SerierShuttle Craft Guild monograph

Författare till serien: Harriet Tidball

38 Verk Popularitet 13,808 (448 Medlemmar) 3,040 Böcker 23 Recensioner 3.6


Byways in Handweaving by Mary Meigs Atwater 262 exemplar, 5 recensioner
The Double Weave: Plain and Patterned (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 1) by Harriet Tidball 156 exemplar, 2 recensioner1
Surface Interest: Textiles of Today by Harriet Tidball 85 exemplar2
Design and the Handweaver by Mary Meigs Atwater 85 exemplar, 3 recensioner3
Woolens and Tweeds by Harriet Tidball 75 exemplar4
Weavers Book of Scottish Tartans (Shuttle Craft Monograph) by Harriet Tidball 104 exemplar, 1 recension5
Mexican Motifs by Harriet Tidball 62 exemplar6
Contemporary Satins - Shuttle Craft Monograph Seven by Harriet Tidball 70 exemplar7
Undulating Weft Effects (Honeycomb) Shuttle Craft Monograph 9 by Harriet Tidball 100 exemplar, 1 recension9
Merry Christmas, Handweavers by Harriet Tidball 78 exemplar10 & 11
Contemporary Tapestry (Shuttle Craft Monograph 12) by Harriet Tidball 89 exemplar12
Thomas Jackson, Weaver: 17th and 18th Century Records (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph; 13) by Harriet Tidball 53 exemplar13
Color Related Decorating Textiles: Rugs, Draperies, Upholstery by Tonya Stalons Rhodes 38 exemplar14
Guatemala visited, February-March, 1946 by Mary M. Atwater 66 exemplar15
Color and Dyeing - Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 16 by Harriet Tidball 66 exemplar16
Supplementary Warp Patterning - Shuttle Craft Monograph 17 by Harriet Tidball 99 exemplar, 1 recension17
Textile Structure and Analysis: A Home Study Course in Twelve Lessons (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 18) by Harriet Tidball 66 exemplar, 1 recension18
Summer and Winter and Other Two-Tie Unit Weaves by Harriet Tidball 113 exemplar, 2 recensioner19
Two-Harness Textiles: The Open-Work Weaves by Harriet Tidball 60 exemplar21
Brocade (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 22) by Harriet Tidball 69 exemplar22
Two-Harness Textiles: The Loom-Controlled Weaves by Harriet Tidball 65 exemplar20, 21 & 22
Part I: Build or Buy a Loom - Part II: Patterns for Pick-Ups (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 23) by Harriet Tidball 41 exemplar23
Contemporary Costume: Strictly Handwoven (Shuttle Craft Monograph 24) by Harriet Tidball 59 exemplar, 1 recension24
Peru: Textiles Unlimited - Part I: Background by Harriet Tidball 46 exemplar, 1 recension25
Peru: Textiles Unlimited - Part II: The Techniques, Drafts, and Methods by Harriet Tidball 42 exemplar26
Weaving Inkle Bands by Harriet Tidball 111 exemplar27
Weft Twining by Virginia I. Harvey 86 exemplar, 1 recension28
Creative Monk's Belt (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph ; No 30) by Margaret B. Windeknecht 76 exemplar30
Creative Overshot (Shuttle Craft Guild monograph) by Margaret Windeknecht 102 exemplar, 2 recensioner31
Extended Divided Twill Weaves (Shuttle Craft Guild monograph) by Virginia I. Harvey 56 exemplar31
Doup Leno: A Quick and Simple System for Weaving Loom-Controlled Leno by Hella Skowronski 56 exemplar32
The Handloom Weaves: An Analysis and Classification of the 55 Most Important Harness Controlled Weaves For The Handloom (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph, No 33) by Harriet Tidball 114 exemplar33
Multiple Tabby Weaves (Shuttle Craft Guild, Monograph Thirty Five) by William G. Bateman 93 exemplar, 1 recension35
Bateman Blend Weaves (Shuttle Craft Guild monograph) by William G. Bateman 96 exemplar, 1 recension36
Park Weaves (Shuttle Craft Guild monograph) by Virginia I. Harvey 74 exemplar37
Boulevard, Chevron, and Combination Weaves Based on Dr. William G. Bateman's Manuscript (Monograph 38) by Virginia I. Harvey 61 exemplar38
Extended Manifold Twill Weaves: Based on Dr. William G. Bateman's Manuscript (Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph, 40) by William G. Bateman 53 exemplar40

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