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This group is for those who want to discuss topics related to Fine Presses past (Golden Cockerel, Limited Editions Club, etc.) and present (Arion Press, Barbarian Press, etc.) as well as companies like The Folio Society that issue fine or limited editions of their regular books.

The Fine Press Wiki maintained by @wcarter and others and containing lots of wonderful information on fine press publishers and books can be viewed here.

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Two books on Japanese paper discounted for Christmas14 olästa / 14SuttonHooPress, Igår 9:59pm
Conversation Tree Press: New Fine Press489 olästa / 489supercell, Igår 5:15pm
Incline Press26 olästa / 26ChestnutPress, Igår 4:19pm
No Reply Press712 olästa / 712bacchus., Igår 2:39pm
Coraline by Neil Gaiman - LYRA’S PRESS 202312 olästa / 12Glacierman, Igår 2:36pm
Centipede Press Forthcoming367 olästa / 367LeBacon, Igår 12:56pm
New acquisitions 2023912 olästa / 912Shadekeep, Igår 11:01am
Thornwillow Press Dispatch211 olästa / 211NathanOv, lördag 6:33pm
Joan the Maid of Orleans (Grabhorn Press for Roy Vernon Sowers, 1938)6 olästa / 6Lukas1990, lördag 4:58pm
Stamperia Valdonega1 oläst / 1Glacierman, fredag 6:54pm
Amaranthine Books168 olästa / 168Alan_Wake, fredag 5:52pm
The Whole Book Experience253 olästa / 253grifgon, fredag 4:25pm
When do US customers pay customs for UK books?29 olästa / 29astropi, fredag 3:13am
St. James Park Press - forthcoming 1984 edition.117 olästa / 117punkzip, fredag 12:18am
OT (but related): Archival storage3 olästa / 3NathanOv, torsdag 2:22pm
Archival Myler Dustjacket Covers14 olästa / 14Shadekeep, torsdag 11:24am
Mardersteig's New Testament8 olästa / 8brixton1977, onsdag 11:18pm
Your Personal Favorite (Fine Press) Books151 olästa / 151dlphcoracl, onsdag 3:20pm
Black Letter Press48 olästa / 48Shadekeep, onsdag 8:35am
Books for Sale or Trade65 olästa / 65SebRinelli, tisdag 5:00pm
Enablement: Good Deals on Private Press Books115 olästa / 115Shadekeep, tisdag 7:52am
Not for the Faint of Wallet26 olästa / 26NathanOv, måndag 10:44pm
The Printery of Kirkwood, MO: The private press of Kay Michael Kramer3 olästa / 3Glacierman, måndag 4:04pm
So about these "rights" things for the fine presses....16 olästa / 16amysisson, måndag 9:35am
Books Illustrated The Starless Sea18 olästa / 18Books-Illustrated, måndag 6:01am
Books Illustrated Inkheart69 olästa / 69Books-Illustrated, måndag 5:57am
Century Press - The Sun Also Rises74 olästa / 74katielouise, november 26
OT: NYRB Sale4 olästa / 4supercell, november 26
Fine Press Poetry - Two New Publications7 olästa / 7AJMoorhouse, november 26
The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald – BEEHIVE BOOKS 20224 olästa / 4ambyrglow, november 26
Short Fiction Dreams39 olästa / 39HomerJones, november 25
Suntup Editions Books (3)449 olästa / 449NathanOv, november 24
Club Dumas by Centipede press85 olästa / 85Libri_mea_vita_sunt, november 23
Curious King Books - New publication details346 olästa / 346Libri_mea_vita_sunt, november 23
OT: Letterpress printing a replica of the Gutenberg Bible...maybe6 olästa / 6Micusimiai, november 22
Boethius Fine Press treatment?8 olästa / 8Glacierman, november 22
A shipping question for collectors in the U.S.A.43 olästa / 43gmacaree, november 21
Lyra's Press Announces "Coraline"307 olästa / 307kdweber, november 21
Thornwillow's Ulysses582 olästa / 582whytewolf1, november 21
OT for GMacAree29 olästa / 29Sport1963, november 21
Annual Arion Press Sale159 olästa / 159Shadekeep, november 20
Mardersteig's other Divine Comedy6 olästa / 6Shadekeep, november 20
Notice to Consensus Press members1 oläst / 1Glacierman, november 20
A comment on the use of pigskin in bookbinding9 olästa / 9LBShoreBook, november 20
Limited Edition Club collection value?6 olästa / 6NathanOv, november 20
My (fine press) Books For Trade24 olästa / 24astropi, november 20
What is Your Holy Grail?42 olästa / 42rld1012, november 19
Plowboy Press9 olästa / 9dlphcoracl, november 18
Pure Typography8 olästa / 8DenimDan, november 18
Pure Topography - Part Two1 oläst / 1dlphcoracl, november 18
Arete Editions’ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button130 olästa / 130Dr.Fiddy, november 17
Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge13 olästa / 13ReganZieme, november 17
Looks like Neiman Marcus has some fine Books9 olästa / 9DenimDan, november 16
Advice for a New Collector?106 olästa / 106Lukas1990, november 16
Centipede Press85 olästa / 85Shadekeep, november 14
A Pictorial Look At -- Easton Press "Flowers for Algernon"1 oläst / 1astropi, november 13
Hermitage Editions56 olästa / 56astropi, november 13
The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie - CURIOUS KING 202212 olästa / 12astropi, november 13
Enablement: Hard to Find / Good Deals on private press books55 olästa / 55Lukas1990, november 12
St James Park Press24 olästa / 24Levin40, november 12
Ornata by John Grice – EVERGREEN PRESS 201620 olästa / 20dlphcoracl, november 11
the Veatchs, New York Booksellers, Moving4 olästa / 4DenimDan, november 11
A Pictorial Look At -- Suntup Press "The Lottery"24 olästa / 24astropi, november 10
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili IN COLOUR10 olästa / 10Shadekeep, november 9
Fine Press with Woodblock Prints32 olästa / 32dpbbooks, november 8
Closer than Breathing by R. I. Sutton – HAREBRAINED PRESS 202214 olästa / 14NathanOv, november 8
The Book of Tobit from the Apocrypha (Raven Press, 1931)15 olästa / 15Sport1963, november 8
A Descent Into the Maelström by Edgar Allen Poe - NAWAKUM PRESS LIMITED EDITION 202219 olästa / 19dlphcoracl, november 7
Corvus Works10 olästa / 10Shadekeep, november 7
Doves Press33 olästa / 33SuttonHooPress, november 6
Arete's Upcoming Publications177 olästa / 177GardenOfForkingPaths, november 4
Master and Margarita7 olästa / 7vorod, november 2
The Last Question by Isaac Asimov - NO REPLY PRESS 202213 olästa / 13Shadekeep, november 1
Should I cut uncut pages?59 olästa / 59DenimDan, november 1
Prelo prints' Aesop Fables35 olästa / 35jakehmurray, november 1
Arion Press 2023!26 olästa / 26A.Nobody, oktober 30
OT: Chaucer collection goes online1 oläst / 1Shadekeep, oktober 30
Thornwillow Charlotte’s Web101 olästa / 101FvS, oktober 28
St Brigid Press11 olästa / 11ChestnutPress, oktober 24
Hand and eye14 olästa / 14whytewolf1, oktober 24
Ampersand Studio - Master and Commander101 olästa / 101NathanOv, oktober 24
The Devil in the 19th Century102 olästa / 102Shadekeep, oktober 18
OT: signed editions to protect from piracy2 olästa / 2NathanOv, oktober 16
The Westvaco American Classics series36 olästa / 36kdweber, oktober 13
Gnosticism10 olästa / 10ChestnutPress, oktober 9
Stands for displaying your books.9 olästa / 9Sport1963, oktober 5
A view on untrimmed edges to pages12 olästa / 12Glacierman, oktober 4
Oak Knoll54 olästa / 54Shadekeep, oktober 4
Collecting themes (Trees)47 olästa / 47Shadekeep, oktober 4
Upcoming Fine Press Books114 olästa / 114Shadekeep, oktober 4
Consensus Press117 olästa / 117Lukas1990, oktober 4
OT: Oak Knoll annual sale3 olästa / 3dlphcoracl, oktober 3
Lyra's Christmas Carol112 olästa / 112astropi, oktober 1
zagava press18 olästa / 18Shadekeep, september 29
The Harebrained Press9 olästa / 9TheHarebrainedPress, september 27
Walden by Henry David Thoreau – STEEL 202210 olästa / 10Maretzo, september 26
Amaranthine Catch 2242 olästa / 42Ragnaroek, september 26
New Press: Erebia Christi5 olästa / 5Glacierman, september 25
The Nibelungenlied - LIMITED EDITIONS CLUB 19605 olästa / 5BorisG, september 22
Another book recommendation3 olästa / 3dlphcoracl, september 19
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