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We'll try to get every Best in Children's Book catalogued properly on LT. We'll share info about the BICBs. And I will share my spares with anyone who wants to keep building their set.
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Would you like to run this group?1 oläst / 1Collectorator, november 2020
Series Deleted3 olästa / 3Collectorator, oktober 2020
Downsizing2 olästa / 2MerryMary, april 2016
Now this is big, in a small way: Could there be a Volume 18B?18 olästa / 18SaintSunniva, maj 2015
Just added a cover for BiCB 382 olästa / 2SaintSunniva, mars 2015
update for the BiCB series page (need help)8 olästa / 8SaintSunniva, augusti 2014
Children's music education2 olästa / 2Collectorator, november 2013
Page Links not working anymore (and BiCBs are getting harder to find!)6 olästa / 6Keeline, oktober 2013
New reader book suggestions?4 olästa / 4MerryMary, augusti 2013
Mary Macnab & Gladys Schwarcz -- author credit3 olästa / 3SaintSunniva, augusti 2013
"Printed in the United States of America"8 olästa / 8SaintSunniva, augusti 2013
Mysteries3 olästa / 3SaintSunniva, augusti 2013
How Fun!13 olästa / 13kittyyang, maj 2013
Are BiCBs trade editions or book clubs?2 olästa / 2Collectorator, mars 2013
comprehensive index10 olästa / 10Collectorator, juni 2011
Our Books as Decorator Items3 olästa / 3Collectorator, november 2010
See Our Series & BICB2 olästa / 2Collectorator, mars 2010
Series Information and Story Lists3 olästa / 3Collectorator, april 2009
Everything I Know4 olästa / 4Collectorator, april 2009
Woooweee!2 olästa / 2MrsLee, april 2009
There are 456 olästa / 6Collectorator, april 2009
My Reasons4 olästa / 4webecca, april 2009
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