2017 Category Challenge

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Welcome to the 2017 Category Challenge!

To encourage ourselves to “read outside the box,” in this group we (each) pick (our own) categories to read within. You can have as many or few categories as you wish, they can cover any sort of topic, and you can read as many books as you want in each category. The idea is that if you find that you tend (as many of us do) to read mainly within your comfort area and would like to push yourself outside it, you add a category for your “difficult” reads to your challenge so that you’re encouraged to pick it up at some point during the year. You are, of course, completely free to modify your categories as much as you like during the challenge.

In this group, we do a few different group reads:
1. "Standard" group reads: pick a book to read for a specific month (or a quarter or sometimes for the whole year). At the end of each year, we vote on which group reads to have the following year.
2. CATs: This is influenced by the TIOLI (Take It Or Leave It) that is being done over in the 75:ers group, but to avoid confusion we named ours "CATs" since we're a category challenge group... Get it? :) At the end of each year, we vote on which CATs to have the following year (usually 3) and each month a different volunteer will create the thread for each CAT and outline its parameters.
3. KITs: These were ideas that were not picked as "official" CATs and are usually run by the people who suggested them. They're mini-CATs (hence "KIT" for "kittens").
4. We usually also have a bingo card challenge and, unsurprisingly, have given our canine friends a chance to shine and named it BingoDOG.

The challenge officially begins on January 1, 2017, but starting early or late is welcomed.

Have fun!!

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This Year's Group Reads, CATs, and DOG:

RandomCAT General Thread and RandomCAT Wiki
CultureCAT General Thread and CultureCAT Wiki
CATWoman General Thread and CATWoman Wiki
AwardsCAT General Thread and AwardsCAT Wiki
BingoDOG General Thread and BingoDOG Wiki
SFF/SFFF-KIT Planning Thread and SFF/SFFF-KIT Wiki
AlphaKIT General Thread and AlphaKIT Wiki
Group Reads Planning Thread

Group Reads


First Quarter:




Second Quarter:
A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth




Third Quarter:




Fourth Quarter:




Year-Long Group Reads:
The Vorkosigan Saga
Proust Volume 1 - Swann's Way
Poldark series
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DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
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February RandomCAT -- Mine, Yours and Ours84 olästa / 84LisaMorr, mars 2017
Lori's Ancestral Challenge241 olästa / 241thornton37814, februari 2017
Poldark Group Read (February): Demelza21 olästa / 21VictoriaPL, mars 2017
-Eva-'s 7 in 2017 - Part 193 olästa / 93lkernagh, mars 2017
Sci Fi and Religion1 oläst / 1Kristelh, februari 2017
What Are We Reading in February?55 olästa / 55sturlington, februari 2017
RidgewayGirl's Year of Books, Part One217 olästa / 217RidgewayGirl, mars 2017
February AwardCAT -- Canada Reads and The Tournament of Books52 olästa / 52LibraryCin, februari 2017
DreamWeaver529's Atempt to Revive A Reading Addition10 olästa / 10luvamystery65, februari 2017
sjmccreary tests the waters in 201737 olästa / 37-Eva-, februari 2017
Vivienne's Year of the Cat211 olästa / 211VivienneR, april 2017
March RandomCAT: Luck o' the Irish74 olästa / 74mathgirl40, april 2017
Thingaversaries!8 olästa / 8LisaMorr, mars 2017
rabbitprincess sails from sea to sea to sea in 2017198 olästa / 198rabbitprincess, april 2017
February CATWoman - Debut Books59 olästa / 59Jackie_K, mars 2017
Sace's Easy Roy G. Biv Challenge57 olästa / 57Sace, mars 2017
Reckless Categories for 2017 (Reckless Reader)12 olästa / 12christina_reads, mars 2017
Group Reads for 2017128 olästa / 128VictoriaPL, april 2017
inge87's Shakespearean 17-in-17200 olästa / 200inge87, april 2017
March CATWoman: Genres62 olästa / 62Kristelh, april 2017
What are we reading in March?76 olästa / 76threadnsong, april 2017
Kristel's Year of the Rooster 201771 olästa / 71VictoriaPL, april 2017
casvelyn's reading all the books106 olästa / 106casvelyn, april 2017
AlphaKIT for February: W and H71 olästa / 71LisaMorr, mars 2017
Hibernator chases the CAT102 olästa / 102andreablythe, mars 2017
Lori's Ancestral Challenge - thread 2241 olästa / 241thornton37814, juni 2017
casvelyn's reading all the books part 240 olästa / 40casvelyn, juli 2017
CBL's Bingo Card14 olästa / 14cbl_tn, juni 2017
May CATWoman- Women in the arts37 olästa / 37mathgirl40, juni 2017
May CultureCAT -- Gender Equality37 olästa / 37BLBera, juni 2017
June CATWoman - Professional Women36 olästa / 36sturlington, juli 2017
June RandomCAT: Into the Unknown46 olästa / 46beebeereads, juni 2017
May AlphaKIT: C and T65 olästa / 65christina_reads, juni 2017
MissWatson takes astronomical readings168 olästa / 168MissWatson, juni 2017
June CultureCAT: Environmentalism/Conservation21 olästa / 21LisaMorr, juni 2017
Dudes22 (Betty's) 2017 Reading Quotes207 olästa / 207dudes22, juni 2017
Poldark Group Read: The Black Moon (May)29 olästa / 29christina_reads, juni 2017
DeltaQueen Is Planning a Year of Freedom in 2017 - Part 4252 olästa / 252DeltaQueen50, juni 2017
VictoriaPL's 2017 reading, part one212 olästa / 212VictoriaPL, mars 2017
Jules' 2017 Category Challenge38 olästa / 38bookwormjules, mars 2017
February SFFKIT: Space Travel76 olästa / 76bluebird_, mars 2017
February CultureCAT: Medicine and Public Health64 olästa / 64bluebird_, mars 2017
Roberta's (luvamystery65) Colorful Challenge244 olästa / 244luvamystery65, mars 2017
February 2017: BingoDOG Reads50 olästa / 50Kristelh, mars 2017
SleepySheep (a.k.a. RachelLeah) and the Truly Random Challenge - Tracking Thread40 olästa / 40lkernagh, juni 2017
May AwardsCAT- Man Booker International Prize and the Edgar Awards38 olästa / 38mathgirl40, juni 2017
April 2017 - BingoDOG Reads29 olästa / 29muddy21, juni 2017
DeltaQueen Is Planning a Year of Freedom in 2017 - Part 3255 olästa / 255DeltaQueen50, april 2017
March 2017: BingoDOG reads31 olästa / 31christina_reads, mars 2017
March 2017 AlphaKIT - E and K68 olästa / 68leslie.98, april 2017
What are you reading in July?59 olästa / 59LisaMorr, juli 2017
July AlphaKIT: B and G55 olästa / 55rabbitprincess, juli 2017
mathgirl40's 2017 Category Challenge, Part 1253 olästa / 253mathgirl40, juli 2017
June SFF/SFFFKit - Series!54 olästa / 54fuzzi, juli 2017
Christina reads a "Gilmore Girls" category challenge160 olästa / 160lkernagh, juli 2017
June BingoDOG reads21 olästa / 21bonannoan, juli 2017
Mamzel's 2017 WANT Reading212 olästa / 212mamzel, juli 2017
August AlphaKIT: O and F51 olästa / 51sturlington, september 2017
August CultureCAT: Impact of Natural Disasters21 olästa / 21MissWatson, september 2017
July BingoDOG reads13 olästa / 13LisaMorr, augusti 2017
lkernagh (Lori) Reads Her Way Through The Months in 2017 - Second Thread169 olästa / 169bonannoan, juli 2017
April AwardsCAT -- International Dublin Literary Award and the Pulitzer Prize72 olästa / 72luvamystery65, juli 2017
June AlphaKIT: Y and N32 olästa / 32rabbitprincess, juli 2017
July AwardsCAT: Bailey's Women's Prize and Any SF/F Award43 olästa / 43mathgirl40, augusti 2017
July SFFKit: Award Winners and Nominees53 olästa / 53mathgirl40, augusti 2017
July CATWoman - Women of Color45 olästa / 45LisaMorr, augusti 2017
July CultureCat: Violence, Crime & Justice49 olästa / 49LisaMorr, augusti 2017
DeltaQueen Is Planning a Year of Freedom in 2017 - Part 5254 olästa / 254DeltaQueen50, augusti 2017
rabbitprincess sails from sea to sea to sea in 2017 - Part 2196 olästa / 196sirfurboy, augusti 2017
Poldark Group Read: The Four Swans (June)19 olästa / 19fuzzi, juli 2017
Vivienne's Year of the Cat - 2nd Quarter159 olästa / 159VivienneR, juli 2017
Lost data from wikis4 olästa / 4christina_reads, juli 2017
CBL Reads from a Fair Number of Ladies in 2017254 olästa / 254cbl_tn, augusti 2017
Roberta (luvamystery65) sets sail on the Pequod!33 olästa / 33LisaMorr, september 2017
Roberta's (luvamystery65) Colorful Challenge second thread216 olästa / 216luvamystery65, september 2017
K's Read-o-Rama for 2017!40 olästa / 40lkernagh, september 2017
Poldark Group Read: The Stranger from the Sea (August)11 olästa / 11christina_reads, augusti 2017
August RandomCAT: Animal Kingdom89 olästa / 89rabbitprincess, september 2017
What are we reading in August?46 olästa / 46dudes22, augusti 2017
Stacy's (LittleTaiko) It's All About Me Challenge175 olästa / 175LittleTaiko, augusti 2017
August BingoDOG reads17 olästa / 17leslie.98, augusti 2017
casvelyn's reading all the books part 343 olästa / 43LisaMorr, augusti 2017
lkernagh (Lori) Reads Her Way Through The Months in 2017230 olästa / 230lkernagh, mars 2017
Virginia Festival of the Book9 olästa / 9sallylou61, mars 2017
What Are You Reading in June?39 olästa / 39dudes22, juli 2017
June Awards CAT - PEN America Literary Awards and National Book Award (USA)22 olästa / 22dudes22, juli 2017
inge87's Shakespearean 17-in-17, Part 2: II Be or Not II Be129 olästa / 129LisaMorr, augusti 2017
LauraBrook's 7 in 2017 - Part 150 olästa / 50LisaMorr, augusti 2017
2nd Quarter Group Read of A Suitable Boy44 olästa / 44mathgirl40, september 2017
Erin's Carnival of Books67 olästa / 67ErinPaperbackstash, september 2017
The 2018 group is up!19 olästa / 19majkia, september 2017
March AwardsCAT - Newbery & Caldecott Medals and genre awards79 olästa / 79rabbitprincess, september 2017
August AwardsCAT: Stonewall Book Awards and Miles Franklin Award29 olästa / 29LisaMorr, september 2017
August CATWoman: Nonfiction and Historical Fiction46 olästa / 46mathgirl40, september 2017
RidgewayGirl's Year of Books, Part Three204 olästa / 204mstrust, september 2017
Cariola's 2017 Bingo Challenge22 olästa / 22Cariola, september 2017
August SFFKit: Humorous Sci Fi & Fantasy33 olästa / 33pammab, september 2017
Fellow CATs - for next year's challenge24 olästa / 24dudes22, september 2017
deep220 2017 Reading Challenge40 olästa / 40LisaMorr, augusti 2017
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