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Readers and book owners interested in Christianity, theology, the Bible, etc...

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'The church needs discontentment' 5MsMixte, Idag 3:01amignore
Three Days and Three Nights 116timspalding, måndag 11:46amignore
'Toxic Christianity': the evangelicals creating champions for Trump 82MyopicBookworm, november 12ignore
The World as 100 Christians 1John5918, november 8ignore
Which type of Christian books mostly interest you? 5MarthaJeanne, oktober 31ignore
Fiction with a Godly message 91Thor-7, september 17ignore
Last Supper painting featuring Black Jesus goes on show 3John5918, juli 22ignore
Faithlife & Logos 14nijntjepluis, juli 10ignore
Podcast recommendation: New Testament Review 2george-calleja1, maj 17ignore
World Christian Encyclopedia, 3rd edition 1John5918, maj 1ignore
Any hymnal collectors out there? 2ChrisProbert, april 28ignore
updating church library 152wonderY, april 18ignore
“Closure of churches God’s call to return to our roots to be church” 3topgun, april 18ignore
The Mystery of Water into Wine 1Perrero, mars 23ignore
Organizing Pastoral Library 4ChrisProbert, mars 5ignore
Attaboy! Attagirl! 68margd, januari 18ignore
Decolonising Jesus Christ 22wonderY, januari 7ignore
An Evangelical reflection on Catholic Social Teaching 1John5918, september 2019ignore
Choose to believe? 79KJSoze, september 2019ignore
Christian Fiction for 23 year old 3Jasmine213, juni 2019ignore
The disabled Christians reinterpreting the Bible 2jwfarq, maj 2019ignore
What book would you give to an atheist? 333TomWisdom, mars 2019ignore
Clergy sexual abuse scandal 4 (continued) - 2017 40John5918, september 2018ignore
Favorite Christian Movies? 112suser, augusti 2018ignore
Will there be libraries and books in Heaven? 50rolandperkins, maj 2018ignore
The priest whose blunt billboards have gone global 2pmackey, maj 2018ignore
Bishop Michael Curry Royal Wedding Sermon 4margd, maj 2018ignore
New Monasticism (edited) 14pmackey, maj 2018ignore
Politicians use their faith 9margd, april 2018ignore
Pope says there is no Hell ! 25pmackey, april 2018ignore
Evangelicals Recovering the (Real) High Ground 6pmackey, april 2018ignore
Shroud of Turin 49JGL53, april 2018ignore
'Christianity as default is gone' 6Guanhumara, mars 2018ignore
Mary Magdalene revisited 9pmackey, mars 2018ignore
“Jesus’ Wife” Fragment: The Collective Negative Judgment 42Rood, februari 2018ignore
'What do an Etonian, a Trumpite and a Corbyn fan have in common? My church' 3John5918, januari 2018ignore
History of healing in Christianity 1authorjdking, december 2017ignore
New German book on Luther 41jwfarq, december 2017ignore
The Pope wants to change the Lord’s Prayer 36jwfarq, december 2017ignore
Orthodox move for women deacons called 'revitalization,' not 'innovation' 17jwfarq, december 2017ignore
Historical Jesus 30margd, november 2017ignore
Be Responsible and Let Your Greatness Begin 4John5918, november 2017ignore
when should sin be illegal and when not 21John5918, november 2017ignore
"liberal" Affirmation of Faith 9theexiledlibrarian, oktober 2017ignore
Oxford college bans 'harmful' Christian Union from freshers' fair 7timspalding, oktober 2017ignore
Is the human mind the creator of your God? 2pmackey, september 2017ignore
Hurricane Harvey 5pmackey, september 2017ignore
Catholics & Protestants see themselves more similar than different – except in UK 6Guanhumara, september 2017ignore
Female priests and mullahs 18LolaWalser, augusti 2017ignore
People are looking for a ‘Religious Left’ 12John5918, augusti 2017ignore
How user friendly is your church? 2pmackey, augusti 2017ignore
Catholics, Protestants and Christian Unity 26Rood, juli 2017ignore
Rest in Peace "Rest in Piece" 6cpg, juli 2017ignore
Clergy sexual abuse scandal 3 (continued) 342John5918, juni 2017ignore
Grenfell Towers fire: the church got it right 1John5918, juni 2017ignore
Some interesting articles about persecution 28margd, juni 2017ignore
Perelandra in one comic 3pmackey, april 2017ignore
Dear Christians, when was the last time...? 45John5918, april 2017ignore
Jesus would have been done for extremism 20JGL53, april 2017ignore
US Christianity: 'change and decay' 3pmackey, mars 2017ignore
Hans Kung: “500 years after Reformation it is time to end the schism!” 3John5918, mars 2017ignore
Africa - where are western Christians when we need them? 3margd, februari 2017ignore
Camara quote 3MarthaJeanne, februari 2017ignore
Anglican archbishops call on Christians to repent for Reformation split 10MarthaJeanne, januari 2017ignore
Richard Rohr: Prayer for those are hurting after the US election 4margd, november 2016ignore
Simon of Cyrene 32quicksiva, september 2016ignore
Anybody interested in a cover-to-cover Bible group read next year? 1The_Hibernator, september 2016ignore
Trip to the Ark Museum 3JGL53, september 2016ignore
What is the good news? 5JGL53, september 2016ignore
Demoniac and the pigs Mark 5 5JGL53, september 2016ignore
Taize in Africa 4John5918, augusti 2016ignore
Woes in Matthew , 23.8-36 3richardbsmith, augusti 2016ignore
Teen Christian Fiction (1970s?) 2fireweedhunny, augusti 2016ignore
Paul's argument Romans 1 - No excuses 6JGL53, augusti 2016ignore
Genesis 15.6 3richardbsmith, juli 2016ignore
Beatitudes - for now or for later 22richardbsmith, juli 2016ignore
Tower of Babel 6richardbsmith, juli 2016ignore
Galatians 2.19 5richardbsmith, juli 2016ignore
Gal 5.11 Scandal of the cross 8pmackey, juni 2016ignore
A step as big as is possible now in the Church? 11pmackey, juni 2016ignore
The Great Pat Summitt 5John5918, juni 2016ignore
Scripture, Reason, Tradition 58John5918, juni 2016ignore
Anti-Jewish Liberal Theology? 13hf22, juni 2016ignore
Church of Scotland 'to introduce online baptism' 24richardbsmith, maj 2016ignore
Climate denial is immoral, says US Episcopal church head 327rrp, maj 2016ignore
On what grounds and on what authority did Paul persecute early church? 9cl1914p, maj 2016ignore
Gal 2.16 by works of the law shall no one be justified 1richardbsmith, maj 2016ignore
Joy of Love - far enough? too far? 3richardbsmith, april 2016ignore
Genesis 3.16 9richardbsmith, april 2016ignore
Best history of the early Church? 23JGL53, februari 2016ignore
Where is the Grace? 7blueberry, januari 2016ignore
Circumcision and the Documentary Hypothesis 1richardbsmith, januari 2016ignore
Global Warming and Christianity 5richardbsmith, december 2015ignore
Radical Christian Terrorist attacks Planned Parenthood Facility - murders three people, including a policeman. 14JGL53, december 2015ignore
'C of E should be bridge between Catholics and Evangelicals' 3JGL53, november 2015ignore
Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince 76Cecrow, november 2015ignore
christians vs. muslims: the most important difference. 1JGL53, november 2015ignore
Pyramids and Joseph and grain storage 61richardbsmith, november 2015ignore
Submission religions 19JGL53, november 2015ignore

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