SerierTeach Yourself Languages

216 Verk Popularitet 841 (7,520 Medlemmar) 15,275 Böcker 74 Recensioner 3.4
Comparative Linguistics (Teach Yourself) by Robert Lord 30 exemplar, 1 recensiongeneral
A short dictionary of languages by D. S. Parlett 11 exemplargeneral
Teach yourself to learn a language by P. J. T. Glendening 16 exemplar, 2 recensionergeneral
Teach Yourself : Good English by G. H. Thornton 13 exemplarEnglish
Teach Yourself Beginner's Italian Grammar by Vittoria Bowles Protej 12 exemplar
Teach Yourself English Grammar by B.A. Phythian 50 exemplarEnglish
Teach Yourself German Vocabulary by Susan Ashworth-Fiedler 22 exemplar
Teach Yourself Latin American Spanish Complete Course by Juan Kattan-Ibarra 52 exemplar, 1 recension
Teach Yourself Lithuanian Complete Course Package (Book 2CDs) (TY: Complete Courses) by Meilute Ramoniene 7 exemplar
Teach Yourself Lithuanian, Complete Course (Book Only) (Teach Yourself) by Meilute Ramoniene 7 exemplar
Teach Yourself Quick-Fix Spanish Grammar by Keith Chambers 9 exemplar
Teach Yourself Swahili Dictionary by D V Perrott 95 exemplarSwahili
Teach Yourself Thai by David Smyth 54 exemplar
Afrikaans by Helena van Schalkwyk 70 exemplarAfrikaans
Teach yourself : Afrikaans by M.P.O. Burgers 27 exemplar, 1 recensionAfrikaans
Teach Yourself : Arabic by A. S. Tritton 99 exemplar, 2 recensionerArabic
Teach Yourself : Colloquial Arabic by T. F. Mitchell 36 exemplarArabic
Teach Yourself Arabic by J. R. Smart 265 exemplarArabic
Teach Yourself Beginner's Arabic Script by John Mace 149 exemplarArabic
Teach Yourself Gulf Arabic by J. R. Smart 37 exemplarArabic
Complete Babylonian: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: Level 4) by Martin Worthington 47 exemplarBabylonian
Teach Yourself Bengali by D. F. Hudson 18 exemplar, 1 recensionBengali
Teach Yourself Bengali by William Radice 81 exemplarBengali
Teach Yourself Bulgarian Complete Course by Michael Holman 45 exemplarBulgarian
Cantonese by R. Bruce 51 exemplar, 1 recensionCantonese
Get Started in Cantonese by Jacqueline Lam 4 exemplarCantonese
Teach Yourself Languages: Cantonese by Hugh Baker 62 exemplar, 1 recensionCantonese
Teach Yourself Catalan by Alan Yates 119 exemplar, 1 recensionCatalan
Teach Yourself : Chinese by Henry Raymond Williamson 50 exemplar, 2 recensionerChinese
Beginner's Chinese : an easy introduction by Elizabeth Scurfield 98 exemplarChinese
Teach Yourself Beginner's Chinese Script by Elizabeth Scurfield 92 exemplar, 1 recensionChinese
Teach Yourself Chinese by Elizabeth Scurfield 158 exemplar, 3 recensionerChinese
Teach Yourself Croatian Complete Course by David Norris 43 exemplarCroatian
Teach Yourself : Czech by W.R. Lee 75 exemplarCzech
Teach Yourself Czech: A Complete Course for Beginners by David Short 94 exemplar, 2 recensionerCzech
Teach Yourself Danish by H.A. Koefoed 106 exemplar, 1 recensionDanish
Teach Yourself Danish: A Complete Course for Beginners by Bente Elsworth 65 exemplarDanish
Concise Dutch-English, English-Dutch Dictionary by Peter King 27 exemplarDutch
Dutch Dictionary: English-Dutch, Dutch-English by Peter King 34 exemplarDutch
The E.U.P. Concise Dutch and English Dictionary; Together With a Concise Dutch Grammar by P. K King 5 exemplarDutch
Teach Yourself : Dutch by H. Koolhoven 141 exemplarDutch
Teach Yourself Beginner's Dutch by Lesley Gilbert 13 exemplarDutch
Teach Yourself Beginner's Dutch by Gerdi Quist 36 exemplarDutch
Teach Yourself Dutch Complete Course Package by Gerdi Quist 30 exemplar, 1 recensionDutch
Teach Yourself Dutch Conversation by Marleen Owen 5 exemplarDutch
Teach Yourself Dutch Conversation by Marleen Owen 8 exemplarDutch
Teach Yourself Dutch Grammar by Gerdi Quist 29 exemplar, 1 recensionDutch
Teach Yourself Dutch: A Complete Course for Beginners by Lesley Gilbert 160 exemplarDutch
Concise Esperanto and English Dictionary: Esperanto-English/English-Esperanto by J. C. Wells 198 exemplar, 1 recensionEsperanto
Teach Yourself : Esperanto by John Cresswell 292 exemplar, 1 recensionEsperanto
Teach Yourself : Finnish by Arthur H. Whitney 112 exemplar, 1 recensionFinnish
Teach Yourself Finnish by Terttu Leney 147 exemplar, 1 recensionFinnish
Beginner's French by Catrine Carpenter 74 exemplarFrench
A first French by Norman Scarlyn Wilson 17 exemplarFrench
A French reader (Teach yourself books) by N. Scarlyn Wilson 3 exemplarFrench
Instant French by Elisabeth Smith 52 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself : Everyday French by N. Scarlyn Wilson 51 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself : French by Sir John Adams 93 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself : French Grammar by E.S. Jenkins 44 exemplar, 1 recensionFrench
Teach Yourself Basic French by Jean-Claude Arragon 12 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself French Dictionary by Teach Yourself 16 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself French Grammar by Jean-Claude Arragon 93 exemplar, 1 recensionFrench
The Teach Yourself French Phrase Book by Ena Fowler 13 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself French Verbs by Marie Therese Weston 27 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself French: A Complete Course for Beginners (book and CD) by Gaëlle Graham 154 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself Further French by Robert Olorenshaw 21 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself Improve Your French by Jean-Claude Arragon 48 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself Quick-Fix French Grammar by Wendy Bourbon 18 exemplarFrench
Teach Yourself Gaelic by Roderick Mackinnon 238 exemplar, 1 recensionGaelic
Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course by Boyd Robertson 394 exemplar, 1 recensionGaelic
Teach Yourself Gaelic Conversation by Boyd Robertson 5 exemplarGaelic
Teach Yourself Gaelic Dictionary by Boyd Robertson 66 exemplarGaelic
Teach Yourself : German 4 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself : German by Leonard Cutts 7 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself : German by Paul Coggle 180 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself : German grammar by P.G. Wilson 59 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself : German phrase book by Johanna Hamilton 17 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself : German reader by Leslie Stringer 7 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself : More German by Sydney W. Wells 28 exemplar, 1 recensionGerman
Teach Yourself Basic German by Norman Paxton 29 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself Beginner's German Grammar by Susan Ashworth-Fiedler 11 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself First German by L. Stringer 31 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself Further German by Paul Coggle 28 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself German by Sir John Adams 123 exemplar, 1 recensionGerman
Teach Yourself German Grammar by Jenny Russ 92 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself German Verbs by Silvia Robertson 38 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself Improve Your German by Paul Coggle 24 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourself Quick Fix German Grammar by Susan Ashworth-Fiedler 18 exemplarGerman
Teach Yourslf Beginner's German by Rosi McNab 82 exemplarGerman
Ancient Greek (Teach Yourself) by Gavin Betts 280 exemplarGreek
Holiday Greek by Hara Garoufalia-Middle 5 exemplarGreek
New Testament Greek by Gavin Betts 58 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself : Greek by F. Kinchin Smith 195 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself : Modern Greek by S. A Sofroniou 123 exemplar, 2 recensionerGreek
Teach Yourself : New Testament Greek by D. F. Hudson 183 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself Beginner's Greek by Aristarhos Matsukas 34 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself Beginner's Greek Script by Sheila Hunt 20 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself Greek Conversation by Howard Middle 7 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself Greek: A Course for Beginners by Aristarhos Matsukas 105 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself Modern Greek Phrase Book by Vivienne Sharp 5 exemplar, 1 recensionGreek
Teach Yourself One Day Greek by Elisabeth Smith 2 exemplarGreek
Teach Yourself Gujarati by Rachel Dwyer 20 exemplar, 1 recensionGujarati
Hausa by Charles H. Kraft 40 exemplarHausa
Teach Yourself Biblical Hebrew by Sarah Nicholsen 44 exemplarHebrew
Teach Yourself Biblical Hebrew by R. K. Harrison 295 exemplar, 1 recensionHebrew
Teach Yourself Modern Hebrew by Shula Gilboa 33 exemplarHebrew
Teach Yourself Hieroglyphics by Ronald L. Bonewitz 78 exemplarHieroglyphics
Teach Yourself Beginner's Hindi by Rupert Snell 64 exemplarHindi
Teach Yourself Beginner's Hindi Script by Rupert Snell 146 exemplar, 2 recensionerHindi
Teach Yourself Hindi by Mohini Rao 56 exemplarHindi
Teach Yourself Hindi Complete Course by Rupert Snell 264 exemplarHindi
Teach Yourself Hindi Conversation (3CDs + Guide) (Teach Yourself Conversation Packs) by Rupert Snell 17 exemplarHindi
Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary by Rupert Snell 51 exemplarHindi
Teach Yourself Hindustani by T. Grahame Bailey 7 exemplar, 1 recensionHindustani
Teach Yourself Hungarian by Zsuzsa Pontifex 117 exemplarHungarian
Teach Yourself : Icelandic by P. J. T. Glendening 165 exemplar, 3 recensionerIcelandic
Teach Yourself Icelandic Complete Course by Hildur Jónsdóttir 92 exemplarIcelandic
Indonesian (Teach Yourself Languages) by Christopher Byrnes 14 exemplarIndonesian
Teach Yourself Indonesian by John B. Kwee 60 exemplar, 2 recensionerIndonesian
Teach Yourself Irish Grammar by Eamonn O'Donaill 50 exemplarIrish
Teach Yourself Irish: A Complete Course for Beginners by Diarmuid O Se 337 exemplar, 2 recensionerIrish
Italian Grammar (Teach Yourself) by Anna Proudfoot 58 exemplarItalian
Italian Vocabulary (Teach Yourself Languages) by Mike Zollo 10 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself : Italian by Kathleen Speight 120 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself : Italian phrase book by Leonard Cutts 4 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself Beginner's Italian by Vittoria Bowles Protej 77 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself Italian by Lydia Vellaccio 188 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself Italian Extra! by Sylvia Lymbery 10 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself Italian Verbs by Maria Morris 26 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself Quick-Fix Italian Grammar (Teach Yourself Language) by Vittoria Bowles Protej 17 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself: Improve Your Italian (Teach Yourself Languages) by Sylvia Lymbery 18 exemplarItalian
Teach Yourself : Japanese by C.J. Dunn 84 exemplarJapanese
Teach Yourself Beginner's Japanese by Helen Gilhooly 126 exemplarJapanese
Teach Yourself Beginner's Japanese Script by Helen Gilhooly 145 exemplar, 2 recensionerJapanese
Teach Yourself Japanese by H. J. Ballhatchet 138 exemplarJapanese
Teach Yourself Japanese Conversation by Helen Gilhooly 6 exemplarJapanese
Teach Yourself Korean by Mark Vincent 102 exemplarKorean
Beginner's Latin Audiopackage by G. D. A. Sharpley 29 exemplarLatin
Teach yourself : Latin by F. Kinchin Smith 138 exemplarLatin
Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin by G. D. A. Sharpley 206 exemplar, 3 recensionerLatin
Teach Yourself Latin Dictionary by Alastair Wilson 140 exemplarLatin
Teach Yourself Latin Grammar by Gregory Klyve 47 exemplarLatin
Teach Yourself Latin: A Complete Course for Beginners by Gavin Betts 461 exemplar, 3 recensionerLatin
Teach Yourself Latvian by Tereza Budina Lazdina 22 exemplarLatvian
Teach Yourself Latvian (Teach Yourself Complete Courses) by Marite Sapiets 7 exemplarLatvian
Teach Yourself : Malay by Martha Blanche Lewis 38 exemplar, 1 recensionMalay
Teach Yourself Maltese Complete Course by Joseph Aquilina 56 exemplar, 1 recensionMaltese
Teach Yourself : Norwegian by Alf Sommerfelt 128 exemplar, 1 recensionNorwegian
Teach Yourself Nepali Complete Course by Michael Hutt 35 exemplarNepali
Teach Yourself Norwegian Complete Course by Margaretha Danbolt Simons 103 exemplarNorwegian
Teach Yourself : Old English by Leslie Blakeley 73 exemplarOld English
Teach Yourself Old English Package (Book 2CDs) by Mark Atherton 129 exemplarOld English
Teach Yourself : Modern Persian by John Mace 114 exemplarPersian
Teach Yourself Modern Persian/Farsi Complete Course Audiopack by Narguess Farzad 55 exemplar, 1 recensionPersian
Teach Yourself : Polish by M. Corbridge-Patkaniowska 101 exemplar, 1 recensionPolish
Teach Yourself Polish by Nigel Gotteri 82 exemplarPolish
Holiday Portuguese (Teach Yourself) by Hilary Fleming 4 exemplarPortuguese
Psychology: Cambridge International As and a Level Psychology Revision Guide by David Clarke 22 exemplarPortuguese
Teach Yourself : Portuguese by John William Barker 55 exemplarPortuguese
Teach Yourself Beginner's Portuguese by Sue Tyson-Ward 28 exemplarPortuguese
Teach yourself Brazilian Portuguese by Sue Tyson-Ward 70 exemplarPortuguese
Teach Yourself Portuguese Conversation by Sue Tyson-Ward 4 exemplarPortuguese
Teach Yourself Portuguese Grammar by Sue Tyson-Ward 24 exemplarPortuguese
Teach Yourself Portuguese: A Complete Audio Course for Beginners by Manuela Cook 69 exemplarPortuguese
Punjabi (Teach Yourself) by Christopher Shackle 19 exemplarPunjabi
Teach Yourself Panjabi Complete Course by Surjit Singh Kalra 27 exemplar, 3 recensionerPunjabi
Teach Yourself Languages: Romanian by Virgiliu Stefanescu-Draganesti 38 exemplar, 1 recensionRomanian
Teach Yourself Romanian Complete Course by Dennis Deletant 131 exemplarRomanian
Concise Russian-English, English-Russian Dictionary (Teach Yourself) by J. Grosberg 2 exemplarRussian
Teach Yourself : Russian by Maximilian Fourman 71 exemplarRussian
Teach Yourself : Russian phrase book by J. Burnip 15 exemplarRussian
Teach Yourself Beginner's Russian Script by Daphne West 68 exemplar, 1 recensionRussian
Teach Yourself Beginner's Russian: An Easy Introduction by Rachel Farmer 89 exemplarRussian
Teach Yourself Business Russian by Olga Bridges 9 exemplarRussian
Teach Yourself Russian by Daphne M. West 182 exemplar, 1 recensionRussian
Teach Yourself Russian Grammar by Daphne West 31 exemplarRussian
Teach Yourself : Samoan by C. C. Marsack 35 exemplar, 1 recensionSamoan
Sanskrit: A Complete Course for Beginners by Michael Coulson 377 exemplar, 1 recensionSanskrit
Complete Serbian: A Teach Yourself Guide by Vladislava Ribnikar 6 exemplarSerbian
Teach Yourself : Serbo-Croat by Vera Javarek 45 exemplar, 2 recensionerSerbo-Croat
Teach Yourself : Serbo-Croatian phrase book by Viola Ellis 3 exemplarSerbo-Croat
Teach Yourself Serbo-Croat Complete Course by David A. Norris 41 exemplarSerbo-Croat
Teach Yourself Slovene (Teach Yourself Complete Courses) by Andrea Albretti 18 exemplarSlovene
Complete Spanish: A Teach Yourself Guide by Juan Kattán-Ibarra 36 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself : Everyday Spanish by L.D. Collier 27 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself : Spanish by N. Scarlyn Wilson 85 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself : Spanish phrase book by W. W. Timms 7 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself Beginner's Spanish by Mark Stacey 58 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself Further Spanish by Juan Kattan-Ibarra 12 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself Spanish by Juan Kattan-Ibarra 200 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself Spanish Grammar by Juan Kattan-Ibarra 65 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself Spanish Language, Life, and Culture by Mike Zollo 9 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself Spanish Vocabulary by Mike Zollo 24 exemplarSpanish
Teach Yourself : Swahili by D V Perrott 126 exemplar, 1 recensionSwahili
Teach Yourself Swahili Complete Course by Joan Russell 114 exemplarSwahili
Teach Yourself Swedish Complete Course by Vera Croghan 134 exemplarSwedish
Teach Yourself Tagalog Complete Course by Corazon Salvacion Castle 27 exemplarTagalog
Teach Yourself : Turkish by Geoffrey Lewis 82 exemplarTurkish
Teach Yourself Beginner's Turkish by Asuman Çelen Pollard 34 exemplarTurkish
Teach Yourself Turkish Complete Course Audiopackage by Asuman Celen Pollard 150 exemplar, 1 recensionTurkish
Ukrainian by Olena Bekh 41 exemplarUkrainian
Teach Yourself : Urdu by T. Grahame Bailey 25 exemplarUrdu
Teach Yourself Beginner's Urdu Script by Richard Delacy 38 exemplarUrdu
Teach Yourself Beginner's Urdu Script (Teach Yourself) by Richard Delacey 11 exemplarUrdu
Teach Yourself Urdu Complete Course [Book + 2CD's] by David Matthews 78 exemplarUrdu
Vietnamese by Dana Healy 23 exemplarVietnamese
Living Welsh by T J Rhys Jones 107 exemplarWelsh
Teach Yourself Welsh by Julie Brake 103 exemplar, 1 recensionWelsh
Teach yourself Welsh by J.T. Bowen 92 exemplarWelsh
Teach Yourself Welsh Conversation by Christine Jones 5 exemplarWelsh
Teach Yourself Welsh Grammar (Teach Yourself Language) by Christine Jones 20 exemplarWelsh
Welsh by T J Rhys Jones 124 exemplarWelsh
Welsh Dictionary by Edwin C. Lewis 62 exemplar, 1 recensionWelsh
Xhosa by Beverley Kirsch 18 exemplarXhosa
Yoruba by E.C. Rowlands 43 exemplarYoruba
Teach Yourself Zulu by Arnett Wilkes 24 exemplarZulu


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