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256 Verk Popularitet 18,092 (311 Medlemmar) 925 Böcker 6 Recensioner 3.3
Aging in America (Reference Shelf) by Hw Wilson 7 exemplar
Japan and the U S (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 1 exemplar
Marijuana Reform (Reference Shelf) by Hw Wilson 5 exemplar
Mexicans & Americans: Cracking the Culture Code (Reference Shelf) by Ned Crouch 14 exemplar
Multiculturalism (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 1 exemplar
The Performing Arts in America by Diana L. Reische 2 exemplar
Reaganomics: The New Federalism (Reference shelf) by Carl Lowe 2 exemplar
Representative American speeches by Albert Craig Baird 7 exemplarunknown
Revisiting Gender (Reference Shelf) by Hw Wilson 6 exemplar
Permanent court of international justice by Julia E. Johnsen 1 exemplar2-2
International traffic in arms and munitions by Julia E. Johnsen 1 exemplar9-9
Reorganization of the Supreme court by Julia E. Johnsen 1 exemplar11-4
Chinese - Japanese War 1937 - by Julia E. Johnsen 1 exemplar11-9
Radio censorship by Harrison Boyd Summers 2 exemplar12-10
Capital Punishment, the Reference Shelf (Volume 13, #1) by Julia E. Johnsen 0 exemplar13-1
The Railroad Problem with Reference to Government Ownership by Robert E. Harrison Boyd and Summers Summers 1 exemplar13-2
Europe: Versailles to Warsaw (Volume 13, #4) by Ronald Stuart Kain 3 exemplar13-4
The Railroads: Government Ownership in Practice (The Reference Shelf Vol. 13, No. 8) by Harrison Boyd Summers 1 exemplar13-8
Should the Communist Party Be Outlawed? The Reference Shelf, Volume 20, No. 7 by Julia E. Johnsen 1 exemplar20-7
Representative American Speeches: 1949-1950 by A. Craig Baird 0 exemplar22-3
Television and radio in American life by Herbert L. Marx 2 exemplar25-2
The Censorship of Books The Reference Shelf Vol. 26, No. 5 by Walter M. Daniels 2 exemplar26-5
American Indians by Walter M. Daniels 4 exemplar29-4
City and suburban housing by Poyntz Tyler 1 exemplar29-6
The American Labor Movement by Walter M. Daniels 1 exemplar30-3
Airways Of America by Poyntz Tyler 1 exemplar30-6
The Security of the Free World by Julien Engel 1 exemplar32-5
The Supreme Court by Leon I. Salomon 1 exemplar33-1
Old Age in America by Gladys Engel Lang 2 exemplar33-5
Television and radio by Poyntz Tyler 1 exemplar33-6
The Outlook for Youth by Alice H. Horowitz 2 exemplar34-1
The Challenge of Full Employment by William P. Lineberry 1 exemplar34-6
Debate Index, Second Supplement by Joseph R. Dunlap 1 exemplar36-3
CIVIL RIGHTS THE REFERENCE SHELF VOLUME 36 NUMBER 6 by Grant S. McClellan 2 exemplar36-6
Securities, Exchanges, and the SEC by Poyntz Tyler 1 exemplar37-3
American Labor Today by Herbert L. Marx 3 exemplar37-5
The Russian-Chinese Rift Its Impact on World Affairs by Irwin Isenberg 2 exemplar38-2
U.S. agricultural policy by Diana L. Reische 1 exemplar38-3
Representative American Speeches: 1965-1966 by Lester Thonssen 4 exemplar38-4
New trends in the schools by William P. Lineberry 1 exemplar39-2
Censorship in the United States by Grant S. McClellan 7 exemplar39-3
Taxation and the economy by George A. Nikolaieff 1 exemplar39-6
The city in crisis by Irwin Isenberg 1 exemplar40-1
The consuming public by Grant S. McClellan 1 exemplar40-3
The developing nations: poverty and progress by Irwin Isenberg 1 exemplar41-1
The Paradox of Poverty in America by Kenneth S. Davis 2 exemplar41-2
Mass Communications (Vol 41, #3 of The Reference Shelf Series) by William P. Lineberry 3 exemplar41-3
Collective bargaining for public employees by Herbert L. Marx 1 exemplar41-5
Computers and society by George A. Nikolaieff 1 exemplar41-6
The outlook for Western Europe by Irwin Isenberg 1 exemplar42-2
Turmoil on the campus (The Reference shelf) by Edward J. Bander 1 exemplar42-3
Representative American Speeches: 1969-1970 by Lester Thonssen 5 exemplar42-4
Problems of mass transportation (The Reference shelf) by Diana L. Reische 2 exemplar42-5
West Africa today by Nancy L. Hoepli 4 exemplar42-6
Arms, Industry and America (The Reference Shelf, Volume 43, Number 1) by Kenneth S. Davis 3 exemplar43-1
Land use in the United States: exploitation or conservation? (The Reference shelf) by Grant S. McClellan 3 exemplar43-2
Representative American Speeches: 1970-1971 by Lester Thonssen 2 exemplar43-4
Japan: Asian power (The Reference shelf) by Irwin Isenberg 5 exemplar43-5
Justice in America: Law, Order, and the Courts by William P. Lineberry 2 exemplar44-1
Stabilizing America's economy by George A. Nikolaieff 1 exemplar44-2
American Youth in a Changing Culture [The Reference Shelf Vol. 44, Number 3] by Grant S. McClellan 4 exemplar44-3
China: New Force In World Affairs. by Irwin Isenberg 3 exemplar44-5
Priorities for survival by William P. Lineberry 1 exemplar44-6
Aftermath of colonialism by Nancy L. Hoepli 2 exemplar45-1
The Business of Sports (The Reference shelf) by William P. Lineberry 3 exemplar45-3
Representative American Speeches: 1972-1973 by Waldo W. Braden 2 exemplar45-4
The American Indian: a rising ethnic force, (The Reference shelf) by Herbert L. Marx 6 exemplar45-5
Crisis in Urban Housing by Grant S. McClellan 3 exemplar45-6
The nations of the Indian subcontinent (The Reference shelf) by Irwin Isenberg 5 exemplar46-1
America's changing population (The Reference shelf) by Oliver Bell 2 exemplar46-2
Representative American Speeches: 1973-1974 by Waldo W. Braden 4 exemplar46-3
The President and the Constitution (The Reference Shelf, Vol 46/No 4) by George A. Nikolaieff 3 exemplar46-4
The Common Market (The Reference shelf) by Nancy L. Hoepli 3 exemplar46-5
The corporation in a democratic society (The Reference shelf) by Edward J. Bander 2 exemplar46-6
South America : problems and prospects by Irwin Isenberg 3 exemplar47-2
Representative American Speeches: 1974-1975 by Waldo W. Braden 5 exemplar47-4
Energy: Demand vs. supply (The Reference shelf) by Duana Reische 2 exemplar47-5
The World food crisis (The Reference shelf) by Herbert L. Marx 2 exemplar47-6
The Right to Privacy (The Reference shelf) by Grant S. McClellan 7 exemplar48-1
The Arab World (The Reference shelf) by Irwin Isenberg 3 exemplar48-2
Rural America (The Reference shelf) by Suzanne Fremon 3 exemplar48-3
Representative American Speeches: 1975-1976 by Waldo W. Braden 2 exemplar48-4
The Role of American Intelligence Organizations (The Reference shelf) by George Wittman 1 exemplar48-5
The Ocean Environment (The Reference shelf) by Jonathan Bartlett 3 exemplar48-6
Canada in Transition (Reference Shelf Vol) by Grant S. McClellan 3 exemplar49-1
The Death penalty by Irwin Isenberg 1 exemplar49-2
The Struggle Against Terrorism by William P. Lineberry 2 exemplar49-3
Religions in America (The Reference Shelf ; V. 49, No.6) by Herbert L. Marx 6 exemplar49-6
Medical care in the United States (The Reference shelf) by Eric F. Oatman 1 exemplar50-1
Ethnic America (The Reference Shelf ; V. 50, No. 2) by Marjorie P. K. Weiser 2 exemplar50-2
Communism: End of the Monolith (The Reference Shelf ; V. 50, No. 3) by Evelyn Geller 2 exemplar50-3
Spain and Portugal: Democratic beginnings (The Reference shelf) by Grant S. McClellan 5 exemplar50-5
The First Amendment in a Free Society (The Reference shelf) by Jonathan Bartlett 6 exemplar50-6
Crime and society (The Reference shelf) 1 exemplar51-2
Southern Africa (Reference Shelf) by Grant S. McClellan 3 exemplar51-3
Representative American Speeches: 1978-1979 by Waldo W. Braden 2 exemplar51-4
Human Life: Controversies and Concerns by Bruce Bohle 3 exemplar51-5
Emerging China (Reference Shelf, V. 52, No. 1.) by Thomas Draper 3 exemplar52-1
Prospects for Energy in America (Reference Shelf, V. 52, No. 3.) by Eric F. Oatman 3 exemplar52-3
Humans and Animals (The Reference Shelf Series: Vol. 52, No. 4) by John S. Baky 2 exemplar52-4
Immigrants, refugees, and U.S. policy by Grant S. McClellan 1 exemplar52-6
The Issue of gun control by Thomas Draper 1 exemplar53-1
Television and American culture by Carl Lowe 2 exemplar53-2
Democracy and Dictatorship in Latin America by Thomas Draper 1 exemplar53-3
Military Draft (The Reference shelf) by Jason Berger 3 exemplar53-4
Representative American Speeches: 1980-1981 by Owen Peterson 2 exemplar53-5
Censorship and Education (The Reference shelf) by Eli M. Oboler 2 exemplar53-6
Human Rights (The Reference Shelf ; V. 54, No. 1) by Thomas Draper 1 exemplar54-1
U.S. defense policy (The Reference shelf) 2 exemplar54-2
Transportation in America by Donald Altschiller 3 exemplar54-3
Representative American Speeches: 1981-1982 by Owen Peterson 2 exemplar54-5
Northern Ireland (The Reference shelf) by Jonathan Bartlett 5 exemplar54-6
Israel and the Middle East by Thomas Draper 3 exemplar55-1
The Nuclear freeze debate (The Reference shelf) 3 exemplar55-2
U.S. Foreign Policy (Reference Shelf; V. 55, No. 3) by Marlo Reddleman 1 exemplar55-3
American industry by Vernon Whitford 3 exemplar55-6
The Problem of international debt by Christopher A. Kojm 2 exemplar56-1
Poland (The Reference shelf) by William P. Lineberry 4 exemplar56-2
Representative American Speeches: 1983-1984 by Owen Peterson 2 exemplar56-4
American education by Robert Emmet Long 2 exemplar56-5
Race and Politics (The Reference Shelf, Vol 56, No 6) by Elizabeth Burgoyne 1 exemplar56-6
The Problem of immigration by Steven Anzovin 1 exemplar57-1
Capital punishment by Thomas Draper 1 exemplar57-2
The Federal Deficit (The Reference Shelf, Vol 57/No 4) by Andrew C. Kimmens 2 exemplar57-4
Sports in America by Janet Podell 1 exemplar57-5
The Star Wars debate by Steven Anzovin 1 exemplar58-1
Vietnam: Ten Years After (Reference Shelf, Vol 58, No 2) by Robert Emmet Long 3 exemplar58-2
Terrorism (The Reference Shelf Vol 58, No 3) by Steven Anzovin 3 exemplar58-3
Mexico by Robert Emmet Long 2 exemplar58-4
Rock Music in America (Reference Shelf) by Janet Podell 2 exemplar58-6
Nicaragua and the United States by Andrew C. Kimmens 2 exemplar59-2
AIDS (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 2 exemplar59-3
Religion in American Life (The Reference Shelf V59 No.5) by Janet Podell 5 exemplar59-5
The U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court (The Reference Shelf, Vol 60 , No 1) by Janet Podell 5 exemplar60-1
Soviet Union (The Reference Shelf, Vol 60, No 2) by Janet Podell 5 exemplar60-2
Free trade versus protectionism by Donald Altschiller 1 exemplar60-3
Gun control by Robert Emmet Long 2 exemplar60-6
Palestinian Problem (Reference Shelf : Vol 61, No 1) by Andrew C. Kimmens 4 exemplar61-1
Ethics in Politics and Government (Reference Shelf) by Anne Marie Donahue 2 exemplar61-2
Energy and Conservation (The Reference Shelf, V 61, No 4) by Robert Emmet Long 3 exemplar61-4
Political Change in Southeast Asia (The Reference Shelf; Vol 61, No 5) by Donald Altschiller 4 exemplar, 1 recension61-5
Censorship (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 3 exemplar62-3
Islamic politics and the modern world by Andrew C. Kimmens 2 exemplar62-5
Representative American Speeches: 1989-1990 by Owen Peterson 2 exemplar62-6
Our Future in Space (Reference Shelf) 1 exemplar63-2
Animal Rights and Welfare (The Reference Shelf, Vol. 63, No. 4) by Jeanne Williams 4 exemplar63-4
Representative American Speeches: 1990-1991 by Owen Peterson 5 exemplar63-6
The Reunification of Germany (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 1 exemplar64-1
The Homeless problem by Matthew A. Kraljic 2 exemplar64-2
Greenhouse Effect (The Reference Shelf) by Matthew A. Kraljic 2 exemplar64-3
Immigration to the United States (Reference Shelf, Vol 64, No 4) by Robert Emmet Long 2 exemplar64-4
Women in the Military (The Reference Shelf, Fol 64, No 5) by E. A. Blacksmith 2 exemplar64-5
Representative American Speeches: 1991-1992 by Owen Peterson 2 exemplar64-6
The Breakup of Communism: The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (Reference Shelf) by Matthew A. Kraljic 6 exemplar65-1
The United Nations' Role in World Affairs (Reference Shelf) by Donald Altschiller 1 exemplar65-2
Banking Scandals: The S&Ls and Bcci (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 3 exemplar65-3
Women's Issues (The Reference Shelf, Vol 65, No 5) by Robin Brown 2 exemplar65-5
Representative American Speeches: 1992-1993 by Owen Peterson 3 exemplar65-6
Children in Crisis (Reference Shelf) by Robin Brown 4 exemplar66-1
English: Our Official Language? (Reference Shelf) by Bee Gallegos 3 exemplar66-2
China at the Crossroads (Reference Shelf, Vol 66, No 3) by Donald Altschiller 7 exemplar66-3
Religious Cults in America (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 3 exemplar66-4
Criminal Sentencing (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 1 exemplar67-1
Suicide by Robert E. Long 2 exemplar67-2
Genetics & society by Penelope Barker 1 exemplar67-3
The Information Revolution (The Reference Shelf ; V. 67, No. 5) by Donald Altschiller 0 exemplar67-5
Balancing the Federal Budget (Reference Shelf) by J. W. Aros 1 exemplar68-2
Crime in America (Reference Shelf Series, Vol. 68, No. 5) by Suzanne Elizabeth Kender 2 exemplar, 1 recension68-5
Representative American Speeches: 1995-1996 by Cal M. Logue 2 exemplar68-6
Terrorism in the United States (Reference Shelf) by Frank McGuckin 3 exemplar69-1
Wildlife Conservation (Reference Shelf) by Hilary D. Claggett 3 exemplar69-2
Rights to Privacy (Reference Shelf) by Robert Emmet Long 4 exemplar69-3
Substance Abuse (Reference Shelf) by Joseph W. Sora 2 exemplar69-4
Russia and Eastern Europe (Reference Shelf) by Clifford Thompson 2 exemplar70-2
Corporate Power in the United States (Reference Shelf) by Joseph W. Sora 2 exemplar70-3
Volunteerism (The Reference Shelf, V. 70, No. 4) by Frank McGuckin 4 exemplar70-4
The Internet (The References Shelf, V. 70, No. 5) by Gray Young 2 exemplar70-5
Representative American Speeches: 1997-1998 by Cal M. Logue 2 exemplar70-6
The Power of the Press (Reference Shelf) by Denise M. Bonilla 2 exemplar71-1
Space Exploration (Reference Shelf) by Christopher Mari 3 exemplar71-2
Chemical and Biological Warfare by Brian Solomon 3 exemplar71-3
The global ecology by Edward Moran 3 exemplar71-4
The 21st Century (Reference Shelf) by Hilary D. Claggett 4 exemplar71-5
Representative American Speeches: 1998-1999 by Calvin M. Logue 2 exemplar71-6
School Violence (Reference Shelf) by Denise Bonilla, editor 6 exemplar72-1
Police in Society (Reference Shelf) by Terence J. Fitzgerald 7 exemplar72-2
Aging In America (Reference Shelf) by Olivia J. Smith 2 exemplar72-3
Biotechnology (Reference Shelf) by Lynn Messina 6 exemplar72-4
Globalization (Reference Shelf) by Katie Sjusen 5 exemplar72-5
Representative American Speeches: 1999-2000 by Calvin Logue 2 exemplar72-6
Campaign Finance Reform (The Reference Shelf, Volume 73 - Number 1) by Christopher Luna 7 exemplar73-1
Sports in America (the Reference Shelf Ser., No. 73) by Lynn M. (Editor) Messina 5 exemplar73-2
U.S. Foreign Policy Since the Cold War (Reference Shelf) by Richard Joseph Stein 5 exemplar73-4
The American Prison System (Reference Shelf) by Peter G. Herman 5 exemplar73-5
Changing U.S. Demographics (Reference Shelf) by Norris Smith 4 exemplar74-1
Energy Policy (Reference Shelf) by Martha Hostetter 5 exemplar74-2
Religion in Politics and Society (Reference Shelf) by Michael Kelly 8 exemplar74-3
Health Care (Reference Shelf) by Jennifer Peloso 3 exemplar74-4
China (Reference Shelf) by Dimitri Cavalli 5 exemplar74-5
Representative American Speeches: 2001-2002 by Calvin M. Logue 4 exemplar74-6
The Muslim World (Reference Shelf) by Geoffrey Orens 5 exemplar75-1
The American Family (Reference Shelf) by Karen Duda 3 exemplar75-2
Warfare in the 21st Century by Jeremy K. Brown 2 exemplar75-3
Urban Planning (Reference Shelf) by Andrew I. Cavin 6 exemplar75-4
Intellectual Property (Reference Shelf) by Jennifer Peloso 4 exemplar75-5
Representative American Speeches: 2002-2003 by Calvin M. Logue 3 exemplar75-6
Homeland Security (Reference Shelf) by Norris Smith 4 exemplar76-1
U.S. National Debate Topic 2004-2005: The United Nations (Reference Shelf) by Cullen Thomas 3 exemplar76-2
The Two Koreas (Reference Shelf) by Jennifer Peloso 4 exemplar76-3
The United States Election System by Paul McCaffrey 10 exemplar76-4
The Car and its Future (Reference Shelf) by Kaitlen Jay Exum 3 exemplar76-5
Representative American Speeches: 2003-2004 by Calvin M. Logue 1 exemplar76-6
The European Union (Reference Shelf) by Norris Smith 5 exemplar77-1
Free Trade (Reference Shelf) by Jennifer Peloso 6 exemplar, 1 recension77-2
U.s. Civil Liberties: U.s. National Debate Topic, 2005-2006 (Reference Shelf) by Lara Weibgen 5 exemplar77-3
Women's Rights (Reference Shelf) by Jennifer Curry 7 exemplar77-4
The United States Supreme Court (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 9 exemplar77-5
Representative American Speeches: 2004-2005 by Calvin M. Logue 2 exemplar77-6
Global Climate Change (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 11 exemplar78-1
New Media (The Reference Shelf) by Albert Rolls 7 exemplar78-2
The U.S. National Debate Topic 2006-2007: National Service (Reference Shelf) by Ronald Eniclerico 5 exemplar78-3
Jobs in America by David Ramm 5 exemplar78-4
Evolution (Reference Shelf) by In-young Chang 5 exemplar78-5
Representative American Speeches: 2005-2006 by Calvin M. Logue 5 exemplar78-6
Hispanic Americans (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 6 exemplar79-1
Global Epidemics (Reference Shelf) by Christopher Mari 4 exemplar79-2
U.S. National Debate Topic 2007-08: Health Care in Sub-saharan Africa (Reference Shelf) by Forrest Cole 5 exemplar79-3
International Perspectives on Education (Reference Shelf) by Albert Rolls 6 exemplar79-4
World Hunger (Reference Shelf) by Claire Stanford 6 exemplar79-5
Representative American Speeches: 2006-2007 by Jennifer Curry 5 exemplar79-6
Celebrity Culture in the United States (Reference Shelf) by Terence J. Fitzgerald 11 exemplar80-1
Water Supply (Reference Shelf) by Richard Joseph Stein 4 exemplar80-2
U.S. National Debate Topic 2008-2009: Alternative Energy (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 6 exemplar80-3
The American Presidency (Reference Shelf) by Christopher Mari 8 exemplar80-4
The next space age by Christopher Mari 3 exemplar80-5
Representative American Speeches: 2007-2008 by Brian Boucher 4 exemplar80-6
The Brain (Reference Shelf) by Kenneth Partridge 8 exemplar81-1
Internet Safety (Reference Shelf) by Richard Joseph Stein 16 exemplar, 2 recensioner81-2
U.S. National Debate Topic 2009-2010 (Reference Shelf) by Margaret Roush 11 exemplar81-3
Immigration in the United States (Reference Shelf) by W. S. Dvorak 8 exemplar81-4
The Paranormal (Reference Shelf) by Kenneth Partridge 11 exemplar81-5
Representative American Speeches: 2008-2009 by Brian Boucher 8 exemplar81-6
Robotics (Reference Shelf) by Kenneth Partridge 7 exemplar82-1
The News and Its Future (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 13 exemplar82-2
U. S. National Debate Topic 2010-2011 (Reference Shelf) by Kenneth Partridge 8 exemplar82-3
Russia (Reference Shelf) by Richard Joseph Stein 8 exemplar82-4
Graphic Novels and Comic Books (Reference Shelf) by Katharine Kan 21 exemplar, 1 recension82-5
Representative American Speeches: 2009-2010 by Brian Boucher 7 exemplar82-6
Social Networking (Reference Shelf) by Kenneth Partridge 12 exemplar83-1
Dinosaurs (Reference Shelf) by Hw Wilson 8 exemplar83-2
U.S. National Debate Topic 2011-2012: American Space Exploration and Development (Reference Shelf) by Christopher Mari 8 exemplar83-3
U.s. Infrastructure (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 9 exemplar83-4
Politics of the Oceans (Reference Shelf) by Kenneth Partridge 6 exemplar83-5
Representative American Speeches: 2010-2011 by Brian Boucher 5 exemplar83-6
Conspiracy Theories (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 12 exemplar84-1
The Arab Spring (Reference Shelf) by Paul McCaffrey 8 exemplar84-2


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