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18th century(72) 19th century(62) abc(5) action(18) adult(12) adventure(30) American(56) American literature(23) American Revolution(8) animals(10) archaeology(13) architecture(20) art(29) autobiography(46) biographies(9) biography(253) biology(12) birds(7) birth(14) boats(12) Canada(6) cemeteries(15) childbirth(16) children(14) children's(27) coast(5) coastal(6) Colonial Period(5) country life(14) country living(5) cultural history(7) culture(10) diary(94) digital(10) Dutch literature(7) Early American History(6) ecology(28) environment(18) environmentalism(5) essay(8) Family Room(31) first person(9) fishermen(7) fishing(34) folklore(12) food(8) forest(6) gender(22) gender studies(7) genealogy(313) geography(60) guide(16) guidebook(35) hiking(23) historical(20) history(831) history of medicine(11) homesteading(18) how-to(6) humor(27) immigrants(5) immigration(6) island(14) islands(41) journal(11) journalism(5) juvenile(10) leisure(6) letters(15) lighthouses(7) literature(52) local(9) Maine author(56) maps(12) maritime(15) maritime history(9) material culture(5) medicine(35) midwives(39) National Parks(13) nature(204) nature writing(14) nautical(10) New Hampshire(41) nh(6) North America(9) ocean(6) outdoors(17) photographs(32) photography(150) picture book(31) poetry(18) politics(14) Portland(35) pregnancy(6) Pulitzer Prize Winner(5) reference(44) rivers(15) rural(5) rural life(7) sailing(7) science(15) sea(11) ships(5) shipwrecks(5) social history(34) social life(6) social life and customs(9) social studies(6) society(5) sociology(11) studio(5) survival(43) tourism(8) transcendentalism(26) travel(319) travel writing(8) trees(6) us(21) US travel(5) usa(99) wilderness(23) women(91) women's history(69) women's studies(62) woods(8) York(6)