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1960s(14) 19th century(8) academic(5) activism(7) adolescence(6) Africa(5) African American(255) African American literature(8) African American studies(57) Africana(18) American(17) American fiction(5) American literature(10) anthropology(10) anti-racism(10) art(5) Atlanta(7) autobiographical(6) autobiography(43) biography(132) black history(48) black studies(20) blacks(6) Boston(15) childhood(5) children(31) civil rights(86) Civil Rights Movement(16) classics(9) college(29) coming of age(11) courage(9) cultural studies(12) culture(33) discrimination(22) diversity(20) early childhood education(6) education(829) educational(11) Ethnic Studies(8) family(6) feminism(11) freedom(5) gender(18) heroes(7) history(220) identity(7) inequality(5) inspirational(5) integration(10) islands(5) justice(12) juvenile(5) language(7) law(8) learning(17) literacy(20) literature(15) made into movie(5) multicultural(23) multiculturalism(5) pedagogy(16) perseverance(5) photography(18) picture book(12) politics(39) poverty(49) prejudice(11) professional(13) professional development(11) psychology(13) race(173) race and racism(10) race relations(50) racial issues(5) racial politics(5) racism(79) reference(7) research(6) school(33) school stories(5) schooling(13) schools(34) segregation(44) slavery(15) social action(9) social justice(33) social studies(6) society(5) sociology(103) southern(33) southern history(9) southern literature(6) southern writers(5) students(8) teacher(9) teachers(34) teaching(134) the south(14) U.S. History(5) universities(5) us(9) usa(56) Virginia(16) Washington DC(12) women(14) women's studies(9) writing(10) ya(7) youth(17)

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