Canadian Fiction/Non-Fiction Reading Challenge

This group was inspired by the Fifty States Fiction (or Nonfiction) Challenge and the Europe Endless Challenge. We will follow the same basic idea, attempting to read at least one book set in each Canadian Province or Territory. I have separated Newfoundland and Labrador for this challenge as I believe books can be found for each setting even though they are grouped into one province. Some persons may choose to read both a fiction and a non-fiction title for each location.

The rules are simple:
1. Read a novel or a nonfiction work set in each province and territory.
2. Books can be read in any order.
3. There is no time deadline; however, some persons may wish to set their own personal deadline.
4. You may count books read from 1 January 2009 forward. (I'll be flexible and allow folks to add books read in previous years if they wish, but most of us will choose 2009 to present.)
5. Have fun.

Each participant will probably wish to start his or her own thread to review progress toward completion.

DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
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Nova Scotia Books34 olästa / 34LibraryCin, januari 6
LibraryCin's Travel Across Canada126 olästa / 126LibraryCin, januari 6
Alberta Books42 olästa / 42gypsysmom, december 27, 2020
Ontario Books61 olästa / 61LibraryCin, december 24, 2020
British Columbia Books78 olästa / 78gypsysmom, december 10, 2020
Ritacate cruising Canada2 olästa / 2gypsysmom, oktober 2020
Northwest Territories16 olästa / 16gypsysmom, september 2020
Manitoba Books55 olästa / 55vancouverdeb, juni 2020
New Brunswick Books24 olästa / 24Bcteagirl, juni 2020
BCteagirl's Cross Canada Travels! Toot Toot!73 olästa / 73Bcteagirl, juni 2020
Newfoundland Books70 olästa / 70LibraryCin, mars 2020
Quebec Books36 olästa / 36gypsysmom, mars 2020
Saskatchewan Books29 olästa / 29LibraryCin, september 2019
Yukon Books29 olästa / 29LibraryCin, mars 2019
SqueakyChu's Canadian province Challenge48 olästa / 48SqueakyChu, mars 2019
FHC Canadian Reading5 olästa / 5FHC, februari 2019
Prince Edward Island Books28 olästa / 28gypsysmom, februari 2019
Labrador Books34 olästa / 34jarmar, november 2018
Nunavut Books39 olästa / 39LibraryCin, december 2016
Countrylife's Canada46 olästa / 46countrylife, oktober 2015
Cecilturtle's Canadian Adventure59 olästa / 59Cecilturtle, juli 2015
Bucketyell travels across Canada153 olästa / 153Yells, oktober 2014
fmgee's Canadian Tour56 olästa / 56fmgee, juni 2014
Cape Breton Books9 olästa / 9nittygritty, februari 2014
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postcolonial study of two soloitudes1 oläst / 1yasser5, februari 2010
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