SerierAnalecta Biblica - Dissertationes

107 Verk Popularitet 27,487 (167 Medlemmar) 394 Böcker 1 Recension
L'Aspect Religieux De La Royaute Israelite by J. de Fraine 1 exemplar3
Sociology of the Biblical jubilee by Robert Grady North 3 exemplar4
Espazione sacrficiale e riti expiatori nell'ambiente biblico e nell'Antico Testamente by Luigi Moraldi 2 exemplar5
Christ's Resurrection in Pauline Soteriology by David Michael Stanley 10 exemplar13
Ghassul 1960 Excavation Report (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) (French Edition) by R. North 1 exemplar14
Abba, Père!: la prière du Christ et des chrétiens: étude éxégétique sur les origines et la signification de l'invocation à la divinité comme père, avant et dans le Nouveau Testament by Witold Marchel 0 exemplar19
Treaty and covenant : a study in form in the ancient Oriental documents and in the Old Testament by Dennis J McCarthy 12 exemplar21
La Nuit Pascale: Essai sur la Signification de la Paque juive a partire du Targum d'Exode XII 42 (Analecta Biblica 22) by Roger Le Deaut 1 exemplar22
Christ's Proclamation to the Spirits: 1 Peter 3:18-4:6 (Analecta biblica) by William Joseph Dalton 14 exemplar23
Analecta Biblica: Judith Formes Et Sens Des Diverses Traditions. Tome I Etudes by A.-M Dubarle 0 exemplar24
Il problema della recensionalita del codice B alla luce del papiro Bodmer XIV (Analecta Biblica 26) by Carlo M. Martini 2 exemplar26
The New Testament and the Palestinian Targum to the Pentateuch by Martin McNamara 12 exemplar27
Die Hirtenrede im Johannes-Evangelium; Versuch einer Analyse von Johannes 10, 1-18 nach Entstehung, Hintergrund. und Inhalt by A.J. Simonis 1 exemplar29
The Threat to Faith: An Exegetical and Theological Re-Examination of 2 Thessalonians 2 by Charles Homer Giblin 6 exemplar31
St. John's Gospel, 1920-1965 : a cumulative and classified bibliography of books and periodical literature on the fourth Gospel by Edward Malatesta 4 exemplar32
Stephen: a singular saint by Martin H. Scharlemann 6 exemplar34
A history of Old Testament priesthood by Aelred Cody 6 exemplar35
Apostasy and perseverance in the theology of Luke by Schuyler Brown 4 exemplar36
The mind of Mark. Interpretation and method through the exegesis of Mark 6, 52 by Quentin Quesnell 9 exemplar38
Hebrew Conception of the World by Luis I. J. Stadelmann 8 exemplar39
Hellenistic influence on the Book of Wisdom and its consequences / by James M. Reese 4 exemplar41
Foi et salut selon S. [i.e. Saint] Paul. (Épître aux romains 1, 16): Colloque œcuménique à l'abbaye de S. Paul hors les murs, 16-21 avril 1968 0 exemplar42
Creative redemption in Deutero-Isaiah by Carroll Stuhlmueller 7 exemplar43
Matthew's advice to a divided community by William G. Thompson 9 exemplar44
The first Easter morning. The Gospel accounts of the women's visit to the tomb of Jesus by Edward Lynn Bode 7 exemplar45
Sin, redemption, and sacrifice. A biblical and patristic study by Stanislas Lyonnet 16 exemplar48
The narrative style of the priestly writer by Sean E. McEvenue 5 exemplar50
Targum des Chroniques (Cod. Vat. Urb. Ebr. 1) Tome I: Introduction et Traduction. (Analecta Biblica 51) by R. Le Deaut and J. Robert 0 exemplar51
La notion de NOMOS dans le Pentateuque grec by Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya 1 exemplar52
The Word of the Cross by J. Terence Forestell 4 exemplar57
The Aramaic Version of Ruth by Etan Levine 1 exemplar58
The formula quotations in the infancy narrative of Matthew : an enquiry into the tradition history of Mt 1-2 by George M. Soares-Prabhu 8 exemplar63
The Stephen speech : a literary and redactional study of Acts 7, 2-53 by John Kilgallen 4 exemplar67
Interiority and covenant : a study of [einai en] and [menein en] in the first letter of Saint John by Edward Malatesta 7 exemplar69
Boten aus dem Mit-Ihm-Sein: Das Verhaltnis Zwischen Jesus und den Zwolf Nach Markus (Analecta Biblica 70) by Klemens Stock 1 exemplar70
Law and history in Matthew's Gospel : a redactional study of Mt.5:17-48 by John P. Meier 7 exemplar71
The divine sonship of Christians in the Johannine Writings by Matthew Vellanickal 6 exemplar72
La Verite Dans Saint Jean: Vol.1 (Le Christ Et La Verite. l'Esprit Et La Verite. (Analecta Biblica) (French Edition) by Ignace De la Potterie 1 exemplar73
La Vérité dans Saint Jean by I De La Potterie 3 exemplar73,74
La Verité dans Saint Jean. Vol.2: Le Croyant et la Verité (Analecta Biblica 74) by Ignace De la Potterie 2 exemplar74
The Fragment-Targums of the Pentateuch: According to their Extant Sources (2 Vols) by Michael L. Klein 2 exemplar76
The Fragment-Targums of the Pentateuch, Volume I: texts, indices and introductory essays by Michael L. Klein 2 exemplar76.1
The Fragment-Targums of the Pentateuch : according to their extant sources (Vol.II) by Michael L. Klein 2 exemplar76.2
Two manuscripts of the Greek psalter in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin by Albert Pietersma 0 exemplar77
Acts 26, the Christological climax of Paul's defense (Ac.22,1-26,32) by Robert F. O'Toole 5 exemplar78
Absalom, Absalom! : narrative and language in 2 Sam., 13-20 by Charles Conroy 0 exemplar81
From eye-witnesses to ministers of the Word : tradition and composition in Luke 24 by Richard J. Dillon 4 exemplar82
Sons of God-Seed of Abraham: A Study of the Idea of the Sonship of God of All Christians in Paul Against the Jewish Background by Brendan Byrne 6 exemplar83
Koinonia in the New Testament: A Dynamic Expression of Christian Life (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) by George Panikulam 10 exemplar85
Jesus walking on the sea : meaning and gospel functions of Matt. 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52, and John 6:15b-21 by John Paul Heil 2 exemplar87
Declaration and Covenant: A Comprehensive Review of Covenant Formulae from the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East (Analecta Biblica, 88) by Paul Kalluveettil 11 exemplar88
New covenant morality in Paul by T. J. Deidun 5 exemplar89
Colossiens 1,15-20: genre et exégèse du texte, fonction de la thématique sapientielle by Jean Noël Aletti 0 exemplar91
La struttura letteraria della preghiera eucaristica : saggio sulla genesi letteraria di una forma : toda veterotestamentaria, beraka giudaica, anafora cristiana by Cesare Giraudo 3 exemplar92
La parola di Dio alle origini della Chiesa by Carlo Maria Martini 1 exemplar93
Jesus and Isaac : a study of the Epistle to the Hebrews in the light of the Aqedah by James Swetnam 5 exemplar94
"Do this as my memorial" : the semantic and conceptual background and value of Anamnēsis in 1 Corinthians 11:24-25 by Fritz Chenderlin 10 exemplar99
Il matrimonio israelitico : una teoria generale by Angelo Tosato 1 exemplar100
Somatic comprehension of unity: The Church in Ephesus (Analecta biblica) by Koshi Usami 2 exemplar101
La Parabole Des Dix Vierges Mt. 25,1-13 (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) (French Edition) by A Puig I Tarrech 1 exemplar102
Genesis : an authorship study in computer-assisted statistical linguistics by Yehuda Thomas Radday 1 exemplar103
Prophet Confronts His People: The Disputation Speech in the Prophets (Analecta Bibica 104) by Adrian Graffy 3 exemplar104
The Function of Personal Example in the Socratic and Pastoral Epistel (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) by B. Fiore 1 exemplar105
Der Aufstand Hiskias und die Belagerung Jerusalems 701 v. Kr. by S J Ernst Vogt 1 exemplar106
The destruction of Jerusalem according to Luke's Gospel : a historical-typological moral by Charles Homer Giblin 4 exemplar107
Institution and narrative : collected essays by D.J. McCarthy 3 exemplar108
Re-establishing Justice (JSOT Supplement) by Pietro Bovati 13 exemplar110
Romans: Paul's Letter of Hope (Analecta biblica) by John Paul Heil 3 exemplar112
Hebreos 5,7-8: Studio Historico-Exegetico (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) by C. Zesati Estrada 1 exemplar, 1 recension113
The House with Many Rooms: The Temple Theme of Jn 14:2-3 (Analecta Biblica) (v. 2-3) by James McCaffrey 8 exemplar114
One Flesh: Eph.5,22-24, 5.31: Marriage and New Creation (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) (Chapter 5) by Stephen Francis Miletic 10 exemplar115
Moses' Veil and the Glory of the New Covenant: The Exegetical Substructure of II Cor. 3,1-4,6 (Analecta Biblica, Vol 116) by Carol Kern Stockhausen 9 exemplar116
Christocentric Literary Structure of 4th Gospel (Analecta biblica) by George Mlakuzhyil 8 exemplar117
The Song of Songs and ancient Tamil love poems : poetry and symbolism by A Mariaselvam 0 exemplar118
Études sur l'epître aux Romains by Stanislas Lyonnet 1 exemplar120
Citazioni patristiche e critica testuale neotestamentaria: il caso di Lc 12,49 by Giuseppe Visonà 1 exemplar125
The introduction to Luke-Acts : a study of the role of Lk 1, 1-4, 44 in the composition of Luke's two-volume work by Fearghus Ó Fearghail 1 exemplar126
The ambiguity of death in the book of Wisdom 1-6 : a study of literary structure and interpretation by Michael Kolarcik 4 exemplar127
Choose Life!: A Rethorical Critical Investigation of Deuteromy 28,69-30,20 (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) by Timothy A. Lenchak 1 exemplar129
Notte di paura e di luce. Esegesi di Sap 17,1-18,4 by L Mazzinghi 1 exemplar134
Melchisedek e l'angelologia nell'Epistola agli Ebrei e a Qumran by Franco Manzi 1 exemplar136
Reading Ecclesiastes: Old testament Exegesis and Hermeneutical Theory (Analecta Biblica) by Craig G. Bartholomew 9 exemplar139
Les citations d'accomplissement dans l'Évangile de Matthieu: quand Dieu se rend présent en toute humanité by Jean Miler 0 exemplar140
Paul Outside the Walls: A Study of Luke's Socio-Geographical Universalism in Acts 14:8-20 (Serie Theologia, 50) by Dean Philip. Bechard 3 exemplar143
The Transfiguration of Jesus: Narrative Meaning and Function of Mark 9:2-8, Matt 17:1-8, and Luke 9:28-36 (Analecta Biblica, 144) by John Paul Heil 9 exemplar144
The Biblical jubilee, after fifty years by Robert Grady North 0 exemplar145
Collected Studies on Pauline Literature and on the Book of Revelation (Analecta Biblica, 147) by Jan Lambrecht 6 exemplar147
"Modus et forma" : a new approach to the exegesis of Saint Thomas Aquinas with an application to the Lectura super epistolam ad Ephesios by Christopher T. Baglow 4 exemplar149
The Love Commandment in Mark: An Exegetico-Theological Study of Mk 12,28-34 (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) by G Keerankeri 0 exemplar150
Tarse et Jérusalem : la double culture de l'Apôtre Paul en Galates 3,6-4,7 by Marc Rastoin 0 exemplar152
Character of Jesus: The Linchpin to Paul's Argument in 2 Corinthians by Thomas Stegman 1 exemplar158
The character of the Syriac version of Psalms a study of Psalms 90-150 in the Peshitta by Ignacio Carbajosa 7 exemplar162
L'Elogio di sé in Cristo by F. Bianchini 2 exemplar164
1 Cor 12-14 : literary structure and theology by José Enrique Aguilar Chiu 1 exemplar166
Abramo in Romani 4: L'Analogia Dell'Agire Divino Nella Ricerca Esegetica di Paolo (Analecta Biblica, 168) by Pasquale BASTA 0 exemplar168
La reconcilacion en la carta a los efesios y en la carta a los colosenses : estudio exegetico de Ef 2, 14-16 y Col 1, 20-21-23 by Rojas Manuel Granados 1 exemplar170
Personaggi minori e discepoli in Marco 4-8 : la funzione degli episodi dei personaggi minori nell'interazione can la storia dei protogonisi by Gianattilio Bonifacio 1 exemplar173
Biblical exegesis in progress : Old and New Testament essays by Jean Noël Aletti 2 exemplar176
Sulle vestigia di Giacobbe : le riletture sacerdotali e post-sacerdotali dell'itinerario del patriarca by Germano Galvagno 0 exemplar178
"Dio mio, Dio mio, perchè mi hai abbandonato?" (Mc 15,34) : i Salmi nel racconto della passione di Gesù secondo Marco by Franco De Carlo 0 exemplar179
Argumentation and use of Scripture in Romans 9-11 by sac. Filippo Belli 1 exemplar183
Jesus, the divine bridegroom, in Mark 2:18-22: Mark's christology upgraded by Michael Tait 0 exemplar185
Gioele e Amos in dialogo : inserzioni redazionali di collegamento e aperture interpretative by Massimiliano Scandroglio 0 exemplar193
Presentation In The Temple: The Narrative Function Of Lk 2:22-39 In Luke-Acts (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) by A Garcia Serrano 1 exemplar197
Apocalisse Come Actio Liturgica Cristiana: Studio Esegetico Teologico De Ap 1,9-16;3,14-22;13,9-10;19,1-8 (Analecta Biblica Dissertationes) (Italian Edition) by C. Manunza 1 exemplar199
La Vetus Syra del vangelo di Luca: Trasmissione e ricezione del testo by Gian Luca Carrega 2 exemplar201
Uomini e Profeti: Scritti in Onore Di Horacio Simian-Yofre SJ (Anlaecta Biblica) (Italian Edition) by Eiznieta Obara 1 exemplar202

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