Club Read 2021

Welcome to Club Read 2021. This will be our (lucky!)13th year as a dynamic reading community!

We are a wonderfully eclectic group of readers who are varied and thoughtful in our reading. We like to publicly log/journal our reading, and enjoy following what others in the group are reading. Please take a look around to see if we're the kind of readers you'd like to hang with. The group works best when there is much interchange, so don't just post, visit others' threads! Many of us have been together for many years of Club Read, but we always welcome new readers!

ALL MEMBERS: Please remember to STAR the MESSAGE BOARD where we will post general messages, links to our standard community discussion threads (i.e. best of each quarter, what are you reading?...etc.) And please stop by our Introductions thread.

Veterans of CR will be happy to answer any questions you have.


DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
FastnålatMESSAGE BOARD63 olästa / 63cindydavid4, måndag 5:31pm
Fastnålat**Interesting Articles**22 olästa / 22sallypursell, februari 18
FastnålatINTRODUCTIONS147 olästa / 147petra4, Igår 6:02pm
WHAT ARE YOU READING? - Part 2150 olästa / 150AnnieMod, Idag 3:02pm
Covid Update -- February52 olästa / 52gsm235, Idag 2:58pm
LW's clubbable 2021105 olästa / 105LolaWalser, Idag 2:56pm
LadyoftheLodge in 202149 olästa / 49LadyoftheLodge, Idag 2:52pm
Annie reads in 2021 - Part 1138 olästa / 138AnnieMod, Idag 2:48pm
Dilara’s 2021 Reading Log123 olästa / 123LolaWalser, Idag 2:44pm
dchaikin part 1 - out of the dark ages179 olästa / 179AlisonY, Idag 1:24pm
AlisonY Randomly Rambles on in 2021122 olästa / 122AlisonY, Idag 1:18pm
Markon sails into 202194 olästa / 94markon, Idag 11:38am
lisapeet 2021: Hangin' out107 olästa / 107RidgewayGirl, Idag 11:29am
La Cucina 202123 olästa / 23markon, Idag 11:28am
Sally's reading constantly in 2021108 olästa / 108sallypursell, Idag 11:03am
LibraryLover23's 2021 Reading32 olästa / 32LibraryLover23, Idag 10:28am
Group Read: The Cromwell Trilogy: Bring Up The Bodies4 olästa / 4dchaikin, Idag 10:18am
Group Read: The Cromwell Trilogy206 olästa / 206dchaikin, Idag 10:16am
Baswood's books92 olästa / 92baswood, Idag 8:04am
Kidzdoc hits the Reset button in 2021, Part 265 olästa / 65LovingLit, Idag 3:59am
Nickelini Reads in 2021138 olästa / 138Nickelini, Idag 2:23am
Diane's up all night reading104 olästa / 104dianeham, Idag 1:43am
Penny Reads 202159 olästa / 59pmarshall, Igår 11:02pm
BLBera's Beth's Reading in 2021 - Chapter 1147 olästa / 147BLBera, Igår 9:52pm
Labfs39 resumes reading and reviewing in 202152 olästa / 52labfs39, Igår 4:24pm
Simone2 in 202183 olästa / 83dianeham, Igår 2:29pm
SassyLassy Steadfastly Stumbling Along69 olästa / 69markon, Igår 12:16pm
rocketjk's 2021 reading hoopla162 olästa / 162rocketjk, Igår 12:13pm
rhian_of_oz Reads in 2021 - January to June51 olästa / 51markon, Igår 11:49am
RidgewayGirl Reads in 2021, First Quarter187 olästa / 187RidgewayGirl, Igår 11:22am
Bragan Reads Right on Through It in 2021164 olästa / 164bragan, Igår 10:18am
jjmcgaffey's Reading in 2021101 olästa / 101jjmcgaffey, Igår 3:41am
Anki's 2021 Reading and Book Thoughts75 olästa / 75sallypursell, lördag 10:31pm
Cat's Reading Adventure 20215 olästa / 5dchaikin, lördag 5:53pm
Karen Carries On24 olästa / 24janemarieprice, lördag 5:38pm
Torontoc read and sees some films in 202150 olästa / 50torontoc, lördag 12:15pm
Lilisin in 202118 olästa / 18rhian_of_oz, lördag 6:21am
QUESTIONS for the AVID READER Part II17 olästa / 17Nickelini, fredag 11:28pm
Greg (gsm235) in 202155 olästa / 55AnnieMod, fredag 9:40pm
Baswood's music34 olästa / 34baswood, fredag 6:47pm
Avaland & Dukedom_Enough's 2021 Reading, Part I159 olästa / 159avaland, fredag 12:54pm
Stretch's 2021 Reading68 olästa / 68Dilara86, fredag 9:31am
wandering_star in 202196 olästa / 96Nickelini, torsdag 9:09pm
thorold gives crowns and pounds and guineas in Q1 21145 olästa / 145bragan, torsdag 11:48am
Jennifer's 2021 Reading (japaul22)138 olästa / 138japaul22, torsdag 8:36am
QUESTIONS for the AVID READER216 olästa / 216cindydavid4, onsdag 8:37pm
Julie at Thirty: My Reading in 202127 olästa / 27valkyrdeath, onsdag 6:21pm
Valkyrdeath's 2021 Reading Record20 olästa / 20valkyrdeath, onsdag 6:03pm
SandDune’s Retirement Reading104 olästa / 104SandDune, onsdag 5:33pm
NanaCC (Colleen) tries not to fall off the page in 202181 olästa / 81NanaCC, tisdag 6:43pm
rachbxl in 202145 olästa / 45avaland, tisdag 7:07am
Hi and welcome to 20218 olästa / 8SassyLassy, måndag 9:06am
Raton-Liseur's 2021 reading log96 olästa / 96LolaWalser, februari 21
Bridgey's 2021 Reading19 olästa / 19Bridgey, februari 16
Aunt Marge and the kids read in 202112 olästa / 12brodiew2, februari 13
Arubabookwoman's 2021 Reading65 olästa / 65labfs39, februari 11
Amy Sisson's 2021 list of books read - "Hope Springs Eternal"4 olästa / 4amysisson, februari 11
OscarWilde87's reading log 202119 olästa / 19brodiew2, februari 11
Kat reads some books, 202169 olästa / 69tonikat, februari 10
edwinbcn is still reading in Nanning, China 2021, Part 113 olästa / 13avaland, februari 10
lady ansel’s 2021 Christian Fiction Reads9 olästa / 9LadyoftheLodge, februari 3
WHAT ARE YOU READING? - Part 1207 olästa / 207cindydavid4, februari 1
Kidzdoc hits the Reset button in 2021, Part 1229 olästa / 229tangledthread, januari 27
2021: The novel as gossip about the neighbors17 olästa / 17dchaikin, januari 7
Milda-TX 2021 reading log4 olästa / 4sallypursell, januari 5
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