SerierShire Discovering

217 Verk Popularitet 5,369 (1,821 Medlemmar) 3,287 Böcker 21 Recensioner 3.5
Discovering East Suffolk by John Rotheroe 5 exemplar1
Discovering Norfolk: A guide to places of interest 2 exemplar2
Discovering Wiltshire: A guide to places of interest by Liz Tresilian 1 exemplar4
Wiltshire (Discovering) by R. L. P. Jowitt 4 exemplar4.1
Discovering Castle Combe by Liz Tresilian 2 exemplar5
Discovering Buckinghamshire by Cadbury Lamb 3 exemplar6
Discovering West Suffolk: A guide to places of interest by John Rotheroe 1 exemplar7
Discovering the Chilterns by J.H.B. Peel 2 exemplar8
Discovering Brasses: A Guide to Monumental Brasses by Malcolm Cook 6 exemplar9.1
Discovering Brasses and Brass Rubbing by Malcolm Cook 30 exemplar9.2
Discovering English Fairs by Margaret Baker 2 exemplar11
Discovering Hill Figures by Kate Bergamar 34 exemplar12
Discovering Windmills by John Vince 21 exemplar13
Discovering Your Old House by David Iredale 38 exemplar14
The American story in England by Eric Rayner 2 exemplar, 1 recension15
The Bucks explorer: A guide to the curiosities of the county by Kate Bergamar 2 exemplar16
Oxfordshire (Discovering) by Cadbury Lamb 1 exemplar17
Discovering M1 by Margaret Baker 2 exemplar18
The Bath Road by Margaret Baker 2 exemplar19
Berkshire (Discovering) by Cadbury Lamb 2 exemplar20
Discovering Mermaids and Sea Monsters by Jane Hutchins 3 exemplar21
Discovering Wall Paintings by E. Clive Rouse 10 exemplar22
Discovering the Exeter Road by Margaret Baker 1 exemplar, 1 recension25
Discovering the Gloucester Road by Eric Rayner 2 exemplar26
Discovering Inn Signs by Cadbury Lamb 12 exemplar27
Discovering Surrey by Barrie St Clair McBride 1 exemplar28
Discovering Bells and Bellringing by John Camp 59 exemplar29
Discovering canals: A guide for the motorist by Leon Metcalfe 1 exemplar30
Discovering Christmas Customs and Folklore : A Guide to Seasonal Rites by Margaret Baker 54 exemplar32
Discovering the Birmingham Road by Jack Gould 1 exemplar, 1 recension33
Discovering Surnames by J. W. Freeman 47 exemplar35
The wines of Madeira by Robert Allen Lewis 1 exemplar36
Discovering Hallmarks on English Silver (Shire Discovering) by John Bly 51 exemplar38
Civic Heraldry by F. E. Evans 4 exemplar39
Discovering coins by George Berry 5 exemplar40
Discovering Devon by David Uttley 1 exemplar41
Discovering London Statues and Monuments (Shire Discovering) by Margaret Baker 16 exemplar42
Discovering stained glass by John Harries 34 exemplar43
Discovering Horse Brasses (Shire Discovering) by John Vince 13 exemplar44
Discovering Warwickshire by George Henry Haines 1 exemplar45
Discovering Archaeology in England and Wales by James Dyer 31 exemplar46
Discovering the Thames : a motorist's guide to the best view points and the most interesting features by Leon Metcalfe 3 exemplar47
Discovering Wayside Graves and Memorial Stones by Mark Chetsynd Stapylton 5 exemplar48
Discovering Northamptonshire by Jack Gould 1 exemplar50
Discovering Wargames by John Tunstill 9 exemplar51
Discovering castles. 2. Central England by John Kinross 1 exemplar53
Crosses (Discovering) by George Henry Haines 3 exemplar54
Discovering traction engines by Harold Bonnett 8 exemplar55
Discovering English Gardens by Kay N. Sanecki 3 exemplar56
Discovering Abbeys and Priories by Geoffrey N. Wright 42 exemplar, 1 recension57
Discovering Hertfordshire by Margaret Baker 4 exemplar59
Discovering Hampshire by R. L. P. Jowitt 2 exemplar60
Discovering off-beat walks in London by John Wittich 43 exemplar, 1 recension63
Discovering Saints in Britain by John Vince 36 exemplar64
Discovering Regional Archaeology: Eastern England by James Dyer 4 exemplar65
Discovering English customs and traditions by Margaret Gascoigne 24 exemplar66
Discovering military traditions by Arthur Taylor 4 exemplar67
London Railway Stations (Discovering) by John Camp 7 exemplar, 1 recension68
Discovering Church Furniture by Christopher Howkins 11 exemplar69
Discovering trade tokens by George Berry 5 exemplar70
Discovering Folklore in Industry by Alan Smith 3 exemplar71
Discovering Staffordshire Figures of the 19th Century by Amoret Scott 1 exemplar72
Discovering The Folklore of Plants (Shire Discovering) by Margaret Baker 87 exemplar74
Bridges (Discovering) by Leon Metcalfe 1 exemplar75
Discovering towns; (Discovering) by John Haddon 6 exemplar, 1 recension77
Discovering High Wycombe by Lorna Cassidy 1 exemplar78
Smoking Antiques (Discovering) by Christopher Scott 1 exemplar79
Discovering Watermills by John Vince 13 exemplar80
Discovering wrought iron by Graham John Hollister-Short 7 exemplar81
Discovering Leicestershire and Rutland by J.David Bennett 2 exemplar82
Discovering English county regiments by Arthur Taylor 14 exemplar83
Discovering flower arrangement by Betty Massingham 2 exemplar84
Discovering schools by George Berry 1 exemplar85
Discovering England's trees by Miles Hadfield 7 exemplar86
Discovering carts and wagons by John Norman Thatcher Vince 7 exemplar87
Discovering Herbs by Kay N. Sanecki 21 exemplar89
Discovering Model Soldiers by Arthur Taylor 5 exemplar90
Discovering your family tree : a pocket guide to tracing your English ancestors by David Iredale 47 exemplar93
Discovering Highwaymen (Shire Discovering) by Russell Ash 15 exemplar94
Discovering Regional Archaeology: The Cotswolds & the Upper Thames by James Dyer 4 exemplar95
Discovering Antique Maps by Alan G. Hodgkiss 96 exemplar, 1 recension98
Discovering Embroidery of the 19th Century by Santina M. Levey 41 exemplar, 3 recensioner99
Discovering Place-Names: A Pocket Guide to about 1500 Place-names in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales (Shire Discovering) by John Field 36 exemplar102
Discovering Cheshire by Joan P. Alcock 2 exemplar104
Discovering spas by R. L. P. Jowitt 2 exemplar107
Discovering London for Children by Margaret Pearson 10 exemplar110
Discovering Cathedrals by David Pepin 52 exemplar112
Discovering the Folklore of Birds and Beasts (Shire Discovering) by Venetia J. Newall 23 exemplar115
Discovering comics by Denis Gifford 10 exemplar117
Rules for wargaming (Discovering) by Arthur Taylor 9 exemplar118
Discovering Harness and Saddlery ("Discovering" Series) by Geoffrey Tylden 8 exemplar119
British Military Uniforms (Discovering) by Arthur Taylor 21 exemplar122
Discovering Artillery by Robert Wilkinson-Latham 15 exemplar123
Discovering Edged Weapons (Shire Discovering) by John Wilkinson-Latham 11 exemplar, 1 recension124
Suffolk (Discovering) by John Rotheroe 3 exemplar125
Discovering forests of Central England by Jack Gould 2 exemplar127
Discovering Period Gardens by John Anthony 26 exemplar129
Discovering Sussex by R. L. P. Jowitt 2 exemplar130
Discovering Churches by John Harries 28 exemplar137
Discovering Archaeology in Denmark by James Dyer 1 exemplar141
Discovering Epitaphs (Shire Discovering) by Geoffrey N. Wright 57 exemplar144
Discovering Oil Lamps by Cecil A. Meadows 13 exemplar145
Discovering banknotes by Kenneth Lake 2 exemplar146
Discovering Ghosts (Shire Discovering) by Leon Metcalfe 12 exemplar147
Discovering British Military Badges and Buttons (Shire Discovering) by Robert Wilkinson-Latham 26 exemplar148
Modelling for Wargamers (Discovering) by Denis C. Teague 3 exemplar149
Discovering Kings and Queens by D. E. Wickham 32 exemplar151
Discovering Castles in England and Wales by John Kinross 34 exemplar152
Bird Watching (Discovering) by Jim Flegg 5 exemplar155
Discovering Christian Names by S. M. Jarvis 14 exemplar156
Discovering British Cavalry Regiments by Arthur Taylor 4 exemplar157
Marlborough's Campaigns (Discovering) by I. F. W. Beckett 8 exemplar161
Discovering famous battles - the Peninsular War by Robert Wilkinson-Latham 7 exemplar162
English Civil War Gaming (Discovering) by John Tunstill 8 exemplar163
Stately Homes (Discovering) by Amoret Scott 5 exemplar164
Discovering London Curiosities by John Wittich 31 exemplar165
Discovering wild plant names by John E. Stevens 17 exemplar166
Monuments (Discovering) by J.David Bennett 1 exemplar, 1 recension169
Lancashire (Discovering) by Joan P. Alcock 1 exemplar171
Discovering wlks in Edinburgh by Keith Baverstock 1 exemplar173
Discovering battlefields of Scotland by John Kinross 5 exemplar174
Discovering Scottish battlefields by John Kinross 3 exemplar174
Discovering Battlefields of England by John Kinross 26 exemplar176
Discovering Lost Railways by F.G. Cockman 24 exemplar178
Discovering London's guilds and liveries by John Kennedy Melling 36 exemplar180
Discovering Old Board Games (Shire Discovering) by R. C. Bell 31 exemplar182
Discovering Regional Archaeology: South-Eastern England by Edward Sammes 4 exemplar183
Theatre Ephemera (Discovering) by John Kennedy Melling 4 exemplar185
Discovering French and German military uniforms; (Discovering series, no. 186) by Arthur Taylor 2 exemplar186
Discovering garden insects and other invertebrates by Anthony Wootton 4 exemplar190
Folklore and Customs of Love and Marriage (Discovering) by Margaret Baker 7 exemplar196
Discovering walks in Wessex towns by R. L. Jowitt 2 exemplar198
Discovering Corn Dollies (Shire Discovering) by M. Lambeth 38 exemplar199
Discovering Backgammon (Shire Discovering 201) by Robert Charles Bell 5 exemplar201
Discovering English folk dance by Hugh Rippon 29 exemplar206
Discovering lost canals by Ronald Russell 5 exemplar207
Discovering chapels and meeting houses by David A. Barton 19 exemplar209
Discovering industrial archaeology and history by Hugh Bodey 2 exemplar210
Discovering the Ridgeway by Howard Clarke 11 exemplar211
Discovering Old Buttons (Shire Discovering) by Primrose Peacock 25 exemplar, 1 recension213
Discovering Church Architecture: A Glossary of Terms by Mark Child 76 exemplar214
London Villages by John Wittich 11 exemplar215
Discovering Mah-Jong (Discovering) by R. C. Bell 6 exemplar222
Discovering English Furniture by John Bly 18 exemplar223
Discovering English Furniture: 1720-1830 by John Bly 2 exemplar223.2
Discovering London Street Names (Shire Discovering) by John Wittich 52 exemplar, 1 recension225
Discovering Craft of the Inland Waterways by D.J. Smith 10 exemplar227
Trams and Tramways (Discovering) by Keith Turner 4 exemplar231
Discovering London's Canals by Derek Pratt 7 exemplar232
Discovering Horse-Drawn Transport of the British Army (Shire Discovering) by D.J. Smith 4 exemplar233
Discovering English Dialects (Shire Discovering) by Martyn Wakelin 42 exemplar, 1 recension235
Discovering Beekeeping (Discovering) by Daphne More 5 exemplar236
Discovering the Cinque Ports by C.E. Whitney 3 exemplar237
Farmhouse Cheese by Michael Cooper 2 exemplar238
Discovering Walks in West Kent by Marcus Crouch 1 exemplar239
Discovering Country Walks in North London by Merry Lundow 8 exemplar240
Discovering Nottinghamshire by Joan P. Alcock 2 exemplar241
Discovering Timber-Framed Buildings of England by Richard Harris 112 exemplar, 1 recension242
Discovering London's Inns and Taverns by John Wittich 15 exemplar243
Discovering English Architecture (Shire Discovering) by T.W. West 31 exemplar244
Discovering Horse Drawn Farm Machinery (Shire Discovering) by D.J. Smith 11 exemplar245
Discovering Farm Livestock. Discovery Series No 246 by Nigel Harvey 2 exemplar246
Discovering Country Winemaking (Shire Discovering) by Daphne More 11 exemplar249
Discovering Heraldry by Jacqueline Fearn 130 exemplar250
Discovering Dowsing and Divining (Shire Discovering) by Peter Naylor 26 exemplar251
North Downs Way (Discovering) by David J. Allen 5 exemplar252
Discovering Preserved Railways (Discovering) by F.G. Cockman 18 exemplar253
Shrines and Holy Places (Discovering) by David Pepin 6 exemplar254
Discovering Dice and Dominoes (Discovering) by R. C. Bell 4 exemplar255
Discovering canals in Britain by Peter L. Smith 17 exemplar257
London's Parks and Squares (Discovering) by John Wittich 2 exemplar259
Discovering old cameras by Robert White 24 exemplar260
Textile History and Design (Discovering) by Kenneth G. Ponting 31 exemplar, 1 recension261
Discovering Traditional Farm Buildings by J.E.C. Peters 27 exemplar262
Discovering walks in Suffolk by John Andrews 1 exemplar263
Discovering Antique Prints by Ronald Russell 25 exemplar266
Discovering Book Collecting (Shire Discovering) by John Chidley 105 exemplar267
Discovering Churchyards (Discovering Series) by Mark Child 13 exemplar268
Discovering English Folksong by Michael Pollard 15 exemplar, 1 recension270
Discovering Roman Britain by David E. Johnston 20 exemplar272
Discovering Walks in Norfolk by D.H. Kennett 2 exemplar274
Discovering Cottage Architecture (Shire Discovering) by Christopher Powell 40 exemplar275
Discovering English watercolours (Discovering series) by Alison Ambrose 6 exemplar276
Discovering Scottish Architecture by T.W. West 12 exemplar278
Scottish Castles (Discovering) by Mike Salter 6 exemplar279
Discovering Avebury by Ian Edelman 8 exemplar280
Discovering London Ceremonial and Traditions by Julian Paget 8 exemplar281
Discovering Parish Boundaries by Angus J.L. Winchester 51 exemplar282
Discovering Prehistoric England by James Dyer 15 exemplar283
Discovering Horse-Drawn Vehicles (Discovering) by D.J. Smith 13 exemplar284
Discovering Old Handwriting (Shire Discovering) by John Barrett 48 exemplar285
Discovering Cameras, 1945-65 (Shire Discovering) by Robert White 8 exemplar286
Discovering Battlefields of England and Scotland (Shire Discovering) by John Kinross 14 exemplar287
Famous Graves (Discovering) by Lynn F. Pearson 16 exemplar288
Discovering First Names by S. M. Jarvis 3 exemplar289
Discovering local history by David Iredale 40 exemplar290
Discovering British Regimental Traditions by I. F. W. Beckett 6 exemplar292
Discovering London for Families (Shire Discovering) by Peter Matthews 2 exemplar293
Discovering English County Regiments (Shire Discovering) by Ian F.W. Beckett 11 exemplar294
Discovering Friendly and Fraternal Societies: Their Badges and Regalia (Shire Discovering) by Victoria Solt Dennis 13 exemplar295
Discovering Medieval Houses by Anthony Emery 21 exemplar297
Discovering Churches and Churchyards (Shire Discovering) by Mark Child 7 exemplar298
Discovering Subterranean London (Shire Discovering) by Andrew Emmerson 26 exemplar, 1 recension299
Discovering Words (Shire Discovering) by Julian Walker 7 exemplar, 1 recension300
Discovering the Folklore and Traditions of Marriage by GEORGE MONGER 6 exemplar304
The British Seaside Holiday (Shire Discovering) by Kathryn Ferry 4 exemplar
Discovering Banff, Moray & Nairn by Eric Simpson 3 exemplar
Discovering Geology by Patrick H. Armstrong 4 exemplar
Discovering Regional Archaeology: Central England by Barry M. Marsden 1 exemplar
Discovering Regional Archaeology: North-Eastern England by Barry M. Marsden 3 exemplar
Discovering Regional Archaeology: North-Western England by Barry M. Marsden 7 exemplar
Discovering Regional Archaeology: South-Western England by Leslie Grinsell 4 exemplar
Discovering Regional Archaeology: Wessex by Leslie Valentine Grinsell 2 exemplar
Walks in Hertfordshire (Discovering) by Ron Pigram 1 exemplar


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