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Club Read 2018

Welcome to Club Read 2018! This year we are celebrating 10 years as a reading community!

We are a group of readers who are varied and thoughtful in our reading. We like to log/journal our reading, and enjoy following what others in the group are reading. Please take a look around to see if we're the kind of readers you'd like to hang with. Many of us have been together on earlier versions of Club Read, but we always welcome new readers!

What to do: Create your own thread, name it whatever you like but please include your name (username and/or other preferred moniker) in the title. This is so others can easily find you, and it will minimize confusion with others. Feel free to include any and all reading you do, and whatever else you'd like to journal (some have posted about the plays and films they have seen, the travel they have been on...etc). A few lines of commentary about each entry, even if you are linking to your review elsewhere, may encourage interest and thus conversation. And if you are looking for visitors to your thread, you might consider visiting others' threads—because we function best as a community. No one is expected to visit everyone's threads. Find the people whose reading you click with or whose reading widens your horizons and maybe leave room for a wild card.

This group is for its members. Please feel free to start threads that you think would be of interest in addition to the standard ones.


"Message Board" (for general notes)
"Introduce Yourself to Your Fellow Readers">
"Questions for the Avid Reader"
'Quarterly "Best of" Threads:
Quarter One
Quarter Two
Quarter Three
Quarter Four
"What Are You Reading Now?"
Interesting Articles

Current picture: "Man Reading" by Karen Offutt. More about the artist: http://www.karenoffutt.com

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