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Recommend Site Improvements

A place to make recommendations for functions or features you'd like to see incorporate into LibraryThing. Sometimes known as "Recommended Site Improvements."

Taggar: feature requests (10), suggestions (9), improvements (7), LibraryThing (5), site-related (4), (visa alla)recommendations (4), new features (3), features (2), enhancements (2), feature wishlists (2), ponies? (2), ideas (2), Calibre (1), request (1), RSI (1), RSIs (1), pony (1), meta (1), site (1), extensions (1), ponies (1), additions (1), LT (1), about LibraryThing (1), Groups talking about things Site-Related (1)

Administratörer: TheBlindHog (grundare)

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Show tagged books I haven't got 4DuncanHill, Idag 12:04pmignore
Close the round-trip export/import loop for LT data. 70Felagund, Igår 6:23pmignore
Export cover pictures 10bnielsen, Igår 2:10amignore
New decenium 35Nicole_VanK, tisdag 3:49pmignore
Improve the "Authors" tab 24lorax, tisdag 1:40pmignore
Cover image sizes 3humouress, måndag 10:16amignore
Stats/Memes page 3Nicole_VanK, måndag 8:57amignore
Publisher Series: Assign Individual Books and Covers 24DouglasAtEik, måndag 5:51amignore
what have you done to my page? 3cindydavid4, lördag 10:16amignore
Title sort in Relationships 8krazy4katz, november 16ignore
Languages in Author Common Knowledge 4amanda4242, november 15ignore
Allow Publisher Series to be assigned to Publisher 22gilroy, november 13ignore
ASK Save Edits? pop-up warning on "edit your book" page 3Bettesbooks, november 2ignore
Let me add LCCN on manual entry 6melannen, oktober 8ignore
Pam Peirce book list is wrong 8krazy4katz, september 30ignore
author gender 198timspalding, september 21ignore
Allow us to mark CK Characters as spoilers 7lorax, september 21ignore
the new series page - a question and suggestion 1Bettesbooks, september 19ignore
Complete Recommendations Page: List Recommended Books Not In My Library/Recommended Books In My Library 1sandstone78, september 16ignore
Import Public Library Borrowing History 17krazy4katz, september 15ignore
Goodread 3gilroy, september 15ignore
Incoherence in Tagmash page 3supersidvicious, augusti 31ignore
Differentiate Review Date charts and Entry Date charts in Stats/Memes 1jjmcgaffey, augusti 29ignore
Cross-post reviews to Litsy 1jjmcgaffey, augusti 29ignore
Tags for Places and People/Characters pages 9supersidvicious, augusti 20ignore
Dead language editions 12davidgn, augusti 17ignore
Add options to report other problems on the ER Books Won page 2amanda4242, augusti 15ignore
Subject headings 4Crypto-Willobie, augusti 13ignore
Currently Reading 38twikulstr1, augusti 13ignore
Alphabetic order for Important places in Series page 4supersidvicious, augusti 12ignore
Creating Automatic/Autonomic Sync from Librarything.com to Google Drive & OneDrive 8birder4106, augusti 7ignore
"Where to start" function 17AndreasJ, juli 31ignore
(Deleted) series 1supersidvicious, juli 30ignore
Member Giveaway 5Devnet94, juli 29ignore
Crowdfund development of RSIs 6lorax, juli 29ignore
"Reorder Modules" change 1lilithcat, juli 28ignore
accents 3MarthaJeanne, juli 28ignore
Add Books--Search Where 7lilithcat, juli 22ignore
Overcat, Undercat, manual entries... 30superboy, juli 22ignore
Forwarding to Amazon 4paradoxosalpha, juli 20ignore
CK "People/Characters" 47Carmen.et.Error, juli 15ignore
Badges on dashboard 16rosalita, juli 9ignore
Change tag field size/configuration 9Bettesbooks, juni 26ignore
Native SVG Support 13conceptDawg, juni 25ignore
Bring back the author nationalities! 101bluepiano, juni 22ignore
Activity Logging 4bnielsen, juni 22ignore
Cataloged items not showing up in Library Cat 3UnityChurch, juni 15ignore
Series Prioritization/Ranking 9Bookmarque, juni 11ignore
The Green + - Add to Library Button Repairs/discussion 21conceptDawg, juni 11ignore
Tag description fields 3jjwilson61, juni 8ignore
Import/Export Book Reviews from Amazon/goodreads 13paradoxosalpha, juni 1ignore
Upload and LINK option for the Member-Giveaways. 9MarthaJeanne, maj 30ignore
Sanctions and Approvals 4gilroy, maj 22ignore
Facilitate 'Relationships' to split authors 5karenb, maj 21ignore
Reading progress in a book. 4paradoxosalpha, maj 10ignore
Language-site specific profile pages 8Crypto-Willobie, maj 3ignore
More language localisable fields, please 1Cynfelyn, maj 3ignore
Change the language of members' reviews 8Cynfelyn, maj 3ignore
Amazon NL 3Nicole_VanK, maj 2ignore
Disambiguation notice 20AndreasJ, maj 2ignore
Language 14B.S.M., april 21ignore
Uploaded covers - which are mine? 91r.orrison, april 17ignore
Export Wish List 4MarthaJeanne, april 16ignore
Finding Wishlist books 8Crypto-Willobie, april 9ignore
Make submitting for import fail if column headers aren't as expected 7r.orrison, april 9ignore
Sort CK: Orig. pub. date 6hallams, april 5ignore
"Never Combine" Editions? 3jasbro, april 4ignore
Covers sent from us LTers 2MarthaJeanne, mars 27ignore
Fictfact closing 17cbarlock, mars 27ignore
Import from Standard Ebooks 3datrappert, mars 26ignore
Work combination pages: add icon to show Disambiguation notices 5MarthaJeanne, mars 25ignore
Improve recommendations vis-à-vis work-to-works 2gilroy, mars 18ignore
‘Confirm?’ message if you change your star rating 6aspirit, mars 17ignore
Original title 28flying_monkeys, mars 16ignore
Add fields to exported catalog 5gilroy, mars 16ignore
Need an auto save for reviews 6norabelle414, mars 9ignore
AR (Accelarated Reader) Level 4WholeHouseLibrary, mars 6ignore
Add Related Computer games or games to Common Knowledge 13alexa_d, mars 4ignore
full import from one library to another 15divinenanny, mars 3ignore
Include Ratings in formula for book recommendations 7jjwilson61, februari 18ignore
Add "2020-" to date graph 3kristilabrie, februari 13ignore
Search books already on LT when adding books 8Nicole_VanK, februari 6ignore
Take inventory feature in Mobile app 8Bookmarque, februari 5ignore
Request for Discogs to be added to the "Add Books" search options 2davidgn, januari 20ignore
Name that book improvement 3MarthaJeanne, januari 10ignore
A few more US/Canada/Australia Z39.50s to add 6navistar96, januari 2ignore
Flagging Book Covers and Voting 13guyalice, januari 1ignore
RSS feeds for collections 2bnielsen, december 2019ignore
Remove the Beta Private Book Checkbox 15aspirit, december 2019ignore
Add 'media' to the book details page 1Rivendell, december 2019ignore
Date discarded 63AnnaClaire, december 2019ignore
Adding a new book that is already in your library 8norabelle414, december 2019ignore
Opera Browser - VPN 6AHBib, december 2019ignore
Please add the ability to "insert" in my list of Common Knowledge Characters 16karenb, december 2019ignore
Allow "Add to Your Books"/"Add to wishlist" by using an existing Work-ID 9lorax, december 2019ignore
Scribd Site - Books 5MarthaJeanne, december 2019ignore
Publisher Series Covers 4Keeline, december 2019ignore
Preserve Unsaved Reviews 11aspirit, december 2019ignore
Access to private library 5lorax, december 2019ignore

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