Harlem Renaissance

This is a group for those who are interested in the literary and cultural movment known as the Harlem Renaissance, circa 1920-30; in particular writers, artists, thinkers, and musicians from the HR; and/or in the contiuing influence of the HR.

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Biographies and Memoirs2 olästa / 2PatrickMurtha, juli 18
Poetry1 oläst / 1PatrickMurtha, juli 13
Fiction1 oläst / 1PatrickMurtha, juli 8
Introductions1 oläst / 1PatrickMurtha, juli 4
Favorite books from the HR?7 olästa / 7bazile, mars 2010
Favorite HR Poets?4 olästa / 4MoiraStirling, september 2009
Really good HR poems?1 oläst / 1ostrom, april 2008
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