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De senaste bokhaikuerna

Électre à la Havane av Leonardo Padura

Travesti en robe,
Tué par son père, fumeur.
Conde est troublé

Arrakis - ökenplaneten av Frank Herbert

Foretold one gets dumped
in desert, then goes native.
Returns, beats baddies!

Arrakis - ökenplaneten av Frank Herbert

Fear the mind killer
Worm vomit expands the mind
Kwisatz Haderach

Den gröna boken av Muammar Qaddafi

Nations, workers, unite
For natural laws, religion,
Libyan socialism

Four Colors Suffice: How the Map Problem Was Solved av Robin Wilson

Maps with four colors:
a boon to cartographers.
Does that make them art?

Dr Jekyll och Mr Hyde av Robert Louis Stevenson

What's in this test tube?
I don't know. Should I drink it?
Sure, what could go wrong?

Dr Jekyll och Mr Hyde av Robert Louis Stevenson

A mad scientist
divides himself in two parts.
He’s both good and bad.

Månstenen av Wilkie Collins

History is made
as first detective novel
in English language.

Månstenen av Wilkie Collins

Rachel gets diamond
for birthday. It's stolen at
night – call detective!

Perfect Prophet av Diane M. Johnson

Raging against God
Until a bullet hits home.
Satan comes calling.

Skull-Face Omnibus Volume 3: The Shadow Kingdom and Others av Robert E. Howard

In eons long past
Ancient horror walked the earth:
Kull and Conan slayed

Prophet Reborn (Perfect Prophet Book 2) av Diane M. Johnson

Satanic high priest
Renounces his faith for a
Christian cult leader

Den store Gatsby av F. Scott Fitzgerald

New neighbor is rich
and throws wild parties for friends.
The American dream.

Havana Gold av Leonardo Padura

La jeune prof facile,
Karina joue du saxo,
Rhum et nostalgie

Unga kvinnor av Louisa May Alcott

Four different sisters
learn to overcome their faults.
They learn about love.

Havana Blue av Leonardo Padura

Amis du lycée
Grosse magouille au ministère
Tamara, enfin!

Les protégés de Sainte Kinga: Une enquête de l'inspecteur Andreas Auer - Tome 4 av Marc Voltenauer

Dans les mines de Bex,
La sueur est sel de vie.
Entre bien et mal.

Midnight at the Well of Souls av Jack L. Chalker

Well World sucks you in/Get changed to random creature/Adventure ensues (usuallee)

Cursed: An Anthology of Dark Fairy Tales av Marie O'Regan

Cursed is anyone
who reads these short stories, 'cause
time seems twice as long.

The Last Graduate av Naomi Novik

Senior year is here!
But what the Scholomance wants
Might ruin us all.

A Deadly Education av Naomi Novik

Hungry monsters lurk--
An alliance might save you
But the odds are long.

If the RPG World Had Social Media... [Light Novel] Vol. 1 av Yusuke Nitta

An awkward Hero
and an awkward Demon Lord
find love by texting

The Prisoner of Paradise

A lost soul mate found.
A painting is her prison.
Freedom has a price.

Holiday Hotel av Poppy Minnix

A breakup escape

Leads to a private island

Where love sparkles bright

Björnstad av Fredrik Backman

Mob mentality/
Rape, revenge, renewal/
Hockey, hate and hope

Stolthet och fördom av Jane Austen

One of five women,
Finding a man for herself
with wit, pride and love.

Stolthet och fördom av Jane Austen

It turns out the jerk
Really has a heart of gold.
Plus, he’s rich! (Eye roll.)

Mort aux hypocrites av Pétros Márkarīs

Directeur d'hôtel,
Statisticien et banquière,
Les chômeurs les tuent

Stealing Buddha's Dinner (07) by Nguyen, Bich Minh [Hardcover (2007)] av Nguyen É.

Life in Michigan
As told through various foods
And eighties music

Den unge Werthers lidanden av Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An alpine meadow / Sweet scent of grass and flowers / Below - the abyss. (KangarooRat)

Den unge Werthers lidanden av Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An artist doomed,
Consumed by helpless longing,
He needed Prozac.

World in Verse: a Virtual Poetry Reading av Words Without Borders

gorgeous poetry/
spoken aloud in english/
spanish, portuguese.

The Darkness Knows: A Novel (Detective Konrad) av Arnaldur Indridason

La fonte des glaciers,
Jeep qui écrase un témoin,
Konrad, retraité

The Rise of Peter Troy: The Decayed Ones av Joseph DiBartolo

Butcher Peter Troy
Is well prepared for the fight.
Zombies? Bring ‘em on!

A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 1 av Kazuma Kamachi

A nun with grimoires
in her brain needs help to save
precious memories.

Kommissariens löfte av Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Can a detective
Determine who did it, or
Is it all just chance?

Once Upon a Time in the North av Philip Pullman

Lyra Silvertongue's
tale: cowboy meets polar bear
a long time ago.

Harry Potter och Fenixorden av J. K. Rowling

New teacher is a
psychopath. Don’t believe me?
Then talk to the hand!

Harry Potter och Fenixorden av J. K. Rowling

Evil just got a
makeover. Pink has never
been so menacing.

Harry Potter och hemligheternas kammare av J. K. Rowling

Harry talks to snakes.
Why is he a Gryffindor?
Lucky for Ginny....

Harry Potter och hemligheternas kammare av J. K. Rowling

Snuck in girls bathroom.
Dead chick offered me her loo.
Won’t go there again.

Den röda bokstaven av Nathaniel Hawthorne

Self-pity, yes, but
no pity for sinners, just
bigotry and hate.

Skin Taker av Michelle Paver

A catastrophe
All clans in mortal danger
Will First Tree return?

Justine av Lawrence Durrell

Il lui reste la fille
de Melissa et Nassim
Justine les quitte tous

Limitrophie av Temenuzhka Dimova

Covid et Visa
A 2 jours de l'Orangerie
On attend Hannah

Den grymmaste månaden : [en kommissarie Gamache-deckare] av Louise Penny

Sorcières et rumeurs.
Mado brille trop, on la tue
Et Gamache s'en sort

Landet Ingenstans : (Erewhon) av Samuel Butler

New Zealand's mountains
Hide Utopia: no machines.
Escape if you can.

Last Wishes av Brian David Floyd

Danny comes back home
To brother in a coma
Not by his own choice.

Cruising in Montgomery and Berks Counties (Images of Modern America) av Tina M. Kissinger

Cruising down the streets
Used to be quite popular
Way back in the day.
Now it is again
But in a different way
Nothing gold can stay.

Chasing the Duke: Seventh Day of Christmas (novella) av Tracy Sumner

"Not chasing the duke,"
She tells herself, and yet he
Makes her heart flutter.

The Essence of Nathan Biddle av J. William Lewis

A young man's study
In existentialism
Leads to confusion.

Lance: A Spirit Unbroken av Walter Stoffel

Man's best friend, beaten
Knew no other life than strife
Until given a real home.

Scorpid av Adam Ressler

A gene scientist
Must fight the giant Scorpid
He helped to create.

Scorpid av Adam Ressler

Large and dangerous,
The mutated scorpion
Should never have been.

Alice i Underlandet av Lewis Carroll

Down the rabbit hole,
Alice ponders madness that
unfolds strange places.

the dust of hope: rune poems av Judy Croome

based on Nordic runes | these poems invite us to breathe | in the light of hope

West av Carys Davies

En route vers l'Ouest
Pour voir les grands animaux
Et l'indien sauve Bess

Jurassic Mary: Mary Anning and the Primeval Monsters av Patricia Pierce

Mary Anning: her
life, her discoveries, her
times – remarkable!

La papeterie Tsubaki av Ito Ogawa

Visites des temples et
Cerisiers en fleurs, Ecrire
Des lettres pour les autres

Världarnas krig av H. G. Wells

Mars attacks England.
Earth's defenses are no match,
But-- ah, ah, ACHOO!

Min morbror trollkarlen av C. S. Lewis

If you ever did
want to know where the White Witch
came from, read this book.

Dagar med Borges av Alberto Manguel

like Borges Manguel/
real life reader writes about/
dreamlike verities

La mythomane du Bataclan (NON FICTION) (French Edition) av Alexandre Kauffmann

Tout est dans le titre
Les amants de Flo sont faux
Souffrance des victimes

A Rule Against Murder av Louise Penny

Hôtel près d'un lac
Statue du père tue sa fille
Majordome coupable

Sandcastle av Pierre-Oscar Lévy

Vivons aujourd'hui.
Car demain nous serons morts.
Le temps assassin.

Skannad i dunklet av Philip K. Dick

Arctor, Fred ou Bruce.
Je sais encore qui je suis.
Je suis déjà mort.

Berättelsen om Narnia : de sju böckerna av C. S. Lewis

Seven children's tales
underpinned by magic, myth
and theology.

Anna Karenina av Leo Tolstoy

The moral of this:
Adultery drives one mad.
And watch out for trains.

Anna Karenina av Leo Tolstoy

Peasants have it grand.
A day labouring with them.
Then three-course dinner.

Une évidence trompeuse av Craig Johnson

Des armes en plastique
Rassemblement de motards
L'Ours a-t-il un fils?

Från helvetets brevskola : studiebrev om de bästa metoderna för att föra en själ till förtappelse av C. S. Lewis

Dearest Diablo,
Hope this letter finds you well.
Your servant, Screwtape.

Från helvetets brevskola : studiebrev om de bästa metoderna för att föra en själ till förtappelse av C. S. Lewis

Listen, young demon:
Get us fresh souls to eat, or
You’ll be food yourself.

Chances Are… av Richard Russo

Trois amis sur l'île
Mais Jacy a disparu
Partie avec Mick

Mordet på Orientexpressen av Agatha Christie

Everyone did it,
Or maybe just one person,
Or no one at all.

Mr Wilder and Me av Jonathan Coe

Jeune interprète grecque
Corfou avec Fedora
Et musiques de films

The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet av John Green

Scratch ’n’ sniff stickers,
Lascaux paintings, Auld Lang Syne,
Life lessons from John.


2001: En rymdodyssé av Arthur C. Clarke

Is mankind alone?
A black slab says "No, we're here.
We live near Saturn."

The Chain av Adrian McKinty

Un enfant est pris
Un autre doit être enlevé
Les jumeaux tuent

Noonday av Pat Barker

Persistent attacks/citizens clean up the mess/so many left scarred

Terra Alta av Javier Cercas

Des prisons aux flics
Bonheur dans Terra Alta
Couple riche tué

Station elva av Emily St. John Mandel

Pandémie mondiale
Symphonie Itinérante
Shakespeare et SF

Med andra ögon av Joseph Conrad

What is the "Russian/
   Psyche" anyway? Joe finds/
   It heroic/weird.

Levande musik av Terry Pratchett

"you don't have to be / death to work here but it helps" / (brb, rocking) - elahrairah

Brott och straff av Fyodor Dostoevsky

Student with an axe:
Napoleon or madman?
Siberian gaol.

Brott och straff av Fyodor Dostoevsky

Good boy gone bad in
this novel: comic version
removes most drama.

Brott och straff av Fyodor Dostoevsky

Young murderer
Meets pious prostitute
No hilarity

Confusion: The Private Papers of Privy Councillor R. von D. av Stefan Zweig

L'amour n'a pas de frontières. L'amour n'a pas d'âge. L'amour n'a pas de sexe.

Gaël Premier, roi d'Abimmmmmme et de Mornelonge av Christian Bobin

A lire dans la lu - mie - air

Any Other Name av Craig Johnson

Trois filles disparues
Blizzard, bisons et charbon
Naissance de Lola

De tre musketörerna av Alexandre Dumas père

The young Gascon fights
The three inseperables
and becomes their friend

House of Leaves av Mark Z. Danielewski

One creepy closet,
Holds plenty of shoes, coats and
Navidson Records

House of Leaves av Mark Z. Danielewski

Is it fact or fake?
Academia amok,
At the heart: nothing.

Born to run: Jakten på löpningens själ av Christopher McDougall

Running shoes are bad.
Run long, run easy, run fast.
Run each race for joy.

Evolution : människans historia av Alice Roberts

Out of Africa:
follow the footsteps of our
early ancestors.

The Rain Before it Falls av Jonathan Coe

Histoire racontée
Rosamund pour Imogen
3 femmes, 20 photos

Children of Dune av Frank Herbert

Trapped by prescience
Old ways erode and transform
A new Golden Path

Doktor Moreaus ö av H. G. Wells

Doctor Moreau
made animals human
but this goes wrong

Doktor Moreaus ö av H. G. Wells

Doktor Moreau
macht Tiere zu Menschen.
Doch es geht schief.

ReGeneration One 81: "Loose Ends" Part 1 av Simon Furman

Forgetting something?
With the Autobots away,
Megatron will play

Cold Quiet Country av Clayton Lindemuth

Gale, ange de pureté
Aime Gwen, violée par son père
Tue le shérif-père