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"Beauty for ashes" and The restored doctrine of the atonement (Classic talk series) by Bruce C. Hafen 3 exemplar
Be Loyal to the Royal within You; And, to Ease the Aching Heart by Harold B. Lee 5 exemplar
Beware of Pride: The Book of Mormon-Keystone of Our Religion (Classic Talks Series) by Ezra Taft Benson 9 exemplar
Celebrating Womanhood and Sustaining - and Being Sustained by the Priesthood (Classic Talk Series) by Marie K. Hafen 4 exemplar
An eye single and fear not and the soul's center and filling the measure of your creation (Classic talk series) by Patricia T. Holland 1 exemplar
The false gods we worship and the abundant life (Classic Talk Series) by Spencer W. Kimball 1 exemplar
God Is the Gardener and Profile of a Prophet (Classic Talks Series) by Hugh B. Brown 9 exemplar
The law of sacrifice and What came from Kirtland by M. Russell Ballard 5 exemplar
The magnificence of man and truth--and more (Classic Talk Series) by Russell M. Nelson 3 exemplar
O, Divine Redeemer and "Notwithstanding My Weakness" and a More Determined Discipleship (Classic Talk Series) by Neal A. Maxwell 7 exemplar
The peaceable things of the kingdom and a handful of meal and a little oil (Classic talk series) by Jeffrey R. Holland 3 exemplar
The Purifying Power of Gethsemane: The Seven Deadly Heresies (Classic Talks Series) by Bruce R. McConkie 7 exemplar
To Them of the Last Wagon: Who Was This Jesus (Classic Talks Series) by J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 7 exemplar
The tongue can be a sharp sword and While they are waiting and "Be of good cheer" (Classic Talk Series) by Marvin J. Ashton 3 exemplar
What will you make room for in your wagon? and Taking upon us his name (Classic Talk Series) by Ardeth G. Kapp 1 exemplar


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