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DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
FastnålatFSD wiki and FS Book List easy access1 oläst / 1wcarter, februari 3
How did you first discover the Folio Society?44 olästa / 44Jeremy53, Idag 1:18am
FS Dracula volumes18 olästa / 18antinous_in_london, Igår 9:25pm
What book would you want folio to make a version of?287 olästa / 287Jeremy53, Igår 7:31pm
Ulysses - latest edition.34 olästa / 34Son.of.York, Igår 6:31pm
Monthly FS book covers quiz253 olästa / 253bookfair_e, Igår 9:49am
O/T: The Library: A Fragile History by Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen3 olästa / 3CarltonC, Igår 7:07am
Enablement: Good Deals on FS books (5)228 olästa / 228antinous_in_london, söndag 4:45pm
Stunning edition planned for October release62 olästa / 62BionicJim, söndag 4:04pm
FS Tender is the Night questions5 olästa / 5folio_books, söndag 3:01pm
Christmas Collection 2021150 olästa / 150AHub, söndag 12:10pm
LE: Dante's The Divine Comedy262 olästa / 262BangkokYankee, lördag 6:40pm
Folio Archives 240: The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll 197610 olästa / 10Jayked, fredag 6:18pm
Folio Archives 125: Ephemera - 1990 to 201946 olästa / 46wcarter, fredag 6:18pm
OT - collector's edition of THE BOOKS OF JACOB by Olga Tokarczuk7 olästa / 7coynedj, torsdag 11:03pm
Help wanted! FS Books 2017-2021 Print Locations78 olästa / 78adriano77, torsdag 6:24pm
Complete list of books produced by the Folio Society97 olästa / 97wcarter, torsdag 5:38pm
O/T The Magic of Manuscripts by Mary Wellesley5 olästa / 5folio_books, torsdag 12:35pm
Shipping time to US11 olästa / 11ChrisG1, torsdag 1:36am
15 New Titles in the Winter Collection71 olästa / 71coynedj, tisdag 6:30pm
Low stock ordinary FS editions391 olästa / 391Tom9019, tisdag 11:14am
Book spines quiz17 olästa / 17ChampagneSVP, oktober 11
Folio Society James Bond Books25 olästa / 25warehouseisbare, oktober 10
Venetia by Georgette Heyer : A fine example of Lese-Majeste!6 olästa / 6English-bookseller, oktober 10
Folio Archives 239: A Treasury of Mark Twain 19994 olästa / 4ASheppard, oktober 9
A Feast for Crows - "Exclusive Pre-Launch Access"25 olästa / 25Pellias, oktober 8
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory77 olästa / 77Jeremy53, oktober 7
Best value in print FS books?24 olästa / 24wcarter, oktober 6
Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám30 olästa / 30mr.philistine, oktober 6
Georgette Heyer - Venetia3 olästa / 3Eumnestes, oktober 6
Folio Society Christmas Collection 202113 olästa / 13pop24, oktober 5
OT - New Edition of LoTR with Tolkien illustrations68 olästa / 68tyreas, oktober 5
Folio Society 2022 Datebook/Diary4 olästa / 4warehouseisbare, oktober 3
What are the books you'd like to see Folio produce?62 olästa / 62Jeremy53, oktober 3
Favorite FS Books116 olästa / 116dlphcoracl, oktober 2
Folio Archives 238: Purgatorio by Dante 20079 olästa / 9_WishIReadMore, oktober 2
O/T New non-FS book on John Milton2 olästa / 2Quicksilver66, oktober 1
FS Marketing: Value of £ Sterling falls to 12 month low13 olästa / 13English-bookseller, oktober 1
Do we have the right to control nature?69 olästa / 69Jeremy53, september 30
Madame Bovary LE - help me decide19 olästa / 19DanGoddard98, september 30
History books that FS should publish152 olästa / 152Willoyd, september 30
Can US buyers use the FS UK site?12 olästa / 12jroger1, september 29
The Iliad (1950), selections translated by F. L. Lucas3 olästa / 3clymbouris, september 29
Deleted topic2 olästa / 2jroger1, september 28
Autumn 2021 collection240 olästa / 240Clobby, september 27
I need YOUR help compiling metadata for the various FS printings of Tolkien's works19 olästa / 19ambyrglow, september 27
Question about current FS Wind in the Willows2 olästa / 2mr.philistine, september 27
OT: Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks published by Subterranean Press16 olästa / 16gmacaree, september 27
Folio Archives 42: Les Enfants Terribles by Jean Cocteau 19769 olästa / 9Jayked, september 26
OT Well bound Sir Walter Scott70 olästa / 70boldface, september 26
Secondhand finds #541 olästa / 41antinous_in_london, september 26
Folio Archives 237: The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison 19787 olästa / 7TabbyTom, september 25
A Room of One's Own (2017)9 olästa / 9clymbouris, september 25
DIY Book Repair Tools27 olästa / 27English-bookseller, september 25
I have just ordered / received #1636 olästa / 36dlphcoracl, september 23
Patrick O'Brian makes tidy profit on eBay UK76 olästa / 76Quicksilver66, september 23
New Folio LE : Herodotus – The Histories191 olästa / 191ironjaw, september 23
Is the Rob Roy LE really this bad?11 olästa / 11EPsonNY, september 22
FS book swap206 olästa / 206DannyFrankland, september 21
Different versions of Middlemarch?13 olästa / 13Willoyd, september 21
Dave McKean illustrated Limited Edition 202134 olästa / 34Tom9019, september 20
Man on the Moon12 olästa / 12Tom9019, september 20
Blocking sunlight21 olästa / 21wcarter, september 19
Folio Fall releases?209 olästa / 209whytewolf1, september 17
Publications in Folio Society Bindings56 olästa / 56assemblyman, september 17
Folio Archives 236: A Voyage Round the Coast of Great Britain by William Daniell 20085 olästa / 5Willoyd, september 17
OT: Dealing with internet trolls11 olästa / 11wcarter, september 16
FS - Winter 202135 olästa / 35cronshaw, september 16
Folio Society’s A History of England11 olästa / 11ironjaw, september 16
Original Prices4 olästa / 4Tom9019, september 16
Jurassic Park - Folio edition14 olästa / 14boldface, september 16
List your magazine/literary and other subscriptions (2020)81 olästa / 81ironjaw, september 16
Marbling Artists of The Folio Society Book of Common Prayer 200413 olästa / 13ironjaw, september 15
Great Battles series8 olästa / 8TheEconomist, september 15
Divine Comedy156 olästa / 156Tom9019, september 14
Folio Archives 235: Moby Dick by Herman Melville Limited Edition 200948 olästa / 48Quicksilver66, september 14
Sound and Fury LE vs SE?17 olästa / 17ironjaw, september 14
Folio Archives 217: Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám by Edward Fitzgerald 2018 facsimile, 2009 LE, 1982 3rd. FS edition, 1909 Black edition17 olästa / 17elladan0891, september 12
Ridiculous secondary prices for FS books 2021162 olästa / 162folio_books, september 12
Sold out vs. Out of Stock?4 olästa / 4English-bookseller, september 11
LE: Travels in Arabia Deserta223 olästa / 223cronshaw, september 11
FS, here I am.2 olästa / 2Willoyd, september 10
New Folio LE – The Complete Short Stories – Philip K. Dick – 4 Volumes £495 – Limitation 75013 olästa / 13astropi, september 10
The Hereford Mappa Mundi25 olästa / 25hiclik, september 10
Folios in secondhand shops60 olästa / 60Atheistic, september 9
LE Gargantua & Pantagruel120 olästa / 120Jayked, september 9
Letterpress Shakespeare126 olästa / 126TroyKenny, september 8
Folio Archives 15: Gormenghast trilogy 199232 olästa / 32appaloosaman, september 8
Kafka on the Shore61 olästa / 61drasvola, september 8
Folio Archives 166: Alice’s Adventure Underground LE by Lewis Carroll 20089 olästa / 9mr.philistine, september 7
OT, COVID and books18 olästa / 18Frank_Zwolinski, september 6
Folio Society Special Bindings134 olästa / 134affle, september 6
Cinderella & The Sleeping Beauty LE89 olästa / 89UK_History_Fan, september 6
Folio Archives 234: The Siege and Fall of Troy by Robert Graves 20058 olästa / 8wdripp, september 4
"Best" translation of Iliad & Odyssey?110 olästa / 110clymbouris, september 3
Folio Archives 121: Ill Met by Moonlight by W.Stanley Moss 200121 olästa / 21ian_curtin, september 3
Enablement: Hard to find Folio Society books155 olästa / 155folio_books, september 2
Pilgrim’s Progress LE79 olästa / 79antinous_in_london, augusti 29
Folio Archives 233: The Age of Illumination 20044 olästa / 4N11284, augusti 27
A massive cache of FS books12 olästa / 12Hamwick, augusti 25
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