2019 Category Challenge

Welcome to the 2019 Category Challenge, where the only rule is there are no rules.

What are the categories? Whatever you like! The point is for you to figure out what you want to get out of your reading year: Do you want to make progress on some of those series you follow? Is there an author whose works you'd like to read or re-read? Are there genres or subject areas you want to focus on?

Some members (your admin included) like to use the same categories each year and dress them up with a clever theme. Some members use the months of the year as their categories to give themselves more freedom to read by whim. It's all good! We want the challenge to work for you!

If you hate your categories halfway through the year, or sooner, change them! While we do have the word “challenge” in the group name, reading should always be fun. So if your challenge isn’t working for you, change it up!

So what's with the menagerie? CATs, KITs, DOGs??

The Category Challenge runs several group-wide challenges that members can play along with as they please: CATs, KITs, and the BingoDOG.

The CATs are monthly challenges inspired by the TIOLI (Take It Or Leave It) challenge over at the 75 Books group. We call them CATs because we are the CATegory challenge. We normally have three CATs; however, this year we had a tie for third place in the voting, so we're having four:


Any CATs that don't make the cut as official CATs can be turned into KITs. These are mini-CATs (KIT comes from kitten). KITs can also be former CATs from previous years, or just something fun that a member comes up with. In previous years we've had the SFFFKIT (for sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction) and the AlphaKIT (two letters of the alphabet are the featured letters of the month, and you use these to pick a book to read).

The BingoDOG, meanwhile, is a bingo card put together by the members. One member is responsible for gathering suggestions for squares and weeding out the duplicates, then the finalists are put on a bingo card. We call it the BingoDOG as a counterpart to the CAT challenges. The member who gathers suggestions for squares will set the deadline for submissions.

What about regular group reads? We do those too! Members can suggest a group read at any time, or spread the word about group reads going on in other groups. We've even carried over group reads from previous years of the Category Challenge (e.g., the Vorkosigan Saga read-along).

Do I have to be a member of this group to join the group reads? Not at all. If you have a home base in another group and just want to swing by here for a CAT, KIT, or group read, or to play BingoDOG, you're most welcome to join us.

When do we get started?! The challenge officially begins on January 1, 2019, but you’re welcome to start earlier or later!


CAT planning thread

CalendarCAT planning thread and CalendarCAT wiki
RandomCAT planning thread and RandomCAT wiki
SeriesCAT planning thread and SeriesCAT Wiki
TBRCAT planning thread and TBRCAT Wiki

AlphaKIT planning thread and AlphaKIT Wiki
ScaredyKIT planning thread and ScaredyKIT Wiki
SFFFKIT planning thread and SFFFKIT Wiki

BingoDOG planning thread and BingoDOG Wiki

Group reads

Group reads planning thread

First quarter
January: The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
February: Secondhand Time, by Svetlana Alexievich

Second quarter

Third quarter

Fourth quarter

Multi-month reads

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, by J.R.R. Tolkien - April / May / June
Tom Jones, by Henry Fielding - July / August / September

Year-long reads

Emile Zola: Les Rougon-Macquart series
A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth
The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher: Catch-up thread | Main thread
Pilgrimage, by Dorothy Richardson
Short stories and anthologies

DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
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March AlphaKIT: U and L74 olästa / 74okeres, april 2019
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CBL's musical categories, part 1209 olästa / 209cbl_tn, juli 2019
June SFFKIT: The Road Trip30 olästa / 30mathgirl40, juli 2019
Off-topic Conversations5 olästa / 5LadyoftheLodge, januari 2019
DeltaQueen's Random Miscellaneous Challenge245 olästa / 245JayneCM, februari 2019
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Dee's 2019 Purrrfect Reads36 olästa / 36seascape, januari 2019
What are you reading in January 2019?116 olästa / 116luvamystery65, februari 2019
Alice's12 olästa / 12VivienneR, juli 2019
June TBR-- Book Bullet (book suggested by someone else)39 olästa / 39rhian_of_oz, juli 2019
Chess Men news3 olästa / 3VivienneR, juli 2019
Helenliz Houses the Hoard, pt 2159 olästa / 159charl08, juli 2019
June SeriesCAT: Series that are definitely complete40 olästa / 40LibraryCin, juli 2019
VivienneR in Christie's Footsteps - Part 2225 olästa / 225VivienneR, juli 2019
June ScaredyKIT: Techno-thrillers22 olästa / 22mathgirl40, juli 2019
Audiobooks263 olästa / 263luvamystery65, juli 2019
rabbitprincess paints a portrait of her reading year in 2019 - Part 2186 olästa / 186rabbitprincess, juni 2019
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Dejah_Thoris’ Unchallenging Category Challenge66 olästa / 66lkernagh, februari 2019
BingoDOG reads in January114 olästa / 114lkernagh, februari 2019
January ScaredyKIT: NPR 100 Favorite Horror Stories or 100 Killer Thrillers62 olästa / 62mstrust, februari 2019
January CalendarCAT114 olästa / 114hailelib, februari 2019
January SeriesCAT124 olästa / 124whitewavedarling, februari 2019
January AlphaKIT: Q and A143 olästa / 143mnleona, februari 2019
Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne - Group Read9 olästa / 9JayneCM, januari 2019
February Calendar CAT2 olästa / 2clue, januari 2019
The Hibernator is Categorically Challenged40 olästa / 40RidgewayGirl, februari 2019
January RandomCAT -- Your name in print154 olästa / 154VivienneR, februari 2019
Soffitta1's 2019 Challenge50 olästa / 50soffitta1, juli 2019
June AlphaKIT - J and D68 olästa / 68fuzzi, augusti 2019
Dresden Files Group Read5 olästa / 5mathgirl40, maj 2019
What are we reading in April?41 olästa / 41dudes22, april 2019
Traci's Happiest Reading Challenge on Earth60 olästa / 60mstrust, maj 2019
May SFFFKit: International Sci-Fi and Fantasy28 olästa / 28whitewavedarling, juni 2019
July CalendarCAT1 oläst / 1LadyoftheLodge, juni 2019
BingoDOG April Reads18 olästa / 18dudes22, april 2019
Lori's (thornton37814) 2019 Classic Bands Challenge - Thread 2230 olästa / 230thornton37814, maj 2019
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March ScaredyKIT: True Crime43 olästa / 43LisaMorr, april 2019
Majkia (Jean) Gets Her G∑∑K On - I159 olästa / 159majkia, april 2019
Bkinetic browses blithely in 201954 olästa / 54bkinetic, juni 2019
Demise of FictFact9 olästa / 9mlaughlin, juni 2019
May Calendar CAT42 olästa / 42LibraryCin, juni 2019
BingoDOG May reads39 olästa / 39christina_reads, juni 2019
May SeriesCAT -- Newest book in a favorite series54 olästa / 54mathgirl40, juni 2019
casvelyn's not reading anything in 201968 olästa / 68Tess_W, juni 2019
DeltaQueen's Random Miscellaneous Challenge - Part 3263 olästa / 263DeltaQueen50, maj 2019
What are we reading in May?31 olästa / 31LisaMorr, maj 2019
BingoDOG June Reads21 olästa / 21sallylou61, juni 2019
May RandomCAT: I could have danced all night...43 olästa / 43MissWatson, juni 2019
May AlphaKIT: H and V72 olästa / 72beebeereads, juni 2019
May TBRCAT: Book I Keep Looking at, but Never Manage to Open51 olästa / 51kac522, juni 2019
April ScaredyKit: Modern Chills and Thrills45 olästa / 45amaranthe, maj 2019
April AlphaKIT : B and M101 olästa / 101rabbitprincess, maj 2019
July TBRCAT - Books by an author with more than one book on your TBR shelf71 olästa / 71MissWatson, augusti 2019
What are we reading in July?38 olästa / 38dudes22, augusti 2019
DeltaQueen's Random Miscellaneous Challenge - Part 4251 olästa / 251DeltaQueen50, juli 2019
Tess Follows the Yellow Brick Road in 2019 Part 2184 olästa / 184Tess_W, juli 2019
June CalendarCAT41 olästa / 41whitewavedarling, juli 2019
July RandomCAT: All about birds76 olästa / 76Klinda, augusti 2019
July SeriesCAT: Fantasy37 olästa / 37LisaMorr, augusti 2019
July AlphaKIT: C and P70 olästa / 70rabbitprincess, augusti 2019
Patrick's 2019 Category Challenge94 olästa / 94ChessFanatic, augusti 2019
BingoDOG July reads30 olästa / 30Montarville, augusti 2019
Stellaa reads books about old stuff38 olästa / 38Stellaa, augusti 2019
June RandomCAT: Pick a card, any card....95 olästa / 95EBT1002, juli 2019
July CalendarCAT46 olästa / 46kac522, juli 2019
April Calendar CAT52 olästa / 52mathgirl40, maj 2019
April SeriesCAT54 olästa / 54mathgirl40, maj 2019
April UN-official SFF-KIT: Sword and Sorcery62 olästa / 62mathgirl40, maj 2019
April RandomCAT: Easter greetings from the Rooster62 olästa / 62NinieB, maj 2019
Christina reads the 2019 Category Challenge182 olästa / 182christina_reads, maj 2019
April TBRCAT: book originally acquired for a challenge or group read47 olästa / 47clue, maj 2019
July SFFKit : Space Opera29 olästa / 29Dejah_Thoris, juli 2019
BookLizard's 2019 Category Challenge38 olästa / 38BookLizard, juli 2019
Stacy's (LittleTaiko) 2019 Challenge - Clue182 olästa / 182LittleTaiko, juni 2019
What are we reading in June42 olästa / 42dudes22, juni 2019
May ScaredyKit: Scary Children!109 olästa / 109Kristelh, juni 2019
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