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Philosophy and Theory

Broadly construed -- meaning traditional philosophy, be it classical, continental, or British; more modern philosophy and theory (American pragmatism, postmodernism and post-strucuralism, etc.), and hopefully philosophy outside the West as well (classical Indian and Asian philosophy, modern thinkers like Nishitani, etc.)

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Taggar: philosophy (4), theory (2), Political Philosophy (1), analytical (1), post-structuralism (1), (visa alla)pragmatism (1), metaphysics (1), Beliefs (1), postmodernism (1)

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Immanuel Kant 21Ian19774, september 2017ignore
Best books published in the last thirty(ish) years 10Ian19774, september 2017ignore
"does the universe have a center-of-mass—basically, a “center of gravity” applied to the universe as a whole? 1proximity1, juni 2017ignore
Does anyone here have an accessible copy of Alston's Philosophy of Language? 7Meredy, juni 2017ignore
Michel Serres 1majleavy, april 2017ignore
Are there any recommendations for an introduction to Phenomenology? 5Dzerzhinsky, december 2016ignore
How do you guys rate philosophy texts? 26Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Hegel for Just-Past-the-Dummy-Stagers? 17Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Philosophy and Homelessness 7Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
What is knowledge? 24Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Homo Sapiens - the species that manipulates energy 7Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Simplicity of Life 2Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Heil Heidegger! 7Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Against empathy 8Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
for the whoevers - what does the word "urbanism" awakes in your mind? 3Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Chinese Philosophy 16Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Causality 5Dzerzhinsky, november 2016ignore
Human nature 32GeneRuyle, augusti 2016ignore
Book on the Meaning of Life 63JGL53, maj 2016ignore
What Einstein said… 83timspalding, maj 2016ignore
History of soul, spirit and mind 4carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Linguistics for Fun 4carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Rationalism is not a humanism. 4carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Is this a philosophically valid statement? 15carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Constructivst v. Foundationalist Epistemology? 11carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Nagel's Mind and Cosmos 3carusmm, maj 2016ignore
John Milton 10carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Bertrand Russell 24carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Would you classify Marx as a thinker of the Enlightenment or of Romanticism? 34carusmm, maj 2016ignore
All Things Shining 2carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Fatal Bleief 29carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Why is there something rather than nothing? 58carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Confucianism: The Family and the Government 19carusmm, maj 2016ignore
What is Enlightenment? 5carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Philosophy as Self Help? 15carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Seinsfrage 9carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Coursera Course- Reason and Persuasion: Thinking Through Three Dialogues By Plato 7carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Contemporary Works 4carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Should a philosopher have authority? 6carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Is New Philosophy Necessary? 9carusmm, maj 2016ignore
What not believing in God is like 100carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Logical positivism: Nearly all false 3carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Randomness and free will 13carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Something from Nothing 20carusmm, maj 2016ignore
What is love? 29carusmm, maj 2016ignore
Univ. of Notre Dame Press 2014 Overstock Sale 2nathanielcampbell, juli 2014ignore
Zizek's best and worst 23Hamletmachin, december 2011ignore
Books a month/year 6pmackey, juli 2011ignore
G.E.M. Anscombe 1cjbanning, februari 2011ignore
Making Virtual Sense of the World 3William_Bailey, januari 2011ignore
The Nature of Ethics 22AtticWindow, december 2010ignore
Nature of Truth 26pmackey, december 2010ignore
Is smoking commercial products a suicide 22AtticWindow, december 2010ignore
Bundle theory of the "self" 4AtticWindow, december 2010ignore
How should I study philosophy? 142santolead, november 2010ignore
Individualistic Philosophy. 82Mr_Wormwood, september 2010ignore
The Quarrel between Science and Religion... 69mdbirmingham, september 2010ignore
Fundamentalism [or, better, fundamentalisms] 2jahn, augusti 2010ignore
Jesus the Atheist? 11WholeHouseLibrary, juli 2010ignore
Will Durant 2wildbill, juli 2010ignore
Agnosticism of Augustine and Aquinas 4anthonywillard, juli 2010ignore
Mathematics and philosophy 20Mr.Durick, maj 2010ignore
Beginning Interest in Philosophy 38gmknowles, februari 2010ignore
Philosophy discussed 20Arten60, februari 2010ignore
natural law 22askar, januari 2010ignore
Where does math come from? 3jeffoz, januari 2010ignore
Neoplatonism 4Mr.Durick, januari 2010ignore
Looking for suggestions: reality—mind—language—society 11elenchus, januari 2010ignore
Mind/body dilemma? Can't we just all agree on monism and that the other side is wrong 30JGL53, december 2009ignore
Consciousness, Intent, and basic building-blocks 12pitangent146, december 2009ignore
Newbie question 6steve.clason, november 2009ignore
Memetics 2polutropon, november 2009ignore
Where would you classify existentialism in the history of philosophy? Here I go with the classificat 6Third_cheek, november 2009ignore
Question Number One: Masters in Philosophy? 20Naren559, november 2009ignore
Kant's moral theory and a priori 4horsetrainer36, november 2009ignore
Marx: Historicism versus ahistoricism, utopianism v. reality 4Third_cheek, november 2009ignore
Australian members book giveaway... 1amandameale, september 2009ignore
Gnostic Philosophy 3Arten60, september 2009ignore
I believe in the God of Spinoza Albert Einstein 6Arten60, augusti 2009ignore
Group Read of Godel, Escher, Bach? 9Arten60, juli 2009ignore
2 books by Ken Wilbur 7Arten60, juli 2009ignore
If someone called you a relativist would feel complimented or insulted? 8reading_fox, juli 2009ignore
Theistic existentialism, help me wrap my head around this concept 6KevinCK, juli 2009ignore
The Egoist Defeated? 10KevinCK, juli 2009ignore
Philosophers on the Net 1LheaJLove, juli 2009ignore
A Way of Seeing.... 26triviadude, juni 2009ignore

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