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Common Knowledge, WikiThing, HelpThing

For discussion of LibraryThing's unique "Common Knowledge" feature—a sort of "fielded wiki" available on work and author pages—and our more conventional wiki, WikiThing.

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Editing a series title 3Cynfelyn, oktober 3ignore
Related Places Question 7parlerodermime, september 30ignore
A Treacherous Country by K.M. Kruimink 4pamelad, september 27ignore
Cause of death field best practices 24konallis, september 25ignore
QUESTION : Data that is overwritten and/or disappears in author biographies 4r.orrison, september 25ignore
Anthology contributors in "People/Characters" 11lilithcat, september 25ignore
Bad Edits 9gilroy, september 22ignore
Characters as spoilers 16Aquila, september 19ignore
Author CK 3karenb, september 15ignore
CK author occupations : how liberally interpreted? 24lorax, augusti 18ignore
Please add title to Creative Minds Biographies Series 2lilithcat, augusti 13ignore
Any possibility of adding "Related works" to Common Knowledge? 5MarthaJeanne, augusti 9ignore
Pseudonym vs Author Name 4r.orrison, augusti 8ignore
Top 2,000 Common Knowledge contributors 9gilroy, juli 30ignore
CK: The more you know.... 23MarthaJeanne, juli 27ignore
Help please... book error 10karenb, juli 16ignore
CK Helper Badge 3littleone1996, juli 6ignore
Collections Wiki Update/Discussion Thread 62AnnieMod, juni 11ignore
Misuse of Alternative Titles? 4aspirit, maj 31ignore
Locked icon for "Series (with order)" edits 8ayliang, maj 28ignore
This item has been locked ?!? 6timspalding, maj 27ignore
Mis-use of book description box 2karenb, maj 26ignore
Should this be Publisher Series? Do I need to transfer them back to ordinary Series? 2MarthaJeanne, maj 25ignore
People/Character names & dates 10Carmen.et.Error, maj 25ignore
The 1918-19 Flu Outbreak 6lorax, maj 12ignore
Merging of two LibraryThing accounts 3Alberto511, april 25ignore
Browsing library collection by patrons 2MarthaJeanne, april 18ignore
Book "summary" of 1,700 words. 8TFleet, mars 16ignore
Blurbers 48greytone, januari 27ignore
EAN is not ISBN 7SandraArdnas, januari 8ignore
Adding fields in cataloging record, and modify fields display in the search result 8CtrSacredSciences, januari 5ignore
Type size 3bluepiano, januari 5ignore
Work to Work-Contains 8lorax, januari 3ignore
Members Count on Work 5MarthaJeanne, november 2019ignore
Book Dimensions 18bnielsen, november 2019ignore
Canonical Author Names 70MarthaJeanne, november 2019ignore
Multiple Copies of Title, different publication dates 3lorax, oktober 2019ignore
Sorting awards categories: follow awards, or be consistent? 7karenb, september 2019ignore
Types of links on author pages 5aspirit, september 2019ignore
Wrong library description 11lilithcat, augusti 2019ignore
What order to list omnibus editions within series lists? 42norabelle414, augusti 2019ignore
What does the green checkmark mean? 4AnnieMod, augusti 2019ignore
Sorting Problem 3wd40sw, juli 2019ignore
Characters with name changes 2lorannen, juni 2019ignore
How the report false book entries 14PhaedraB, juni 2019ignore
What is the workbench? 32wonderY, april 2019ignore
Award for music: add to printed music or recording? 17lilithcat, april 2019ignore
Collections 2MarthaJeanne, april 2019ignore
Author Note 7aspirit, mars 2019ignore
Dont you like this people/characters? 6gilroy, februari 2019ignore
Valentine's Day Heart Hunt 2Taphophile13, februari 2019ignore
How to revert a Wiki edit? 7r.orrison, februari 2019ignore
Practice with series editors 8bluepiano, december 2018ignore
A book, a ballet, and a film 9auntmarge64, december 2018ignore
Author Combinations 22sloreck, november 2018ignore
Link rot 4lorannen, november 2018ignore
information being deleted 46Lyndatrue, oktober 2018ignore
Wrong titles as default 12PawsforThought, oktober 2018ignore
The Great American Read 41gilroy, oktober 2018ignore
Sinéad O'Connor 2norabelle414, oktober 2018ignore
Series to Delete 27lorannen, oktober 2018ignore
Series Being Changed to Publisher Series 25r.orrison, oktober 2018ignore
Desiderata 12bergs47, oktober 2018ignore
Horror Short Story 2lilithcat, oktober 2018ignore
Why Aren't Published Reviews Regulated? 12lilithcat, september 2018ignore
Boundaries of the work 4Crypto-Willobie, augusti 2018ignore
Backup list of books from LibraryThing to Excel. Is it possible? 4bnielsen, augusti 2018ignore
Name Change, No Disambiguation Notice 2amanda4242, juli 2018ignore
Common Knowledge first words 13WeeTurtle, juli 2018ignore
pseudonym genders 112timspalding, juni 2018ignore
Question: How to Fix Google Books Quick Link 4lesmel, maj 2018ignore
How Do You Track Your "Published Reviews" ? 22elenchus, mars 2018ignore
Limiting books checked out to one per patron 6kristilabrie, februari 2018ignore
Making a separate entry for a short story from a novel 13JalenV, februari 2018ignore
Misunderstanding about works and contains/contained - much fixing needed 5anglemark, januari 2018ignore
Awards for Omnibuses and such 11vpfluke, januari 2018ignore
Series within series? 3infinitebuffalo, januari 2018ignore
These Are Important Events? 21neverstopreading, januari 2018ignore
Fixing author problem with imported book 2norabelle414, december 2017ignore
The Annotated Books 4gilroy, december 2017ignore
publisher account -- using a catalog file 2PhaedraB, november 2017ignore
an xls file with book data + the CK field "original publication date"? 14karenmarie, oktober 2017ignore
Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? Page 6 29Collectorator, september 2017ignore
exporting database 7lauriehill, september 2017ignore
Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? Page 5 196Collectorator, augusti 2017ignore
Using Barcodes to check out? 2kristilabrie, juli 2017ignore
Lost author's Common Knowledge data, when splitting authors 3dougb56586, juli 2017ignore
Primary Author Change to 'Chin P'ing Mei' The Plum in the Golden Vase / Golden Lotus 4Littlemissbashful, juni 2017ignore
One person, more than one credit 4JalenV, juni 2017ignore
Collection name has disappeared from Add books page 2gilroy, juni 2017ignore
Can we eliminate the catalog we have done so far and start over with the iphone app? 3PhaedraB, juni 2017ignore
People/Characters 149JalenV, juni 2017ignore
CK problem? 8patchygirl, maj 2017ignore
Event???? 6bergs47, maj 2017ignore
Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? Page 4 168thomson3, april 2017ignore
Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? 201thomson3, april 2017ignore
Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? Page Two! 201thomson3, april 2017ignore
Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? Page 3 201thomson3, april 2017ignore
Post 2nd war Germany 22wonderY, april 2017ignore

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