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Name that Book

Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again.

Start your book search by clicking on the Post a new topic option and...

(1) Enter a helpful Subject line that includes a genre and a clue.

Long subject lines are cut off, so it's wise to keep to keywords. For example:

YA Ghost story
SciFI Boy lost in space
Mystery set in Iceland
Poem about a woman's garden
Children's series about circus children

Many members of this group only open topics we think we can help with, so your subject line is important for getting the right people to read your post — the ones who probably know your book!

Words like 'Help' or 'Find this book' or 'Search' are not helpful in a subject line and should be avoided.
(2) Enter all the book detail you remember in the Message block.
This is your place to put detailed information that could help to identify your book. This may be information like:

Fiction or nonfiction
When you think it was written or when you read it (10 years ago; about 1970...)
Book's intended audience
Anything else you remember about the title, author, illustrations, cover, characters, setting, binding, or size of book

It's easier for members to read your message if you use standard spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, along with breaking longer sections into paragraphs.
(3) Check back for responses!
Members post their suggestions directly to your topic (so no e-mail addresses, please). Some books are found quickly, while others are found after time and discussion of similar books.

If your query is not solved in a few days, please feel free to comment on your own topic in order to bump it back to the top of the list. And please, we'd love to hear back from you on whether or not we've found your book, especially when we want to read it too!

If your query is solved, feel free to add the solved title information to your original topic comment. This will help anyone else who's looking for your same book! -- Book found: [Title] by Author
Visit the group's WikiThing page for more suggestions for finding your book and for a list of Frequently Sought Stories.

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YA adventure book 1Destiny_Bennett, Idag 1:12amignore
Adult Fantasy includes magic 1JSlow40, Igår 10:52pmignore
Juvenile fiction about girl living in a “haunted” house 1extraamedium, Igår 10:41pmignore
Family Saga Russian Revolution USA "Home"? 1StanLund77, Igår 5:35pmignore
male child born after a wanted sister his mother ignored gave him lived in room without windows took sister's dance clas 2Aquila, Igår 4:32pmignore
Realistic fiction about a girl in college who struggles with her weight 11MajorKira, Igår 11:51amignore
Shipwrecked young male. Finds young female who natives want to impregnate as she is young and fertile. Also weird light 29cheeseismysoul, Igår 8:00amignore
YA book about teenage girl assassin 7Bargle5, Igår 7:21amignore
Teen romance novel 1ReillyW, onsdag 11:56pmignore
Fiction and Fairytales 1Selena099, onsdag 11:43pmignore
YA Horror Story About a Girl 1Losver_Pennywise, onsdag 5:23pmignore
YA Ghost Story about a girl 2Losver_Pennywise, onsdag 5:16pmignore
YA ghost story involving a doll 10Losver_Pennywise, onsdag 5:12pmignore
YA Ghost Story 2Losver_Pennywise, onsdag 4:54pmignore
Mythology Book 4Fury0za, onsdag 4:48pmignore
Short Story About Mail Delivery 1J.Blythe, onsdag 4:11pmignore
forgotten title from childhood... 4lachapakhan, onsdag 2:53pmignore
YA SciFi/Fantasy Male Mc 2juels, onsdag 1:31pmignore
YA Tetralogy 1joslin89, onsdag 1:00pmignore
YA Boy can't seem to get noticed 3Cmagcaldwell, onsdag 12:47pmignore
Sci-fi buffs! Challenge :D 4Nunuff, onsdag 10:06amignore
Book I would Love to re-read 2rarm, onsdag 6:56amignore
Help me find that book please! 2MissSquish, onsdag 4:34amignore
Likely (possibly) children's book, Western, survivor of scalping passes out in a windstorm, early 1970s or earlier 7camerashycoco, onsdag 1:56amignore
Childrens book about a famous dog 1stacey321, onsdag 12:48amignore
YA dystopia with female main character named “Finn” 2lib.rare.ian, onsdag 12:41amignore
Children’s book where kid rolls over his friends with a street roller and dad has to scrape them up 1JordanGotay, tisdag 7:56pmignore
Book about an abusive boarding school in New York 1Ityrvilitarpa, tisdag 6:55pmignore
Hell is a place 1Tisha_Boone, tisdag 6:42pmignore
YA spy novel 1ABitKnobbish, tisdag 4:59pmignore
YA Sisters go to summer camp; Lady of the Loons mystery or Lady of the Lake 1Jinjer.Hundley, tisdag 12:15pmignore
Romance novel, 70s-80s, intellectual unfeminine woman meets her "troubadour" match 1CBViljoen, tisdag 11:11amignore
Childrens (?) book set on old train line 2Kathy_Moon, tisdag 11:07amignore
Girl released into witness protection after killing a friend as a child. 2daisy_may, tisdag 10:11amignore
Children's book 2MrsWhitecoat, tisdag 8:31amignore
Romance 1jeanah, tisdag 8:00amignore
Regency romance 1mary.mccallion, tisdag 7:54amignore
Long lost Sci-fi novel (paperback) 1Nunuff, tisdag 7:50amignore
Ya fantasy: (witch) girl's magic pendant stops protecting her on her birthday 10Sen_Tuar, tisdag 6:55amignore
Please help find this book 2Sakerfalcon, tisdag 6:18amignore
Science Fiction/Teleportation/Interplanetary Travel? 8Marissa_Doyle, måndag 10:20pmignore
YA romance, Neighbor love interest 3beckaofc, måndag 8:11pmignore
Book about a murdered pregnant woman 1alue1221, måndag 6:05pmignore
Sci-Fi/Possibly post-apocalyptic series, possibly young adult, Earth in shambles after alien spaceship crashes 2lesmel, måndag 5:05pmignore
An old Harlequin Contemporary Romance 1dnben, måndag 2:44pmignore
I need to find this book 1serendipitygunge, måndag 1:07pmignore
One of the books that started my 30 year love affair with Historical Romance Novels 1Karrie75, måndag 12:18pmignore
A romance amongst the stars / on the moon 4sueelleker, måndag 11:05amignore
Medieval romance, war/castle siege 7lilucy83, måndag 10:35amignore
children's book/young adult book 1smaryosst, måndag 9:20amignore
Historical Romance 1GoogleLied, måndag 8:13amignore
YA, Alien Invasion 4konallis, måndag 6:55amignore
Fantasy, princess, magic, before 2000s 3HunyDoo12345, måndag 5:23amignore
Afterlife Fiction book 1debra1995, söndag 10:33pmignore
Adult or YA Western with surprise ending 4lesmel, söndag 9:53pmignore
Horror/Zombie Novel about teenagers possessed by angels 5lesmel, söndag 9:46pmignore
Children's book boy's space journey with robot companion 10aviwl, söndag 6:59pmignore
YA book about a family and a time machine 1Rivir, söndag 5:50pmignore
Children's picture book, boy running away to park/garden 3bortbyting, söndag 5:33pmignore
YA or children’s book Query 1eordahl, söndag 4:37pmignore
Historical Romance 1SusanRADE, söndag 4:07pmignore
Children/ YA intergenerational coal mining novel??? 1coolgirl23, söndag 2:54pmignore
Please help me find this book! 1Mayce, söndag 2:18pmignore
early 80s childrens/YA about a girl and frozen charlotte doll 4MajorKira, söndag 2:01pmignore
Information, All them chemicals you encounter from the time you get out of bed till you brush you teeth 1wesley89, söndag 11:16amignore
SciFi from long ago, only remember cover 3TimSharrock, söndag 5:20amignore
Forgot Title Name 2WeeTurtle, söndag 3:36amignore
Romance woman abducted 365 days 2Marie79, söndag 1:45amignore
Juvenial / YA: Main character is a girl with scorpion tail (??) who's "dad" is stealing children from nearby town 1MulchMoth, söndag 12:11amignore
Sci-fi story about a box that makes meat on a spaceship 2MissSquish, lördag 10:55pmignore
Children's book Sleepover Imagination 3 kids 3lesmel, lördag 6:10pmignore
YA Wilderness Survival Story 1ChewbaccaJones, lördag 5:47pmignore
Romance about Teenage girl who goes to a retirement home during summer vacation 1astindune, lördag 4:55pmignore
Coming-of-age fiction about sisters/twins 1Ruro, lördag 3:41pmignore
World War 2, Fiction, About a boy named Jan in Poland 4MajorKira, lördag 1:50pmignore
A short story 1Snape007, lördag 10:58amignore
Romance Fiction English Protagonist in Italy 3Ra130993, lördag 10:28amignore
Children's story where villagers find their giant friend a female giant to marry 3ducko, lördag 9:51amignore
Sci Fi Series, Army of kids fighting a world eater/monster from space 4sueelleker, lördag 4:52amignore
YA Historical Fiction Series Tween Girls 1Kianna182, fredag 10:31pmignore
Grief Coloring book? where a girl visits her sister in heaven 1aubreyrose1019371, fredag 9:39pmignore
YA fiction inspiring, 3 parts in the book have a different perspective 1SunflowerHailey, fredag 9:11pmignore
book about a stalker/killer that also includes recipes??? 4lesmel, fredag 6:32pmignore
Western Romance with Heroin named River 1CNForget, fredag 5:10pmignore
YA fantasy child wizard 2Nerilka, fredag 3:12pmignore
scifi young adult book, kinda dystopian 1minahorn, fredag 1:50pmignore
Mystery: Person drowns in lake, boy tries to figure out what happened. 4Darth-Heather, fredag 10:03amignore
Children's book: Girl befriends a ghost of drowned girl visiting relative's house 20AaronOgorzolka, fredag 9:21amignore
Adult Paranormal Romance where the woman falls for a man who has wings and he gives her a ring that seals her fate to b 1Sarah54321, fredag 8:15amignore
Young teen/high school horror novel 4Sakerfalcon, fredag 6:36amignore
YA Fantasy maybe?? 2MissSquish, november 19ignore
Teen falls into sewer; finds and survives with old man and eats white lobsters 2MissSquish, november 19ignore
Love at first sight, College Rich Football Player, Shy arrêtiste or writer 1Mary-Lyn_Rose_Sturch, november 19ignore
Can't Remember the Title--a SF Novel 4chrisstevenson, november 19ignore
ya book about two childhood best friends 1shayeparnell, november 19ignore
Historical romance 2AAA-1, november 19ignore
Historical Romance - marriage of convenience 2AAA-1, november 19ignore
Historical Romance-Wild West 2AAA-1, november 19ignore
Romance - soap opera star and police chief 3AAA-1, november 19ignore

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