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Bug Collectors

This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

  • The Bug Tracking page can be reached here

  • You can see a list of the various bug statuses and how they are used here.

  • Join or watch this group to see "Bug Tracking" on the sidebar of your Talk pages.

This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Totalt antal medlemmar: 944 medlemmar

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Taggar: bugs (10), troubleshooting (6), errors (5), bug (5), site-related (5), (visa alla)problem (4), LibraryThing (4), Official (4), bug reports (3), problems (3), site (2), help (2), broken features (2), problem report (2), hotmail (1), fatal-error (1), cimo (1), cimoj (1), Oops (1), discussion (1), LT (1), bug report (1), Official LT (1), error report (1), broken (1), error (1), about LibraryThing (1), site-specific (1)

Administratörer: kristilabrie

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Diskussioner inläggSenaste inlägget 
Size of books imported from LoC now incorrect 16Anneli, Igår 8:46amignore
could not add to list 10Michael.Rimmer, Igår 2:19amignore
search site down 170amanda4242, onsdag 5:00pmignore
Can't Remove Issues 49JMK2020, onsdag 9:50amignore
Touchstones 49VivienneR, onsdag 9:40amignore
Incorrect Book Description 8kristilabrie, tisdag 8:55amignore
There is too huge difference between the design of Talk and the rest of the site 8abbottthomas, måndag 7:19pmignore
Lost Cover Images? 2Opteryx, måndag 1:42pmignore
Site is crazy slow tonight. 10kristilabrie, måndag 10:53amignore
Certain links to MDS system drop '.' from URL 3Opteryx, söndag 12:26pmignore
thea stilton graphic novel 8 is broken 4r.orrison, lördag 3:36pmignore
Recent Member Recommendations not updating 4oceanparkguy, lördag 3:11pmignore
Duplicate choices in catalog Sort By menu 7Stevil2001, lördag 2:19pmignore
Continue This Topic In Another Topic Is Not Working 6moibibliomaniac, lördag 12:29pmignore
app cannot find scanned ISBNs 9humouress, lördag 1:43amignore
Links stranded on Combined Author's Page 3r.orrison, fredag 2:23amignore
Series missing from Combined Authors' webpage 1Conkie, november 19ignore
Dismiss banner (for Santa Thing) 6conceptDawg, november 19ignore
Display issue in Talk 9conceptDawg, november 19ignore
Recommendations oddity 2Nicole_VanK, november 19ignore
mixed books in a series 5MarthaJeanne, november 18ignore
Can't make previously-divided author a single author 7Collectorator, november 17ignore
Sharing reviews with Facebook??? - not working suddenly? 4kristilabrie, november 16ignore
Series #15 does not show in the images 3conceptDawg, november 15ignore
LT Logo on old style pages does not load (Safari 14) 4conceptDawg, november 15ignore
Series Links - No Indication of Submission 11amanda4242, november 11ignore
Two Books or One? 9IFIM, november 11ignore
Link to first unread message takes to last read message 2kristilabrie, november 9ignore
Disappearing Covers 6kristilabrie, november 9ignore
Group sorting 2kristilabrie, november 9ignore
Gender/Male or female is not working 8Nicole_VanK, november 9ignore
Related Movies not working 15bergs47, november 6ignore
'Editor' assigned as role without being chosen 9SandraArdnas, november 5ignore
Missing series after combining 6Stevil2001, november 4ignore
Old ER offerings showing as currently available on work pages 33amanda4242, november 3ignore
Mini-polling / Vote feature in talk not working 8conceptDawg, november 3ignore
SQL error message when adding a book to a series 3kristilabrie, november 3ignore
Series Error 4BookstoogeLT, november 2ignore
Search “lcc: E*” returns unexpected results 1jamesabg, november 2ignore
Images not showing in threads 8conceptDawg, november 2ignore
Wrong author name for “Physics of Digital Photography” 3davidgn, november 2ignore
API doesn't work 5divinenanny, november 2ignore
Author/title problem 7comsat38, november 1ignore
Image won't load 9SandraArdnas, november 1ignore
Share to Facebook not working 3.mau., oktober 29ignore
Titles with numbers not showing up in my library 40kristilabrie, oktober 28ignore
Array Code Displayed 4kristilabrie, oktober 27ignore
Helper Badge page stuck/weirded 11Opteryx, oktober 27ignore
Book import does not correctly deal with ISBN13 4timspalding, oktober 25ignore
Chosen order of sorting catalogue not sticking 19humouress, oktober 24ignore
Broken covers galore 104r.orrison, oktober 23ignore
CAPTCHA not working in wiki 10kristilabrie, oktober 23ignore
Cannot import TXT file 2lorax, oktober 22ignore
TinyCat/LibraryCat not showing my detail page sections 2kristilabrie, oktober 22ignore
Add Books search can't find books in Overcat source that Site Search can 3lesmel, oktober 21ignore
blockquote tag not working in review 1amanda4242, oktober 21ignore
collections menus seems to need refresh 5kristilabrie, oktober 21ignore
No "flipped" options when creating work-work relationships 11amanda4242, oktober 20ignore
Using continue this thread not working 14majkia, oktober 20ignore
URL (optional) not saved 10aspirit, oktober 20ignore
"Failed to get a read connection to the database." 4karenb, oktober 20ignore
MISSING DATA - Descriptions of Lists 28norabelle414, oktober 20ignore
Duplication in ER 'books you've won' 8norabelle414, oktober 20ignore
Suggested work combinations oddity 16norabelle414, oktober 20ignore
Time-stamps in Talk messed up 14kristilabrie, oktober 19ignore
Preview not working on Talk Threads. 12kristilabrie, oktober 19ignore
International sites not displaying correctly 9timspalding, oktober 16ignore
Spoiler tags not working & "Reply" eats comments 16BrokenTune, oktober 15ignore
Some HTML not working in Talk threads 11quondame, oktober 15ignore
Lending feature not working 3kristilabrie, oktober 15ignore
Help! All our buttons are missing - just boxes 10MoorlandRoadCommLib, oktober 15ignore
Export not working 6kristilabrie, oktober 15ignore
Type Size Wrong in CK Clouds 13conceptDawg, oktober 14ignore
Add books "the search has failed" 21bnielsen, oktober 12ignore
Minor problem with Hebrew on author page 1MarthaJeanne, oktober 10ignore
Problem When Editing Tags 1aspirit, oktober 7ignore
Māori language version of LT is bright red 7Aquila, oktober 5ignore
search in add series not working 2amanda4242, oktober 5ignore
Recommendations won't stay snapped shut 9conceptDawg, oktober 5ignore
Publisher Series - Adding the same work more than once not possible? 11PaulusK, oktober 4ignore
New Series Page Display issues 10conceptDawg, september 30ignore
Is Export not working? 3agneson9, september 30ignore
Italics on Aeschylus's author page 11amanda4242, september 29ignore
Contributor Status Remains, or, Get Offa My Lawn 15kristilabrie, september 29ignore
" The collection is empty" for all tags accessed through Android app 9kristilabrie, september 29ignore
aleph.mcgill.ca:210/MUSE gives a timeout 4bnielsen, september 29ignore
Manual Entry Issue 7jjwilson61, september 28ignore
Empty List remains after Member is removed 3Taphophile13, september 28ignore
Search Relevancy 6MarthaJeanne, september 24ignore
search is down 3gilroy, september 24ignore
Home Page Loading 6conceptDawg, september 23ignore
Impossible to add http Link and description to series editor 4JMK2020, september 23ignore
Critical Bug about 2020 Pirate Treasure Hunt - Pelican Edition 14jjwilson61, september 23ignore
CK Bug / Impossible to change name of serie 2JMK2020, september 23ignore
Can't add cover 14DuncanHill, september 23ignore
Cover won't upload 3lilithcat, september 23ignore
more author nationalities than the image displays 12Acdtrux, september 23ignore
CK Bug in page author between 2 languages (field : Sexe) (after desambiguation) 2JMK2020, september 22ignore
CK field search yields only partial results 3parlerodermime, september 22ignore

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