Depression and Anxiety: Books That Help

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A place for those who suffer from all forms of depression (or anxiety) based mental struggles to share their insights and the books that have helped them tame this relentless beast.

Depression used to be a kinda-cool catch-phrase of outsiders who didn't see things the same way as "normal" people. But it is a real epidemic among those who work our way through modern society, trying to make things better, especially for ourselves.

One does not need to be under any counseling nor psychiatric care to join this group. Really, it's more about the functioning of the mind (i.e. psychology) and what reading material gives us more insight to understanding what brings on an extra heaviness of the heart.

Also, it is a forum to discuss medications, the pharmaceutical industry, meditation, yoga, and whatever else may help to alleviate this malady.

Being melancholy is one thing, but suffering from the malady of depression is quite another. I hope that being able to share our thoughts and references will somewhat lighten the load.

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