Lowell Thomas Award

Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Trips with Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool-Age Children av Shelly Rivoli
Guidebook, Bronze2014
Frommer's EasyGuide to Walt Disney World and Orlando 2014 (Easy Guides) av Jason Cochran
Guidebook, Gold2014
Fodor's Brazil av Fodor's
Guidebook, Honorable Mention2014
The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel: Best Destinations, Hotels, Events, and Advice to Please Your Pet-and You av Kelly Carter
Guidebook, Silver2014
A Fork in the Road: Tales of Food, Pleasure, and Discovery on the Road av James Oseland
Travel Book, Bronze2014
Deer Hunting in Paris: A Memoir of God, Guns, and Game Meat (Travelers' Tales Guides) av Paula Young Lee
Travel Book, Gold2014
The Way of the 88 Temples: Journeys on the Shikoku Pilgrimage av Robert C. Sibley
Travel Book, Honorable Mention2014
The New York Grimpendium: A Guide to Macabre and Ghastly Sites in New York State av J. W. Ocker
Guidebook, Gold2013
Lobster Shacks: A Road Guide to New England's Best Lobster Joints av Mike Urban
Guidebook, Silver2013
Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day: One Man, Eight Countries, One Vintage Travel Guide av Doug Mack
Travel Book, Bronze2013
The Longest Way Home: One Man's Quest for the Courage to Settle Down av Andrew McCarthy
Travel Book, Gold2013
The Book of Everything: A Visual Guide to Travel and the World (Lonely Planet) av Nigel Holmes
Travel Book, Silver2013
Photographing Maui: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them (The Photographer's Guide) av Douglas Peebles
Guidebook, Bronze2012
The Great American Ale Trail: The Craft Beer Lover's Guide to the Best Watering Holes in the Nation av Christian DeBenedetti
Guidebook, Gold2012
Signs & Shrines: Spiritual Journeys Across New Mexico av Sharon Niederman
Guidebook, Silver2012
Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh av Anne Elizabeth Moore
Travel, Bronze2012
Walnut Wine and Truffle Groves: Culinary Adventures in the Dordogne av Kimberley Lovato
Travel, Gold2012
The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes av Scott Wallace
Travel, Silver2012
Zinester's Guide to NYC av Ayun Halliday
Guidebook, Bronze2011
Lonely Planet : USA's Best Trips av Lonely Planet
Guidebook, Gold2011
The New England Grimpendium av J. W. Ocker
Guidebook, Silver2011
Crossing the Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure av Julian Smith
Travel Book, Bronze2011
Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in the Congo av Vanessa Woods
Travel Book, Gold2011
Louisiana Rambles: Exploring America's Cajun and Creole Heartland av Ian McNulty
Travel Book, Silver2011
Frommer's Day by Day: Hawaii av Jeanette Foster
Guidebook, Bronze2010
Frommer's 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference av Andrew Mersmann
Guidebook, Gold2010
Compass American Guides: Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks av Brian Kevin
Guidebook, Silver2010
An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of the Church's Strangest Relic in Italy's Oddest Town av David Farley
Travel Book, Bronze2010
Travel as a Political Act av Rick Steves
Travel Book, Gold2010
A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk in Search of a Country, a Pint, and the Next Tee av Tom Coyne
Travel Book, Silver2010
Yosemite & the southern Sierra Nevada av David T. Page
Guidebook, Bronze2009
Pauline Frommer's London av Jason Cochran
Guidebook, Gold2009
Immersion Travel USA: The Best and Most Meaningful Volunteering, Living, and Learning Excursions (Immersion Travel USA) av Sheryl Kayne
Guidebook, Silver2009
Marco Polo Didn't Go There: Stories and Revelations from One Decade as a Postmodern Travel Writer (Travelers' Tales Guides) av Rolf Potts
Travel Book, Bronze2009
Along the Templar Trail: Seven Million Steps for Peace av Brandon Wilson
Travel Book, Gold2009
Disappearing Destinations: 37 Places in Peril and What Can Be Done to Help Save Them (Vintage Departures Original) av Kimberly Lisagor
Travel Book, Silver2009
Fodor's The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West, 2nd Edition (Full-color Travel Guide) av Fodor's
Guidebook, Bronze2008
Secret Hotels: Extraordinary Values in the World's Most Stunning Destinations av Erik Torkells
Guidebook, Gold2008
Bradt Guide Iceland av Andrew Evans
Guidebook, Silver2008
Big Sur Inn: The Deetjen Legacy av Anita Alan
Travel Book, Bronze2008
Encounters with the Middle East: True Stories of People and Culture that Help You Understand the Region (Travelers' Tales Guides) av Nesreen Khashan
Travel Book, Gold2008
Antaractica: Life on the Ice av Susan Fox Rogers
Travel Book, Silver2008
MTV Italy (MTV Guides) av Sylvie Hogg
Guidebook, Bronze2007
Lonely Planet : New Orleans av Tom Downs
Guidebook, Gold2007
Moon Handbooks Cuba av Christopher P. Baker
Guidebook, Silver2007
The Best Travel Writing 2007: True Stories from Around the World av James O'Reilly
Travel Book, Bronze2007
100 Places Every Woman Should Go av Stephanie Elizondo Griest
Travel Book, Gold2007
Is There a Hole in the Boat?: Tales of Travel in Panama without a Car av Darrin DuFord
Travel Book, Silver2007
Bradt Guide Eccentric California av Jan Friedman
Guidebook, Bronze2006
Fodor's Caribbean av Fodor's
Guidebook, Gold2006
The Indochina Chronicles: Travels in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam av Phil Karber
Travel Book, Bronze2006
Island Dreams Caribbean av Joan Tapper
Travel Book, Gold2006
Odysseus' Last Stand: The Chronicles of a Bicycle Nomad av Dave Stamboulis
Travel Book, Silver2006
Moon Handbooks Belize av Chicki Mallan
Guidebook, Bronze2005
Outside's Wilderness Lodge Vacations: More Than 100 Prime Destinations in North America Plus Central America and the Car av Kimberly Lisagor
Guidebook, Gold2005
Travel Writing av Donald W. George
Guidebook, Silver2005
Nature's Strongholds: The World's Great Wildlife Reserves av Laura Riley
Travel Book, Bronze2005
Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light av Mort Rosenblum
Travel Book, Gold2005
Cuba Classics: A Celebration of Vintage American Automobiles av Christopher P. Baker
Travel Book, Silver2005
Brooklyn! The Ultimate Guide to New York's Most Happening Borough, 3rd Edition av Ellen Freudenheim
Guidebook, Bronze2004
Moon Handbooks Four Corners av Julian Smith
Guidebook, Gold2004
Foghorn Outdoors: California Beaches: The Best Places to Swim, Play, Eat, and Stay on the Coast av Parke Puterbaugh
Guidebook, Honorable Mention2004
Lonely Planet : USA av Jeff Campbell
Guidebook, Silver2004
The Kindness of Strangers av Don W. George
Travel Book, Bronze2004
Making Connections: Mother Daughter Travel Adventures av Wendy Knight
Travel Book, Gold2004
Desert Memories: Journeys Through the Chilean North (Directions) av Ariel Dorfman
Travel Book, Silver2004
National Geographic Traveler: Cuba av Christopher Baker
Guidebooks, Bronze2003
The Cheap Bastard's Guide to New York City av Rob Grader
Guidebooks, Gold2003
Where the Bodies Are: Final Visits to the Rich, Famous, & Interesting av Patricia Brooks
Guidebooks, Silver2003
Heartlands: Travels in the Tibetan World av Michael Buckley
Travel Book, Bronze2003
Cheap Hotels av Daisann McLane
Travel Book, Gold2003
Pagan Holiday: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists av Tony Perrottet
Travel Book, Silver2003
Northern California History Weekends av Lee Foster
Guidebooks, Bronze2002
Bradt Guide Eccentric America av Jan Friedman
Guidebooks, Gold2002
England For Dummies av Donald Olson
Guidebooks, Silver2002
Where the Pavement Ends: One Woman's Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China & Vietnam av Erika Warmbrunn
Travel Book, Bronze2002
Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba (Adventure Press) av Christopher Baker
Travel Book, Gold2002
Neither East Nor West: One Woman's Journey Through the Islamic Republic of Iran av Christiane Bird
Travel Book, Silver2002
Artichoke Trail av James Bernard Frost
Guidebook, Bronze2001
Great American Rail Journeys av John Grant
Guidebook, Gold2001
Great American Motorcycle Tours av Gary McKechnie
Guidebook, Silver2001
Walkin' the Line: A Journey from Past to Present Along the Mason-Dixon av Bill Ecenbarger
Travel Book, Bronze2001
Jack Ruby's Kitchen Sink : Offbeat Travels Through America's Southwest av Tom Miller
Travel Book, Gold2001
Texas Country Reporter: A Backroads Companion av Bob Phillips
Travel Book, Silver2001
City Smart: Anchorage av Donna Freedman
Guidebook, Bronze2000
San Diego the Best of Sunshine City: The Best of Sunshine City : An Impertinent Insider's Guide (The Best of...Series) av Don W. Martin
Guidebook, Gold2000
The Way of the Traveler: Making Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery av Joseph Dispenza
Travel Book, Bronze2000
The Lost River: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Transformation on Wild Water av Richard Bangs
Travel Book, Gold2000
Long Road South: The Pan American Highway av Joseph R. Yogerst
Travel Book, Silver2000
Compass American Guides: Coastal California av John Doerper
The Mini Rough Guide to Boston av David Fagundes
Guidebook, Bronze1999
The Appalachian Trail: A Visitor's Companion av Leonard M. Adkins
Guidebook, Silver1999
Hitchhiking Vietnam av Karin Muller
Travel Book, Bronze1999
From Manchuria to Tibet av Wong How Man
Travel Book, Gold1999
Hillinger's California: Stories from All 58 Counties av Charles Hillinger
Travel Book, Honorable Mention1999
Of Lands, Legends, & Laughter: The Search for Adventure With National Geographic av Carolyn Bennett Patterson
Travel Book, Silver1999
Traveling Solo av Eleanor Berman
Guidebook, Bronze1998
Amazon Up Close (Adventure Guide) av Pamela Bloom
Guidebook, Gold1998
The Jaguar's Shadow: Searching for a Mythic Cat av Richard Mahler
Guidebook, Silver1998
The Sylvan Path: A Journey Through America's Forests av Gary Ferguson
Travel Book, Bronze1998
Maya Color: The Painted Villages of Mesoamerica av Sally Jean Aberg
Travel Book, Gold1998
Charles Hillinger's America: People & Places in All 50 States av Charles Hillinger
Travel Book, Honorable Mention1998
Travels Along the Edge: 40 Ultimate Adventures for the Modern Nomad--From Crossing the Sahara to Bicycling Through Vietnam av David Noland
Travel Book, Silver1998
Fodor's Gay Guide to the USA av Andrew Collins
Guidebook, Bronze1997
Moon Handbooks Thailand av Carl Parkes
Guidebook, Gold1997
Sparring with Charlie av Christopher Hunt
Travel Book, Bronze1997
Shopping for Buddhas av Jeff Greenwald
Travel Book, Gold1997
Food: True Stories of Life on the Road av Richard Sterling
Travel Book, Silver1997
Moon Handbooks Costa Rica av Christopher P. Baker
Guidebook, Bronze1996
The Unofficial Guide to Cruises av Kay Showker
Guidebook, Gold1996
Adventure Guide to Barbados (2nd ed) av Harry S. Pariser
Guidebook, Silver1996
The Reader's Companion to Mexico av Alan Ryan
Travel Book, Bronze1996
A Woman's World av Marybeth Bond
Travel Book, Gold1996
The Size of the World av Jeff Greenwald
Travel Book, Silver1996
Moon Handbooks Southeast Asia av Carl Parkes
Guidebook, Bronze1995
Lonely Planet : Thailand av Joe Cummings
Guidebook, Gold1995
Lonely Planet Guatemala, Belize & Yucatan - La Ruta Maya av Tom Brosnahan
Guidebook, Silver1995
The Coast of Summer: Sailing New England Waters from Shelter Island to Cape Cod av Anthony Bailey
Travel Book, Bronze1995
The Unquiet Ghost: Russians Remember Stalin av Adam Hochschild
Travel Book, Gold1995
Seeing Vietnam: Encounters of the Road and Heart av Susan Brownmiller
Travel Book, Silver1995
Moon Handbooks Pacific Mexico av Bruce Whipperman
Guidebook, Bronze1994
Moon Handbooks Japan av J. D. Bisignani
Guidebook, Gold1994
The New Key to Belize av Stacy Ritz
Guidebook, Silver1994
Kayaking the Full Moon: A Journey Down the Yellowstone River to the Soul of Montana av Steve Chapple
Travel Book, Bronze1994
Travelers' Tales THAILAND : True Stories av James O'Reilly
Travel Book, Gold1994
Lost Worlds: Exploring the Earth's Remote Places av David Yeadon
Travel Book, Silver1994
Caribbean Ways: A Cultural Guide av Chelle Koster Walton
Guidebook, Bronze1993
Lonely Planet : Costa Rica av Lonely Planet
Guidebook, Gold1993
Outback Australia handbook : South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory av Marael Johnson
Guidebook, Silver1993
Heart of the Sky: Travel Among the Maya av Peter Canby
Travel Book, Silver1993
Moon Handbooks Nepal av Kerry Moran
Guidebook, First Place1992
Ruta Maya : Cancún, Yucatán, Guatemala y Belize av Tom Brosnahan
Guidebook, First Runner-up1992
Are You Two Together? av Lindsy Van Gelder
Guidebook, Second Runner-up1992
To the Ends of the Earth av Paul Theroux
Travel Book, First Place1992
Iron Curtain Rising: A Personal Journey Through the Changing Landscape of Eastern Europe av Peter Laufer
Travel Book, First runner-up1992
Digging to China: Down and Out in the Middle Kingdom av J. D. Brown
Travel Book, Second runner-up1992
Fielding's Hawaii, 1991 av Rachel J. Christmas
Guide Book, Second runner-up1991
Americans: The View from Abroad av James C. Simmons
Travel Book, First place1991
The Mirror at Midnight av Adam Hochschild
Travel Book, First runner-up1991
Whitewater Adventure: Running America's Great Scenic Rivers av Richard Bangs
Travel Book, Second runner-up1991
Portrait of California (Portrait of America) av Judith Morgan
Travel Book, First runner-up1990
The Whisper of Stars: A Siberian Journey av Stan Grossfeld
First place1989
Christmas Island av Jocelyn Fujii
First runner-up1989
Guide to the Small and Historic Lodgings of Florida av Herbert L. Hiller
Guidebook, First place1989
Best of Hawaii P av Jocelyn K. Fujii
Guidebook, Second runner-up1989
American Journey by Rail av Timothy Jacobson
Second runner-up1989
Bed & Breakfast New Zealand av Elizabeth Hansen
Guidebook, First runner-up1988
Israel on your own av Harriet Greenberg
Second runner-up1988
Hidden Hawaii av Ray Riegert
Guidebook, First1987
First-Class Canada: The Discriminating Traveller's Guide to the Country's Best Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Entertainment av Mechtild Hoppenrath
Guidebook, First Place1987
Access to the World, 1983: A Travel Guide for the Handicapped av Louise Weiss
Travel Book, Runner-up1987
Maui on My Mind av Rita Ariyoshi
Travel Book, First1986
Travel basics av Catherine Watson
Runner up1985


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