Bookstore Tourism

Bookstore tourism is about travelling to visit bookstores—whether you do so on an organised tour or just on your own. Do you go on road trips to visit bookstores? Do you collect lists of the most beautiful bookstores? Do you collect booktowns?

We would like to know about bookstores that are worth travelling some distance to visit, whether because they are beautiful, or unusually well-stocked, or quirky, or historically interesting, or for any other reason... Tell us about them.

When I visit a shop I try to buy at least 1 book by an author from the country. I'm an English monoglot so this could pose a problem, but so far I've got by with English translations even in Portugal and Romania. Mind you, in Munich once I bought a German-language copy of Kaiserschmarrndrama by Rita Falk, solely because I like the title--Kaiserschmarrn is one of the world's great desserts.

Booktowns welcome too.

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