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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

DiskussionDiskussionMeddelandenSenaste inlägget 
TinyCat NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID4 olästa / 4Taliesien, Idag 10:58am
Search problem2 olästa / 2gilroy, Idag 7:26am
One description, many books14 olästa / 14norabelle414, Idag 12:00am
Second Spoiler Tag Won't Open10 olästa / 10jjwilson61, Igår 9:03pm
Bugs for New Awards and Honors feature21 olästa / 21davidgn, Igår 7:34pm
No Deactivation6 olästa / 6Taliesien, Igår 6:19pm
Sign out not executing?21 olästa / 21conceptDawg, Igår 3:35pm
Drop down box for related movie29 olästa / 29conceptDawg, Igår 3:20pm
Two works created31 olästa / 31DuncanHill, Igår 2:59pm
Import not working?23 olästa / 23jjmcgaffey, torsdag 2:10pm
Cover Images not working2 olästa / 2timspalding, torsdag 2:06pm
Admin users in Tiny Cat being kicked out4 olästa / 4GHA.Library, torsdag 10:47am
App not working at all14 olästa / 14skript, torsdag 5:20am
Connection to Twitter13 olästa / 13jjmcgaffey, onsdag 6:19pm
Android app keeps crashing12 olästa / 12bnielsen, tisdag 5:18pm
Distance wrongly calculated for local venues35 olästa / 35conceptDawg, tisdag 3:23pm
Can't Add books to a new series5 olästa / 5knerd.knitter, tisdag 2:27pm
Fatal error adding books to a series4 olästa / 4knerd.knitter, tisdag 2:07pm
Read dates displaying incorrectly in Android app55 olästa / 55Kraeuterhexe87, måndag 2:59pm
Is "Null Island" Growing Again?4 olästa / 4johnandlisa, måndag 9:42am
JSON export not including recently added books4 olästa / 4gcthomas, söndag 10:11pm
Cross-listed book: The Good Life/Love's Labour Lost5 olästa / 5waltzmn, söndag 1:36pm
'Save' in profile edit isn't saving14 olästa / 14bluepiano, söndag 11:04am
Can't download export file6 olästa / 6kristilabrie, september 15
Add books: Slovak National Library source not working for 2 months14 olästa / 14lesmel, september 14
Can't scan with app "Error with authentication token combination"9 olästa / 9llwyllin, september 13
Relationships: Every Relationship listed as "Inside"3 olästa / 3AnnieMod, september 12
500 Internal Server Error when trying to upload covers/images50 olästa / 50RoboSchro, september 12
Display style won't change5 olästa / 5MarthaJeanne, september 12
Forbidden / 403 Errors — Members Not Able to Get Onto the Site2 olästa / 2kristilabrie, september 11
FB Sharing Issue6 olästa / 6gwernin, september 11
Add Default Cover Image button not working8 olästa / 8TELJET, september 11
Cannot upload cover art2 olästa / 2lilithcat, september 10
work/21602478 - The Heart of Everything That Is: The Untold Story of Red Cloud, An American Legend2 olästa / 2AnnieMod, september 8
Work details: mixing up two books?2 olästa / 2Nevov, september 7
can no longer export books15 olästa / 15bnielsen, september 7
Excel export not working16 olästa / 16MarthaHudson, september 6
Library Search Not Finding Recently Added Books5 olästa / 5JacobHolt, september 6
recently added?3 olästa / 3EGBERTINA, september 6
dog when adding books.12 olästa / 12lilithcat, september 6
The app won't let me add Books anymore19 olästa / 19kristilabrie, september 5
Lost All my Images6 olästa / 6timspalding, september 4
LT incredibly slow + sometimes down20 olästa / 20Taliesien, september 4
Cover Images Broken40 olästa / 40MarthaJeanne, september 4
'Stop list' words misapplied in other languages6 olästa / 6thorold, september 1
Grey checkmarks missing in touchstone list26 olästa / 26norabelle414, augusti 31
Added books not showing up in "Your books"10 olästa / 10MarthaJeanne, augusti 31
All My Tags Disappeared18 olästa / 18kristilabrie, augusti 30
Series are getting uncombined/undeleted24 olästa / 24knerd.knitter, augusti 30
Book is linking to something else3 olästa / 3Nevov, augusti 29
Cursor invisible when at start of line (Chrome only?)6 olästa / 6kristilabrie, augusti 29
Pages slow to load30 olästa / 30timspalding, augusti 28
Amazon server connect failed4 olästa / 4kristilabrie, augusti 28
Ebook ASIN numbers not recognized8 olästa / 8kristilabrie, augusti 28
Unusual display14 olästa / 14BookConcierge, augusti 28
Work not adding properly (recurrent problem)15 olästa / 15kristilabrie, augusti 28
My emails are going to someone else.8 olästa / 8kristilabrie, augusti 28
Covers incorrectly classified as "Custom"51 olästa / 51kristilabrie, augusti 28
Pb with CK fields author page : Date of birth + Gender...23 olästa / 23JMK2020, augusti 28
Cover Images Flipped5 olästa / 5MarthaJeanne, augusti 26
connections > reviews > thumbs up doesn't work6 olästa / 6lquilter, augusti 23
Some books not showing up in TinyCat4 olästa / 4Taliesien, augusti 23
have to refresh page to mark a message from admin5 olästa / 5amanda4242, augusti 23
Android app list of tagged titles incomplete3 olästa / 3Taliesien, augusti 23
" The collection is empty" for all tags accessed through Android app25 olästa / 25Taliesien, augusti 23
Unable to get off SCAN TO ADD page after scanning a book57 olästa / 57jasbro, augusti 22
Children's Book Showing as Starlet Spy by Different Author13 olästa / 13MarthaJeanne, augusti 17
Other brooks by author mix up3 olästa / 3lilithcat, augusti 14
Problem connecting to server via app6 olästa / 6balbs, augusti 14
Can't search private group. Says I'm not a member but I am.5 olästa / 5kristilabrie, augusti 14
You have xx books by this author is wrong?11 olästa / 11SandraArdnas, augusti 13
downloading an image a problem?11 olästa / 11Vix920, augusti 13
Gleanings by Neal Shusterman links to wrong book7 olästa / 7MarthaJeanne, augusti 13
Can't switch a split author to single8 olästa / 8DuncanHill, augusti 12
Could not add books to List Books Read in 20239 olästa / 9dara85, augusti 7
Author name leads to the wrong author page7 olästa / 7AnnieMod, augusti 4
MARC Export missing books?21 olästa / 21legallypuzzled, augusti 3
Untranslatable string in Published Reviews2 olästa / 2knerd.knitter, juli 31
Missing Tags3 olästa / 3Taliesien, juli 30
links BNF or Sudoc sources to add book are dead (Aleatory or precarious !!)4 olästa / 4lilithcat, juli 29
Norse Mythology (comic series)7 olästa / 7amanda4242, juli 28
Goodreads import doesn't work5 olästa / 5kristilabrie, juli 28
Recalculate title/author not working?14 olästa / 14newcrossbooks, juli 27
Followed links no longer change colour19 olästa / 19karenb, juli 27
error using power edit on the "from where" field59 olästa / 59jasbro, juli 26
In "search your library", search terms in quotations marks disappear after search.4 olästa / 4melannen, juli 26
links BNF or Sudoc sources to add book are dead14 olästa / 14JMK2020, juli 25
"Could not Connect to Library thing" Error3 olästa / 3SandraArdnas, juli 24
Records added 7/20 are not indexing6 olästa / 6kristilabrie, juli 24
German National Library: problem while adding books1 oläst / 1Felagund, juli 23
Features Not Working3 olästa / 3kristilabrie, juli 21
Is search not working?32 olästa / 32norabelle414, juli 21
Fix typos in MDS names3 olästa / 3Lioness_100, juli 20
Folly/Random Tag fails for multi-word tags3 olästa / 3lorax, juli 19
Picture Flaggers count is not incrementing7 olästa / 7lemontwist, juli 18
Hunt Badges not showing4 olästa / 4Calyps0, juli 18
LC Classification field not sorting correctly4 olästa / 4lorax, juli 17
Img src working?11 olästa / 11kristilabrie, juli 15
Android App Not Available for Latest Version of Android33 olästa / 33melannen, juli 13
Cannot Edit Any Field in Profile Settings2 olästa / 2knerd.knitter, juli 13
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