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1815 The Waterloo Campaign, The German Victory: From Waterloo to the Fall of Napoleon av Peter Hofschröer
1815 The Waterloo Campaign: Wellington, His German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras av Peter Hofschroer
1815: Regency Britain in the Year of Waterloo (The Year In) av Stephen Bates
24 Hours at Waterloo: 18 June 1815 av Robert Kershaw
The Age of Battles: The Quest for Decisive Warfare from Breitenfeld to Waterloo av Russell F. Weigley
The age of elegance, 1812-1822 av Arthur Bryant
American Balladry from British Broadsides av G. Malcolm Laws
Asterix i Belgien av René Goscinny
The Autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence: A Hero of the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns av William Lawrence
Ballads and poems illustrating Englis history av Frank Sidgwick
Barely a Lady av Eileen Dreyer
The Battle of Waterloo av Jeremy Black
Battle of Waterloo (Background books for wargamers and modellers) av B. J. Hurren
The Battle of Waterloo (General Military) av "A Near Observer" [1815]
Battle of Waterloo: A History From Beginning to End av Hourly History
The Battle of Waterloo; one hundred days of destiny av Manuel Komroff [1815]
The battle of Waterloo; or, a faithful and interesting history of the unparalleled events connected therewith; from the period of Bonaparte's escape from Elba, to his arrival at St. Helena. Containing a circumstantial narrative of the decisive victory obtained over the French by the allied armies, on the plains of Waterloo, June 18, 1815. Under the command of those illustrious generals, the Duke of Wellington & Prince Blucher. Collected from official documents ... Illustrated with plans of the battle,
The Battle: A New History of Waterloo av Alessandro Barbero
Battlesaurus: Rampage at Waterloo av Brian Falkner
Besieged av Laurel Ames
Britain and the Defeat of Napoleon, 1807-1815 av Rory Muir
The Campaigners av Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
The Capel Letters: Being The Correspondence of Lady Caroline Capel and Her Daughters with the Dowager Countess of Uxbridge from Brussels and Switzerland, 1814-1817 av Lady Caroline Capel
Le champ de bataille de Waterloo Sur les traces de Wellington, Blücher et Napoléon ...
Christmas Miracles [3 in 1 anthology] av Mary Balogh
A Civil Contract av Georgette Heyer
The Colonel's Lady av Patricia Oliver
The Crayon Papers av Washington Irving
Cruel Wars: 100 Soldiers' Songs from Agincourt to Ulster av Karl Dallas
The Dangerous Dr. Langhorne av Ellen Fitzgerald
The Diary of Frances Lady Shelley 1787-1817. edited by her grandson Richard Edgcumbe, with illust. av Frances Lady Shelley
The Emerald Duchess av Barbara Hazard
A Fashionable Indulgence av KJ Charles
Fighting Napoleon : the recollections of Lieutenant John Hildebrand 35th foot in the Mediterranean and Waterloo campaigns av Gareth Glover
The Forgotten Marriage av Ellen Fitzgerald
Freedom's Own Island av Arthur Bryant
The French at Waterloo - Eyewitness Accounts: 2nd and 6th Corps, Cavalry, Artillery, Foot Guard and Medical Services av Andrew W. FIELD
Great Tales from English History Omnibus av Robert Lacey
The Great Waterloo Controversy: The Story of the 52nd Foot at History's Greatest Battle av Gareth Glover
The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection: Volume 1 av Patrick Shuldham-Shaw
Guthrie's War: a Surgeon of the Peninsula and Waterloo av Michael Crumplin
Headline History: The Nineteenth Century av John Ray
The hundred days av Philip Guedalla
Hundred Days Battles
Imperial Scandal av Teresa Grant
An Infamous Marriage av Susanna Fraser
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell av Susanna Clarke [1815]
Journal of the Waterloo Campaign av General Cavalie Mercer
Kindred Spirits av Allison Lane
Langs de velden van eer : van Waterloo tot de Ardennen av Richard Holmes
Letters of Colonel Sir Augustus Simon Frazer, K.C.B. Commanding the Royal Horse Artillery in the Army under Wellington. Written during the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns. av Sir Augustus Simon Frazer
Lewis's orations, on the Battle of Waterloo, and on the rise and fall of Buonaparte av James Henry Lewis
The Longest Afternoon: The 400 Men Who Decided the Battle of Waterloo av Brendan Simms
Lord Greywell's Dilemma av Laura Matthews
Marshal de Grouchy and the Guns of Waterloo av Bertram Ratcliffe
Mein Weg nach Waterloo. Anekdoten von Leberecht Blücher. av Walter Püschel
My Darling Caroline av Adele Ashworth
Napoleon Bonaparte and the Legacy of the French Revolution (European Studies) av Martyn Lyons
Napoleon's Generals av Tony Linck
Napoleon: A Life av Andrew Roberts
The Napoleonic Wars av Richard Holmes
The News from Waterloo: The Race to Tell Britain of Wellington's Victory av Brian Cathcart
The note-books of Captain Coignet : soldier of the empire, 1799-1816 av Jean-Roch Coignet
Notes and Reminiscences of a Staff Officer: Waterloo and St Helena av Basil Jackson
The Officer and the Proper Lady av Louise Allen
One-Leg: The Life and Letters of Henry William Paget, First Marquess of Anglesey av George Charles Henry Victor Paget Anglesey, Marquis of
Picton's division at Waterloo av Philip J. Haythornthwaite
Prior Betrothal av Elsie Lee
The Prodigal Daughter av Allison Lane
Rifleman Costello: The adventures of a soldier of the 95th (rifles) in the Peninsular & Waterloo Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars av E Costello
The Road to St Helena: Napoleon After Waterloo av J. David Markham
The Sage of Waterloo: A Tale av Leona Francombe
A Scots Grey at Waterloo : the incredible story of Troop Sergeant Major William Clarke av Gareth Glover
The Sharpe Companion: A Detailed Historical and Military Guide to Bernard Cornwell's Bestselling Series of Sharpe Novels av Mark Adkin
Slightly Sinful av Mary Balogh
The Spare (Leisure Historical Romance) av Carolyn Jewel
St. Dunstan's Fair av Mary Lee
Surgeon James's Journal 1815 av John Haddy James
The Twisted Sword av Winston Graham
Undeniable Rogue av Annette Blair
Vrijheid, gelijkheid, broederschap de Nederlanden in de Franse tijd av Jan J. B. Kuipers
Waterloo av Christopher Hibbert [1815]
Waterloo 200 jaar strijd av Jurriën De Jong
Waterloo : l'évitable défaite av Jacques Logie
Waterloo : Napoléon, Wellington : histoire, monuments, épisodes = history, monuments, episodes = ,Geschiedenis, Gedenksteenen, Wapenfeiten
The Waterloo Archive: Volume VI: British Sources av Gareth Glover
Waterloo Commanders: Napoleon, Wellington and Blücher av Andrew Uffindell
A WATERLOO HERO: The Adventures of Friedrich Lindau av Friedrich Lindau
Waterloo Letters av H. T. Siborne
Waterloo: A Guide to the Battlefield av David Howarth
Waterloo: A New History av Gordon Corrigan
Waterloo: Battle of Three Armies av Lord Chalfont
Waterloo: The Aftermath av Paul O'Keeffe
Waterloo: The Battle That Brought Down Napoleon av Jeremy Black
Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles av Bernard Cornwell
A week at Waterloo in 1815 av Magdalene De Lancey
Wellington's Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo av Veronica Baker-Smith
Wellington: A Personal History av Christopher Hibbert
Went the Day Well?: Witnessing Waterloo av David Crane
The Wheatley Diary: A Journal and Sketch-Book Kept During the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign av Edmund Wheatley
The Wrong Box av Robert Louis Stevenson
1815: The Armies at Waterloo av Ugo Pericoli1815-06-18
50 Battles That Changed the World: The Conflicts That Most Influenced the Course of History av William Weir1815-06-18
Atlas for the Wars of Napoleon (West Point Military History Series) av Thomas E. Greiss1815-06-18
The Battle of Waterloo av Victor Hugo1815-06-18
The Battle of Waterloo av J. Christopher Herold1815-06-18
The Battle of Waterloo - Europe in the Balance av Rupert Matthews1815-06-18
The Battle of Waterloo, containing the accounts published by authority, British and foreign, and other relative documents, with circumstantial details, previous and after the battle ... To which is added an alphabetical list of the officers killed and wounded, from 15th to 26th June, 1815 ... Illustrated by a panoramic sketch [by Jane Waldie] of the field of battle, and a plan ... By a near observer. Fourth edition, to which is added the Hanoverian ... and Dutch accounts, etc. [By Charlotte A. Eaton. With o av John Booth1815-06-18
Battlefields Then & Now - Hastings - Waterloo - Alamo - Gallipoli - Pearl Harbor - Desert Storm - and Sixteen Other Famous Battles av Tim John & Newark Man1815-06-18
Byron av André Maurois1815-06-18
The Campaigns of Napoleon: The Mind and Method of History's Greatest Soldier av David G. Chandler1815-06-18
Charles O'Malley av Charles James Lever1815-06-18
Dancing into Battle: A Social History of the Battle of Waterloo av Nicholas Foulkes1815-06-18
Deeds that Won the Empire Historic Battle Scenes av W. H. Fitchett1815-06-18
The Diamond av Julie Baumgold1815-06-18
Diary of a Cavalry Officer in the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns, 1809-1815 av William Tomkinson1815-06-18
The Duchess of Richmond's Ball: 15th June 1815 av David Miller1815-06-18
The Eagle's Last Triumph: Napoleon's Victory at Ligny, June 1815 av Andrew Uffindell1815-06-18
The Face of Battle av John Keegan1815-06-18
Famous Land Battles, from Agincourt to the Six-Day War av Richard Humble1815-06-18
Fifteen Decisive Battles av Edward Shepherd Creasy1815-06-18
The Final Act: The Roads to Waterloo av Gregor Dallas1815-06-18
From Valmy to Waterloo av Charles Francois1815-06-18
From Valmy to Waterloo, Tactical and Grand Tactical Warfare in Europe, 1792 to 1815 av William Keyser1815-06-18
From Valmy to Waterloo: France at War, 1792-1815 av M. Thoral1815-06-18
Galloping at Everything: The British Cavalry in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo, 1808-15 av Ian Fletcher1815-06-18
Great Battles in History - The Battle of Waterloo av David Pietrusza1815-06-18
The Greatest Battles in History: The Battle of Waterloo av Charles River Editors1815-06-18
Hertigens män av Georgette Heyer1815-06-18
His Lordship's Reward av Carola Dunn1815-06-18
How to Tempt a Duke av Kasey Michaels1815-06-18
The Hundred Days : Napoleon's Last Campaign from Eye-Witness Accounts av Antony Brett-James1815-06-18
The Illusions of Love av Kasey Michaels1815-06-18
Kartusianklostret i Parma av Stendhal1815-06-18
The Lady's Companion av Carla Kelly1815-06-18
Last Stand!: Famous Battles Against the Odds av Bryan Perrett1815-06-18
The Last Waltz av Dorothy Mack1815-06-18
A Military History of the Western World: From the Defeat of the Spanish Armada to the Battle of Waterloo av J. F. C. Fuller1815-06-18
Miss Dornton's Hero av Elisabeth Fairchild1815-06-18
Miss Ware's Refusal av Marjorie Farrell1815-06-18
Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo av Frances Winwar1815-06-18
Napoleon Bonaparte: A Life av Alan Schom1815-06-18
The Napoleonic Wars av Gunther Rothenberg1815-06-18
One Good Turn av Carla Kelly1815-06-18
One Hundred Days: Napoleon's Road to Waterloo av Alan Schom1815-06-18
Preußen und seine Armee. Band 2: Von Waterloo bis Paris 1815-1871. av Hans-Reinhard Meißner1815-06-18
Promise Me Heaven av Connie Brockway1815-06-18
A Reckless Beauty av Kasey Michaels1815-06-18
Remarks on military law and the punishment of flogging av Charles James Napier1815-06-18
The Return of the Prodigal av Kasey Michaels1815-06-18
Sam Henry's Songs of the People av Gale Huntington1815-06-18
Sharpe's Waterloo av Bernard Cornwell1815-06-18
Sharpe's Waterloo [1997 TV movie] av Tom Clegg1815-06-18
A Short History of England av Simon Jenkins1815-06-18
Turning the Tide of War: 50 Battles That Changed the Course of Modern History av Timothy Newark1815-06-18
Uniforms of Waterloo: 16-18 June 1815 av Philip J. Haythornthwaite1815-06-18
Vanity Fair av William Makepeace Thackeray1815-06-18
The War for All the Oceans: From Nelson at the Nile to Napoleon at Waterloo av Roy Adkins1815-06-18
The war game;: Ten great battles recreated from history av Peter Young1815-06-18
The War of Wars: The Epic Struggle Between Britain and France 1793-1815 av Robert Harvey1815-06-18
Waterloo av John Naylor1815-06-18
Waterloo 1815 av Andrew Roberts1815-10-18
Waterloo 1815: The Birth of Modern Europe av Geoff Wootten1815-06-18
Waterloo battlefield Guide av David Burrery1815-06-18
The Waterloo Companion: The Complete Guide to History's Most Famous Land Battle av Mark Adkin1815-06-18
Waterloo: A Near Run Thing av David Howarth1815-06-18
Waterloo: Four Days That Changed Europe's Destiny av Tim Clayton1815-06-18
Waterloo: New Perspectives: The Great Battle Reappraised av David Hamilton-Williams1815-06-18
Waterloo: The Hundred Days av David G. Chandler1815-06-18
Web of Love av Mary Balogh1815-06-18
Wellington at Waterloo av Jac Weller1815-06-18
Belgravia av Julian Fellowes1815
Brigadgeneralens bravader av Arthur Conan Doyle1815
Britain Against Napoleon: The Organization of Victory, 1793-1815 av Roger Knight1815
The Curse of Davros av Jonathan Morris1815
Les Misérables av Victor Hugo1815
Slightly Tempted av Mary Balogh1815
To Say Nothing of the Dog av Connie Willis1815
A Very English Agent av Julian Rathbone1815
Wellington: The Years of the Sword av Elizabeth Longford1815
World Game av Terrance Dicks1815