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1930s(16) 1950s(12) 1960s(24) 1970s(13) 1990s(16) 20th century literature(22) 21st century(152) 21st century fiction(14) abuse(17) alcoholism(11) around the world(23) biography(33) candy(14) child abuse(14) cities(11) classics(30) cold(13) coming of age(19) contemporary(41) contemporary fiction(40) cops(6) crime and mystery(82) crime novel(78) Denmark(32) depression(11) detective(359) detective fiction(51) digital(25) disappearance(7) domestic abuse(8) domestic violence(28) Dracula(16) drugs(20) espionage(22) Europe(50) family(60) family saga(13) fatherhood(6) fathers and daughters(14) friendship(32) genetics(27) ghosts(39) gialli(6) historical(42) historical fiction(126) historical novel(17) history(34) horror(77) hotel(10) humor(65) Iceland(3,701) Icelandic(821) independence(20) international(9) international fiction(5) island(670) isolation(9) literary(17) literary fiction(61) literature(299) loneliness(21) love(62) magical realism(24) modern literature(10) mort(5) murder mystery(44) mysteries(91) mystery(1,809) mystery fiction(19) mystery series(23) Nobel Laureate(88) nobel prize author(14) noir(65) Nordic(169) novella(34) poetry(54) polar(75) police(106) police procedural(224) Policial(6) popular fiction(9) poverty(31) rape(41) Recycled(8) relationships(18) religion(30) revenge(17) roman policier(64) rural(15) rural life(8) saga(22) satire(20) Scandinavian literature(194) sheep(32) small town(12) snow(22) social realism(7) spanning(30) suicide(41) superstition(7) suspense(115) suspense fiction(18) Swedish(14) thriller(700) war(19) winter(20) women(29) world fiction(10) world literature(36)

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