FörlagsserieWisdom of the East

The Alchemy of Happiness by Al-Ghazzali 147 exemplar, 2 recensioner
Autumn Wind Haiku: Selected Poems by Kobayashi Issa by Issa Kobayashi 50 exemplar
Chinese Buddhist Verse by Richard H. Robinson 11 exemplar
The conduct of life; or, The universal order of Confucius by ZiSi 2 exemplar
The Confessions of Al Ghazzali by Al Ghazzali 11 exemplar
An essay on landscape painting by Guo Xi 9 exemplar
A Feast of Lanterns by John Launcelot Cranmer-Byng 5 exemplar
A Flight of Swans: Poems from Balākā by Rabindranath Tagore 7 exemplar, 1 recension
A Gallery of Chinese Immortals by Lionel Giles 5 exemplar
The harvest of leisure : translated from the Tsure-Zure Gusa by Ryukichi Kurata (trans.) 1 exemplar
Karma and Rebirth by Christmas Humphreys 49 exemplar
A Lute of Jade, Being Selections From the Classical Poets of China by John Launcelot Cranmer-Byng 26 exemplar
The Persian mystics by Rumi 2 exemplar
The Persian Mystics: ʻAṭṭār by Margaret Smith 2 exemplar
The Rapier of Lu: Patron Poet of China by Yu Lu 0 exemplar
The Sayings of Confucius 1920 by J.L. [editor] Cranmer-Byng 2 exemplar, 1 recension
The Sayings of Lao Tzu by Lao Tzu 21 exemplar
The Spirit of Japanese Poetry by Yone Noguchi 13 exemplar, 2 recensioner
The Spirit of Zen: A Way of Life, Work, and Art in the Far East (Wisdom of the East) by Alan Watts 350 exemplar, 2 recensioner
Dao De Jing by Lao Tzu 18,340 exemplar, 217 recensioner
A Taoist notebook by Edward Herbert 8 exemplar
Taoist teachings from the book of Lieh Tzǔ by Lieh-tzu 16 exemplar
Wisdom of the East Buddhist Psalms translated from the Japanese of Shinran Shonin by Shinran 10 exemplar
Legends of Ancient Egypt by M. A. Murray 40 exemplar32
Wings of Death, the Last Poems of Rabindranath Tagore by Rabindranath Tagore 8 exemplar