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FastnålatPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!29 olästa / 29elizabethsarah, oktober 25
FastnålatGeneral help and topic title change requests110 olästa / 110amanda4242, onsdag 4:02pm
FastnålatAnnouncements46 olästa / 46humouress, augusti 15
Children's postapocalyptic, conflict over well1 oläst / 1AndreasJ, Idag 5:40am
Weird surreal science fiction from the 90s?1 oläst / 1Adametzion, Idag 3:42am
Aspen heather kelly jacuzzi1 oläst / 1Geraldineuche, Igår 11:35pm
Children's reader from 80s/90s2 olästa / 2lib.rare.ian, Igår 7:11pm
sci-fi space story1 oläst / 1MoonLady187, Igår 5:05pm
Kids Book: Boy scout and little sister1 oläst / 1acadiabradley, Igår 2:30pm
Found: ocean life, by Troll Associates2 olästa / 2EGBERTINA, Igår 2:04pm
Children's book, mislabeled desserts cause confusion1 oläst / 1Florina-Kapitzke, Igår 1:24pm
Help me pls2 olästa / 2lilithcat, Igår 8:51am
Found: Children's/YA girl solves mysteries series3 olästa / 3Caramellunacy, Igår 5:22am
YA? FANTASY. MENTAL HEALTH/TW/1 oläst / 1kins1524, Igår 12:48am
(SPOILERS below) ADULT FANTASY romance set in medieval times with dragons.1 oläst / 1KatiR87, lördag 11:16pm
Boy who tells stories about his life3 olästa / 3MissSquish, lördag 10:08pm
YA, teenage heroes, trilogy, second book starts with "F," maybe like Farrow/Farroe?2 olästa / 2Annie_Rose, lördag 8:37pm
Need name for childhood favorite book1 oläst / 1AndriaL, lördag 7:11pm
Children ghost book3 olästa / 3nicemobi, lördag 6:44pm
Help name that book1 oläst / 1kbanga, lördag 4:17pm
Sci fi Diplomat abducted to be bride, due to misunderstanding - series1 oläst / 1JacquiDG, lördag 4:12pm
Murder mystery? Multiple personality, cabin safe place1 oläst / 1GGvaj, lördag 1:57am
Need help1 oläst / 1MrsJacquelineArnold, lördag 1:09am
Found: YA: A girl's mother recreationally pretended to commit suicide in a bathtub with lipstick2 olästa / 2passeriformes, lördag 12:40am
Murder Mystery: first chapter the grandmother snips off the tip of her granddaughters finger tip1 oläst / 1JenniferClarkkk, fredag 7:05pm
Contemporary romance heroine sells herself online1 oläst / 1sorcha77, fredag 6:25pm
Duke fake marries heroine for revenge2 olästa / 2renniks, fredag 12:06pm
Newbie here- 1970's book1 oläst / 1kevmer, fredag 6:42am
Young adult Book with drawings1 oläst / 1James_OKeefe, fredag 6:38am
Zombie apocalyptic about a man who tracks zombified loved ones5 olästa / 5MeekaRey, torsdag 7:06pm
Science Fiction/Fantasy 20 year old parkour girl bartender finds out is superhuman1 oläst / 1booklovie333, torsdag 4:07pm
Sci-FI future5 olästa / 5dukedom_enough, torsdag 3:33pm
YA dystopian world wide disease and solders2 olästa / 2torinabells, torsdag 1:37pm
Girl's YA novel set in summer4 olästa / 4beyondthefourthwall, torsdag 9:07am
YA/teen mystery1 oläst / 1kaliesia, torsdag 3:25am
Children’s/YA book: one main character is named Blaise3 olästa / 3cassidyblaise, onsdag 9:11pm
Book about children who get trapped inside a painting7 olästa / 7analoghabits, onsdag 7:43pm
My mom runs a hypnosis brothel, sex with anyone in history1 oläst / 1analoghabits, onsdag 7:24pm
A Wealthy Woman, Minister, and Textile Mills (Historical Fiction?)1 oläst / 1CorinneBurrell, onsdag 5:11pm
Shifter romance, main character Lion shifter and his mate4 olästa / 4wartgin, onsdag 4:42pm
Found: Sci fi novel: girl flees war with her dog, most of her village dies2 olästa / 2keachachu, onsdag 3:59pm
Picture Book - child follows string in book to find present3 olästa / 3wartgin, onsdag 2:43pm
HF series with ship on cover; merchant7 olästa / 7vorkosigan, onsdag 2:32pm
Children's Book (folktale) about a boy and a dragon1 oläst / 1CassiW6, onsdag 2:30pm
Broodmare farm first person horses pov2 olästa / 2jeane, onsdag 8:46am
35 year old book (at least) male main character- vocabulary used as currency6 olästa / 6bookel, onsdag 6:54am
Help Finding Book2 olästa / 2amanda4242, onsdag 12:13am
MURDER MYSTERY HELP1 oläst / 1zjess, tisdag 10:34pm
Book about group of kids running away from home1 oläst / 1Kairiozuki, tisdag 9:25pm
I need help!2 olästa / 2amanda4242, tisdag 8:25pm
Thriller on an Island1 oläst / 1Erin_Bennett, tisdag 7:32pm
Need help finding a YA book1 oläst / 1torinabells, tisdag 7:29pm
YA Fantasy/Steampunk?1 oläst / 1Noah222114, tisdag 6:42pm
Short story man lecturing his wife thinks she's taking notes9 olästa / 9amanda4242, tisdag 3:52pm
Brother and sister in Ireland5 olästa / 5HellsBells99, tisdag 2:48pm
YA book - Ireland Potato Famine2 olästa / 2konallis, tisdag 1:42pm
Romance book1 oläst / 1MaddieGr, tisdag 1:34pm
YA Horror book with Cursed Soldier trapped in forest.2 olästa / 2AH143, tisdag 12:10pm
Found: YA/MG animal fantasy series, kids forming bond/link with animals, house, secret room?4 olästa / 4elizabeth.k, tisdag 10:49am
Found: WAR BOOK - TWO SISTERS5 olästa / 5konallis, tisdag 9:42am
Help me find a book2 olästa / 2lilithcat, tisdag 9:17am
YA 90s horror/ghost story1 oläst / 1RoseGolden, tisdag 5:43am
M/M Regency Romance1 oläst / 1skylary, tisdag 2:30am
Tortured heroine returns to normality3 olästa / 3Aquila, måndag 11:50pm
Jeff Bezos type book1 oläst / 1KadiT123, måndag 10:06pm
Found: Magic Doors House Portals4 olästa / 4AprilStevens, måndag 9:20pm
Story About Going Down Well and Finding an Underground World3 olästa / 3JohnWK, måndag 7:47pm
Shapeshifting monster girl falls in love with a prince2 olästa / 2keachachu, måndag 6:58pm
Romance Novel1 oläst / 1HeatherNelson, måndag 6:56pm
Found: Louisiana bayou, teenage pregnancy, adoption, mystery/romance4 olästa / 4JHillgrove, måndag 5:40pm
Name that book2 olästa / 2lilithcat, måndag 3:39pm
Sci-Fi novel with a tunnel built of time compressed into a solid8 olästa / 8dukedom_enough, måndag 3:36pm
Middle-grade book about creepy garden controlled by ststue of Lilith2 olästa / 2MissSquish, måndag 3:25pm
children's books, possibly from the 1990s, an old person who put people in bottles1 oläst / 1cgord, måndag 2:41pm
I need help I forgot a book name2 olästa / 2amanda4242, måndag 2:25pm
Preschool picture book with scarecrow or snowman1 oläst / 1agaace, måndag 1:30pm
60s or 70s Era Blk/Wht Drawings Like Puzzles or Riddles Not Kids Book1 oläst / 1corsierosie, måndag 12:59pm
Literature w/poems, quotes, scripture, short stories2 olästa / 2Thomasina_Quagmire, måndag 12:42pm
prisoners in a sky place1 oläst / 1vexered, måndag 9:21am
YA fiction ballet dancer Russian?2 olästa / 2Caramellunacy, måndag 5:19am
Ya fiction time travel1 oläst / 1dakotah.R, måndag 12:49am
Science Fiction on girl who can stop and start time verbally (by yelling "stop" for time to stop)5 olästa / 5vorkosigan, november 21
Hist. fiction red hair girl travels to Amer.1 oläst / 1Giz_6264, november 21
Kid can see through other's eyes1 oläst / 1Glasletter, november 21
find that book2 olästa / 2amanda4242, november 21
scary teddy bear childrens book1 oläst / 1sofiagg, november 21
Found: Boy escapes underground silo city13 olästa / 13Aquila, november 21
Trying to find the title of a very elusive Deep South novel from the 40's1 oläst / 1Gerhardvr, november 21
Looking for a book2 olästa / 2amanda4242, november 21
YA War Book1 oläst / 1heathmm, november 20
young adult fiction novel, I read as a teenager ~15 years ago.1 oläst / 1joeg_bookfind, november 20
Zombie(ish) novel, released ~2 years ago, opens with a classroom attack1 oläst / 1sfshark, november 20
Found: Adult Historical fiction. Princess tells her life story to her children/ grandchildren after her brother (who eats raw4 olästa / 4Caramellunacy, november 20
Found: [Fiction / Adventure] Children's book by a Japanse (?) author. Keywords: boy - shipwreck - monkeys - uninhabited island3 olästa / 3Caramellunacy, november 20
Found: Hands as Bands; Author unknown6 olästa / 6Caramellunacy, november 20
Picture Book Winter with NO Snow1 oläst / 1stephiewonder, november 20
YA girl Main character ha a friend with degenerative illness1 oläst / 1javi96, november 20
Children or YA book about siblings who find a tower & time travel4 olästa / 4bookel, november 20
Sci fi interplanetary dentist2 olästa / 2MissSquish, november 19
Children’s chapter book about monster1 oläst / 1noah1107, november 19
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