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De senaste bokhaikuerna

The Master of Go av Yasunari Kawabata

From the pond's curved bridge,
the Master's Wife drops breadcrumbs;
the orange carp's gulp.

Gentleman Jurist: The Life of Ralph G. Thompson av Bob Burke

Judge and gentleman;
Oklahoma royalty;
Sooner born and bred.

Enemies at Home av Lindsey Davis

A straightforward case
of robbery gone wrong? No:
enemies at home.

The Swift and the Harrier av Minette Walters

The English Civil
War seen through the eyes of a
female physician.

Grendel av John Gardner

monster is nihilistic
then existential.

Lessons av Ian McEwan

Une prof de piano,
Alissia, auteure célèbre
et la douce Daphné

Mord på Allhelgonadagen av Agatha Christie

Quand les citrouilles chantent,
Narcisse et Lady Macbeth
Entrent dans la danse.

Into the Black av Evan Currie

Captain Weston flu
The Drasin eat all they see
But Weston killed them

Traitor in the Ice av K. J. Maitland

A frozen landscape
A faith practised in secret
A ruthless killer

Oskuldens tid av Edith Wharton

One rule to chain them:
Conventions trump love, trump hate,
Freedom for safety.

Romeo och Julia av William Shakespeare

"Love moderately,"
said the Friar to the kids.
Wish they had listened.

Romeo och Julia av William Shakespeare

Is it star-crossed love?
Should the Friar have hosed them?
A little of both.

Ultime adresse (Littérature) (French Edition) av Claudio Ceni

Quand tombent les tours,
C'est une famille qui s'écroule
Pour naître dans l'art.

Tänk om ... : seriösa vetenskapliga svar på absurda hypotetiska frågor av Randall Munroe

Science is a tool
That can be used to answer
folks' freaky questions.

Tänk om ... : seriösa vetenskapliga svar på absurda hypotetiska frågor av Randall Munroe

An intriguing thought
Posed as a simple question
Worst that could happen

Fantomen på Operan av Gaston Leroux

A deformed genius,
The opera's unseen master,
The book is better.

From Young To Wise: The Philosopher's Fallacy and How to Avoid It av Daniel K. Seward

Wait! Don't Overthink!
Avoid indulging Extremes!
Accept compromise!

Locked In av Jussi Adler-Olsen

Carl est soupçonné
Il s'en sort, mais il quitte le
Département V

View with a Grain of Sand av Wisława Szymborska

Ecco un breve riassunto in stile haiku della poesia "Vista con granello di sabbia" di Wisława Szymborska:

Granello di sabbia
Noi lo chiamiamo così
Ma lui non lo sa
Cade sul davanzale
Un'avventura solo nostra
Lui cade senza nome
Senza colore o voce
Guarda il mondo senza vederlo
Senza dolore alcuno
Tutto scorre senza
Principio né fine, senza
Senso del passare
Szymborska osserva
Il mondo con occhi nuovi
Oltre le parole
Il granello di sabbia è un simbolo dell'insignificante e dell'effimero. Eppure, attraverso la sua semplice esistenza, la poetessa coglie l'essenza del mondo, fatta di cose che semplicemente sono, senza bisogno di essere nominate o comprese. Un invito a guardare il mondo con occhi nuovi, liberandosi dai limiti del linguaggio e della ragione.

Killing Moon av Jo Nesbo

Il tue pour garder
Les parasites vivants, c'est
La vengeance de Prem

Matthew Flinders' Cat av Bryce Courtenay

Engangered street kid /
Wakens lawyer from park bench /
Trim tales promote fix.

Snöstorm och mandeldoft av Camilla Läckberg

Dans ce cluedo. Jouent Agatha et Conan. Qui perd ? Camilla.

Snöstorm och mandeldoft av Camilla Läckberg

Dans ce cluedo. Jouent Agatha et Conan. Qui perd? Camilla.

Betwixt Ice and Embers av Shannon Raye

Rended in our youth.
Torn between hope and heartache.
What future awaits?

A mani vuote av Valerio Varesi

Village de montagne
Le curé est exalté
De la neige partout

City Zoo: An Unfairy Story av Jeff Pedigo

Here a bunch of animals;
Made a paradise;
Which the arrogant destroyed.

Den hemlighetsfulle motståndaren av Agatha Christie

Tommy and Tuppence
A criminal mastermind
Who is Mr Brown?

Willie Mays: The life, The Legend av James S. Hirsch

The Best of All Time
Was Blessed with Speed and Power
Will Always Be a Giant

Unga kvinnor av Louisa May Alcott

Four different sisters
learn to overcome their faults.
They learn about love.

7m²: La dixième enquête du Département V av Jussi Adler-Olsen

Carl est soupçonné
Il s'en sort, mais il quitte le
Département V

Superior: The Return of Race Science av Angela Saini

black and white / and colors between / we are one (kokeyama)

Superior: The Return of Race Science av Angela Saini

black brown beige and pink / doesn't correlate to brains / racists heartbroken (kokeyama)

Cryptonomicon av Neal Stephenson

Encrypted message
Like an inaccessible
Mountain of gold bars

Fairy Tales - A New Translation By Tiina Nunnally av Hans Christian Andersen

A collection of
delightful fairy tales, both
well loved and unknown.

Fairy Tales - A New Translation By Tiina Nunnally av Hans Christian Andersen

The Little Mermaid,
The Princess on the Pea, The
Snow Queen: all found here.

En dos stryknin av Agatha Christie

The lady was killed
Poirot investigated
And he caught the crook
- GS

A Memory Called Empire av Arkady Martine

Dead ambassador
Two opposing coups advance
her resting bitchface

Lolita av Vladimir Nabokov

Not a love story
Road trip for slick pedophiles
Genius writing, though.

Lolita av Vladimir Nabokov

Pedophile's urge in
Sexist culture of U.S.
Each kills the spirit!

Lolita av Vladimir Nabokov

Lubricious nymphets
And exuberant wordplay.
Now who's this Quilty?

Satyricon av Petronius Arbiter

From gutter to gut // In maesa Trimalchionis // You'll putter about

Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings av Jodi Taylor

An illegal jump
Gun left in Ancient Egypt
It's all going wrong

Evolutionary Theology : A Critical Introduction av Michael Anthony Abril

Theology blooms,
Science shapes faith, world, and sin,
Past and future blend.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book av Diane Muldrow

Books from my childhood, with new words to help adults. Delightful present.

Death Deserved av Jørn Lier Horst

Quatre, trois, deux ... il veut
tuer que des gens célèbres,
même la fille de Blix.

Jorden runt på 80 dagar av Jules Verne

Philias Fogg made a bet
Round the world in eighty days
And found a wife too

Anne på Grönkulla av L. M. Montgomery

We'll get an orphan,
He can help with the farm work.
Oh-oh -- she's a girl.

En liten prinsessa av Frances Hodgson Burnett

A rich little girl
becomes an orphan and slave
but stays positive.

All the Sinners Bleed av S.A. Cosby

Dans un Sud raciste,
des enfants noirs sont tués,
le sheriff noir traque.

Ali's Smile / Naked Scientology av William S. Burroughs

E-meter / thought control or tool? / maybe both (kokeyama)

The Curious Lives of Nonprofit Martyrs av George Singleton

Southern lives entwined,
Roosters, roads, absurdity—
Singleton's keen eye.

Habilis av Alyssa Quinn

Museum turns disco,
Origins blur in night's grip—
Language, self unravel.

Death and So Forth: Stories av Gordon Lish

Death's edge, words fracture,
Lish's sharp tales cut deeply—
Life's fragments in prose.

The Oneiric in the Films of David Lynch: A Phenomenological Approach av Raphael Morschett

Lynch's dreams unfold,
Sensory, reflective realms—
Oneiric journey.

Surface Tension av David Peak

Cells and limbs severed,
Surface tension binds dreamscapes—
Peak's prose, a ghost train.

Theoretical Animals av Gary J. Shipley

Mundane words transformed,
Fragments weave dark, lyrical—
Shipley's prose evolves.

Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide av Burton Goldberg Group

Medical Science. Alternative Medicine. Two can coexist.

Across Realtime av Vernor Vinge

Time travel, world war.
Far future consequences.
Humanity lives?

Nonexistence av Kenji Siratori

Infinite data,
Mainlined into consciousness—
Siratori's realm.

Mutant Poetry Complete Manual av Siratori Kenji

In our deepest fears,
Truth whispers of transformation—
Humanity's chrysalis.

Manifesto of the Futurist Demonology av Siratori Kenji

Microbes in dance,
Posthuman minds entwined with rot—
Life's hidden kinship.

Cyclones in High Northern Latitudes av Jeffrey Side

Winds of art entwine,
Cyclones weave northern echoes—
Two voices in storm.

Carrier of the Seed av Jeffrey Side

Languages collide,
Myth and modern tales entwine—
Seed sows dreams anew.

Ce n'est qu'un début, commissaire Soneri (French Edition) av Valerio Varesi

Ex leader gauchiste
tué par son fils secret.
Brume et nostalgie.

Trollkarlen från Oz av L. Frank Baum

Headline: Kansas girl
Enters strange new land; at once
Starts a killing spree.

Trollkarlen från Oz av L. Frank Baum

She gets sucked up high
Makes weird friends and kills a witch
Then wakes up at home
- GS

Thinner av Stephen King

Bill was very fat
He kills the gypsy's father
She makes him too thin
- GS

Lida av Stephen King

Paul wrote a great book
It made Annie very mad
But he still gets out
- GS

Pestens tid av Stephen King

A virus gets out
Kills almost everybody
Good guys kill bad guy
- GS

Moby Dick eller Den vita valen av Herman Melville

Call me Ishmael.
Score: Whale 1, Ahab 0.
I alone returned.

Moby Dick eller Den vita valen av Herman Melville

Nor been sparing of
Historical whale research
--Chapter one-o-one

Moby Dick eller Den vita valen av Herman Melville

Do ye love sperm, boys?
Poke my leg into the deck
And sail against God!

Moby Dick eller Den vita valen av Herman Melville

Ismael signed up
Captin Ahab chased the whale
But the whale killed him
- GS

The Boat of a Million Years av Poul Anderson

People who don't age
Try to keep a low profile
Then leave Earth behind
- GS

Ett helgon till varje pris av Ellis Peters

A body is found
Cadfael finds strange circumstance
And finds the killer
- GS

Möte med Rama av Arthur C. Clarke

An unknown space probe
flies through Earth's solar system;
What is inside it?

Möte med Rama av Arthur C. Clarke

A strange ship appears
Intrepid crew goes aboard
It goes on its way
- GS

Ogatu av J. Barrett

Duncan found green place
He was invited to land
Earth is in danger
- GS

Alien av Alan Dean Foster

Ship takes an alien
Ripley is a cool terror
She kills the creature
- GS

Mannen i det höga slottet av Philip K. Dick

Alternate history
given alternate history;
what's true? What isn't?

Mannen i det höga slottet av Philip K. Dick

Complex novel in
scope and ideas but flawed in
its execution.

Mannen i det höga slottet av Philip K. Dick

What if Hitler won
The US fell to Nazis
A small group fights back
- GS

Vita pesten av Frank Herbert

His wife and girl died
Killed by a mad terrorist
So he kills all women
- GS

Arthur Gordon Pyms äventyr av Edgar Allan Poe

Whaleship stowaway
Mutiny and other things
And find the south sea
- GS

Red Mars av Kim Stanley Robinson

They travel to Mars
Rase a tethered satellite
It fell horribly
- GS

Jurtjyrkogården av Stephen King

Kids find a grave place
It can bring things back to life
Scary things ensue
- GS

Flatland av Edwin A. Abbott

2D live creatures
Have a shape based caste system
Start a revolution
- GS

En världsomsegling under havet av Jules Verne

Their ship gets rammed by
A crazy man who captures them
And takes them with him
- GS

The Epic of Gilgamesh av Jason Colavito

Gilgamesh and Enkidu
Get into a fight and then
They become good friends
- GS

Chimera av Kristine Kathryn Rusch

She got a new cat
It was smart and part human
And did not like dark
- GS

Inconstant Moon av Larry Niven

The moon becomes bright
They know the sun is the cause
May be the world's end
- GS

Dark Air av Lincoln Michel

Driving through the backwoods
They hit a black and pink creature
Then found a strang famaily
- GS

Universe [short fiction] av Robert A. Heinlein

Their world is a spaceship
On rebel climes to the center
He tries to teach truth
- GS

Dragonsdawn av Anne McCaffrey

Landing on a new world
Young people find small dragons
And bread rideable ones
- GS

Iceworld av Hal Clement

Ken is a teacher
Hired to find a drug source
Turns out it is Earth
- GS

Portals av Douglas E. Richards

Super spies find a portal
They go to another planet
And defeat a tyrant
- GS

When the Moon Turned Green av Hal K. Wells

From his Arizona lab.
A 1930s scientist emerges.
The moon has turned green.
- GS

Robinson Crusoe av Daniel Defoe

He leaves home to sail
He ends up marooned alone
finds Friday and leaves
- GS

Tower Treasure av Franklin W. Dixon

Someone robbed the tower
Frank and Joe Investigate
The boys found the loot
- GS

When Caverns Yawned av S.P. Meek

A mad man attacks
Good scientist try to foil
They save Washington
- GS