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If you love to hunt around charity shops, jumble sales, and car boot sales for bargains, but frequently run into the "that's a great edition at a wonderful price, but I already have a copy" syndrome, what can you do?

Well, you could come and list it here and see who else wants it. Post a wishlist and see if anyone can find that battered Puffin edition of "The Ghosts of Motley Hall" you remember fondly from childhood, or get you three new releases for £2 plus postage.

NOTE: Deals to be worked out by email, addresses provided by private profile comment.

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Available at the moment5 olästa / 5antimuzak, oktober 2006
How this will work3 olästa / 3BoPeep, september 2006
Wishlist1 oläst / 1wyvernfriend, augusti 2006
Available at the moment3 olästa / 3wyvernfriend, augusti 2006
Finds with no particular destination7 olästa / 7wyvernfriend, augusti 2006
BoPeep - wishlist5 olästa / 5BoPeep, augusti 2006
Antimuzak Wishlist2 olästa / 2antimuzak, augusti 2006
Sodapop - Wishlist1 oläst / 1Sodapop, augusti 2006
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