FörlagsserieEveryday Handbooks

Biology for All (Everyday Handbooks) by Abraham B Perkel 2 exemplar
Home Book of Money-saving Formulas, The by Paul Doring 3 exemplar
Law guide for all (Everyday handbooks) by Ira H Ruben 3 exemplar
Personality improvement for all, by Edna Barbara Smith 1 exemplar
Russian for Beginners by Charles Duff 177 exemplar
Word-mastery for all: vocabulary improvement, pronunciation, speaking, debating, letter writing (Everyday handbook series) by Lloyd Edwin Smith 1 exemplar
Folk dances for all by Michael Herman 11 exemplar203
Nature for All (Everyday Handbooks) by Featherstonhaugh Duane 2 exemplar214
Plot Outlines of 100 Famous Novels by Roland A. Goodman 69 exemplar215
German for Beginners by Charles Duff 110 exemplar217
Ideas of the Great Philosophers by William S. Sahakian 343 exemplar, 1 recension218
Plot Outlines of 100 Famous Plays by Van H. Cartmell 36 exemplar236
How to draw and paint by Alexander Z. Kruse 16 exemplar244
History of England at a glance by William Lloyd McElwee 6 exemplar246
French for Beginners by Charles Duff 61 exemplar252
A dictionary of English literature; by Homer Andrew Watt 8 exemplar258
A handbook of English literature by Homer Andrew Watt 7 exemplar258
EVERYDAY HANDBOOKS DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN POLITICS by Arnold John Edward Conrad And Zurcher Snith 1 exemplar261
The club member's handbook by Lucy Richardson Milligan 7 exemplar263
Spanish for Beginners by Charles Duff 86 exemplar, 1 recension271
The Book of Scientific Discovery: How Science Has Aided Human Welfare by D. M. Turner 4 exemplar275
Play Bridge with Reese by Terence Reese 34 exemplar276
Introduction to the Humanities; Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music, and Literature by Doris Van De Bogart 25 exemplar277
Famous Books, Ancient and Medieval by Robert Bingham Downs 45 exemplar297