Flash-Mob Cataloging

Flash-Mob Cataloging is when a horde of LibraryThing members descend on some small library, catalog their books in LibraryThing, eat some pizza, talk some talk and leave them with a gleaming new LibraryThing catalog.

Join us here to plan future flash-mob cataloging parties, discuss details, ask for advice on starting your own, and more.

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DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
'Eat Pizza'1 oläst / 1JacobKirckman, november 2020
ISO of flash mob in rural community north of Indy4 olästa / 4Tess_W, maj 2019
How can we catalog a large library in Guatemala2 olästa / 2timspalding, mars 2018
Flash mob at Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA, October 21, 20171 oläst / 1juliebean, september 2017
What works, what doesn't11 olästa / 11TrinityLuthAthens, oktober 2015
Planning your own flash-mob?32 olästa / 32TrinityLuthAthens, oktober 2015
Flashmob cataloging at the William Way GLBT Center Library in Philadelphia, PA THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 1st!2 olästa / 2bokai, juni 2014
Willing to coordinate if there's a small library within reasonable dist. of Houston TX?1 oläst / 1amysisson, april 2014
log cabin library in northwoods of Wisconsin could use even the tiniest of mini-flash mobs1 oläst / 1wabenopl, april 2014
Help catalog a legacy library in Dunn, NC1 oläst / 1KCGordon, maj 2013
Please help me Flash Mob Catalogue library in amazing new public venue in London, UK.5 olästa / 5davemack, april 2013
Crowdsourced cataloging at the Bodleian2 olästa / 2justjim, maj 2012
Anyone like to help catalog the Occupy DC library?1 oläst / 1OccupyDCLibrary, december 2011
Do These Still Happen?2 olästa / 2staffordcastle, augusti 2011
Saskatoon: the ultimate flash-mob challenge?2 olästa / 2leahbird, juni 2011
Athens GA flash mob planned for Classics collection11 olästa / 11pagraham, november 2009
How does flash-mob cataloging work?4 olästa / 4worldmobber, oktober 2009
Any chance to borrow some CueCats?1 oläst / 1mcanulty, oktober 2009
Flash-Mob: Canton Museum of Art, OH, 10/ 03,04/ 20092 olästa / 2cantonart, oktober 2009
Flash Mob Cataloging Only for LibraryThing?1 oläst / 1aarti, september 2009
Locale Volunteer3 olästa / 3yue, september 2009
Computer hardware minimums2 olästa / 2cmslib29631, juli 2009
Cataloguing a small library20 olästa / 20crossroadsinfoshop, juni 2009
Flash Mob at the Crossroads Infoshop in Kansas City MO1 oläst / 1crossroadsinfoshop, juni 2009
Omaha Flash Mob!1 oläst / 1BemisCenter, juni 2009
Chicago2 olästa / 2rastaphrog, juni 2009
Flash-Mob at Clemson Montessori School1 oläst / 1hailelib, maj 2009
starting a community library5 olästa / 5chefbobbe, april 2009
Library's used book sale section5 olästa / 5doko, mars 2009
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