LibraryThing members can improve their own data, help each other and improve the quality of the information on LibraryThing. This list is not comprehensive.

Common Knowledge

Allmän kunskap

Common Knowledge allows member to add information to works and authors, from a book's first and last lines to an author's education.

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Kloka råd om att kombinera.

"Combining" is at the center of LibraryThing, and one of the most important things members do. Members can combine, separate, split and "never" books, authors, tags and LibraryThing Local venues. A whole subculture works to make sure things are in order, and "connected right."

» The Combiners! Group (with more information)

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Spam Catching!

LibraryThing is anti-spam, and members keep us that way. An entire group is develoted to finding obvious spam and debating less certain examples.


LibraryThing's own help Wiki that is built on staff and member input.

LibraryThing Local

LibraryThing Local tracks bookstores, libraries and book events around the world. Members can add and edit everything.

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» Member project to enter all public libraries state-by-state

LibraryThing in other Languages

LibraryThing is available in over a dozen languages, with members translating everything.

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Miscellaneous Helpings


CoverGuess is a sort of game. We give you covers, and you describe them in words. If you guess the same things as other players, you get points.

Member Recommendations

Zeitgeist: Member recommendations

Form letters

Form letters for author pictures, publishers and bookstores

Resources for Helpers