I (Read About Indie) Rock! Do You?!?

Den här gruppen är officiellt vilande. Sånt händer. Läs här om hur du gör för att återuppliva gruppen eller skapa en ny om samma ämne.

Ok. We read Pitchforkmedia.com and know we're slightly more informed and better reviewers than them. We have the right passes, comp tickets, and our name is on the list. But here's the kicker...

We read! Not just The Wire, VICE, Teen Beat (well, maybe not) and the multitude of online blogs that dish up mp3s that actually - get this - we d/l and like some enough to acutally buy their cd (used, online - 'cause we're smart like that) or vinyl to smack down our local d.j. competition in "The Club". We might also buy from Forced Exposure. Just so you know now.

But then there are the books. I mean, who hasn't gone over to a friend's flat and found a ratio of 12 magazines to every single book and been like "Wow, it's so great that you're up on all there is here and now - where do you think it all came from?" Just like listening to music is a powerful elixir, reading about it can be just as moving, and add appreciation to diverse melodic noises.

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I read (novels about) indie rock3 olästa / 3kperfetto, juni 2007
The essential weenieness of WIRE magazine.1 oläst / 1gregtmills, juni 2007
V.U.8 olästa / 8gregtmills, juni 2007
High Fidelity: Hornby/Black Smackdown!2 olästa / 2kperfetto, augusti 2006
Shared books2 olästa / 2abductee, augusti 2006
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