastair Bonnett2015
Att vara dödlig av Atul Gawande2015
Innovatörerna : genierna och nördarna som skapade den digitala revolutionen av Walter Isaacson2015
Värstingar på Wall Street : rapport från en domedagsmaskin av Michael Lewis2015
Djupt nere i mörkret : den sanna berättelsen om 33 män instängda i en gruva i Chile - och miraklet som räddade dem av Héctor Tobar2015
David och Goliat : konsten att slåss mot jättar av Malcolm Gladwell2014
Thank You for Your Service av David Finkel2014
Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape av Jenna Miscavige Hill2014
Naturens undergång av Bill McKibben2014
The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese av Michael Paterniti2014
Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History av Florence Williams2013
The Crisis of Zionism av Peter Beinart2013
Sex and God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad av Nathan Harden2013
Love is the Cure: On Life, Loss, and the End of AIDS av Elton John2013
Cemetery John: The Undiscovered Mastermind Behind the Lindbergh Kidnapping av Robert Zorn2013
The Murder of the Century: The Gilded Age Crime That Scandalized a City & Sparked the Tabloid Wars av Paul Collins2012
Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You A Better Friend to Your Pet av John Bradshaw2012
Unbroken (The Young Adult Adaptation): An Olympian's Journey from Airman to Castaway to Captive av Laura Hillenbrand2012
My Korean Deli: Risking It All for a Convenience Store av Ben Ryder Howe2012
The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality av Richard Panek2012
Henrietta Lacks odödliga liv av Rebecca Skloot2011
The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York av Deborah Blum2011
Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime av John Heilemann2011
No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller av Harry Markopolos2011
Obama's Wars av Bob Woodward2011
The National Parks: America's Best Idea av Dayton Duncan2010
Columbine av Dave Cullen2010
Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family av Miep Gies2010
Framgångsfaktorn som skapar vinnarna av Malcolm Gladwell2010
What Americans Really Want...Really: The Truth About Our Hopes, Dreams, and Fears av Frank I. Luntz2010
Hett, platt och trångt : [varför vi behöver en grön revolution] av Thomas L. Friedman2009
Out of Mao's Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China av Philip P. Pan2009
Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets av Sudhir Venkatesh2009
Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are av Rob Walker2009
Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage av Joe Wheeler2009
Rötter : berättelsen om en amerikansk familj av Alex Haley2008
Att överleva : berättelsen om Ernest Shackletons otroliga färd i Antarktis av Alfred Lansing2008
Jesus for the Non Religious av John Shelby Spong2008
De fattigas bankir av Muhammad Yunus2008
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln av Doris Kearns Goodwin2007
Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel's Deadly Response av Aaron J. Klein2007
Babylon by Bus: Or, the true story of two friends who gave up their valuable franchise selling YANKEES SUCK T-shirts at av Ray LeMoine2007
al-Qaida och vägen till 11 september av Lawrence Wright2007
The Boys of Pointe du Hoc: Ronald Reagan, D-Day, and the U.S. Army 2nd Ranger Battalion av Douglas Brinkley2006
Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story av Kurt Eichenwald2006
A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906 av Simon Winchester2006
Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe av Laurence Bergreen2005
His Excellency: George Washington av Joseph J. Ellis2005
The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin av Gordon S. Wood2005
The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty av Caroline Alexander2004
Flyboys: A True Story of Courage av James Bradley2004
Naked in Baghdad av Anne Garrels2004
Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883 av Simon Winchester2004
Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest av Stephen E. Ambrose2003
Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America av Yossef Bodansky2003
Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography av Geoffrey C. Ward2003


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