FörlagsserieMoewig Science Fiction

Across a Billion Years by Robert Silverberg 322 exemplar, 6 recensioner3601
Address: Centauri by F. L. Wallace 37 exemplar, 1 recension3732
Alicia II by Robert Thurston 14 exemplar3606
The Alien Way by Gordon R. Dickson 316 exemplar, 3 recensioner3550
All Fools' Day by Edmund Cooper 134 exemplar, 3 recensioner3524
Ambulance Ship by James White 329 exemplar, 2 recensioner3507
Analog 1 by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar, 1 recension3547
Analog 2 by Hans Joachim Alpers 6 exemplar3559
Analog 3 by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3571
Analog 4 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3583
Analog 5 by Hans Joachim Alpers 5 exemplar3595
Analog 6 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3607
Analog 7 by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3626
Analog 8 by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3639
Die besten Fantasy- Stories I. ( Moewig Science Fiction). by Lin Carter 2 exemplar3747
Die besten Fantasy- Stories II. ( Science Fiction). by Lin Carter 1 exemplar3763
Bit inte solen by Tanith Lee 260 exemplar, 4 recensioner3585
The Black Mountains by Fred Saberhagen 138 exemplar, 1 recension3636
Der blaue Adept Band 1 by Piers Anthony 10 exemplar3662
Der blaue Adept II. by Piers Anthony 12 exemplar3679
Bloodhype by Alan Dean Foster 885 exemplar, 9 recensioner3597
The Bloody Sun and "to Keep the Oath" (Gregg Press science fiction series) by Marion Zimmer Bradley 68 exemplar, 1 recension3572
The Blue World by Jack Vance 474 exemplar, 8 recensioner3509
The Book of Skulls by Robert Silverberg 916 exemplar, 22 recensioner3500
The Broken Lands (Empire of the East, Book 1) by Fred Saberhagen 162 exemplar, 2 recensioner3635
Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad 671 exemplar, 10 recensioner3562
The Butterfly Kid by Chester Anderson 141 exemplar, 6 recensioner3664
Bärsärk by Fred Saberhagen 707 exemplar, 11 recensioner3692
The Catalyst by Charles L. Harness 54 exemplar, 1 recension3594
Das Chamäleon- Korps. by Ron Goulart 8 exemplar3590
Cinnabar by Edward Bryant 186 exemplar, 2 recensioner3611
Circus World by Barry B. Longyear 251 exemplar, 5 recensioner3621
A City in the North by Marta Randall 50 exemplar, 1 recension3634
City of Baraboo by Barry B. Longyear 156 exemplar, 2 recensioner3598
City of Sorcery by Marion Zimmer Bradley 1,048 exemplar, 9 recensioner3726
Der Clark Darlton Reader by Clark Darlton 9 exemplar3612
Clickwhistle by William Jon Watkins 11 exemplar3526
The Cometeers by Jack Williamson 142 exemplar, 2 recensioner3645
The Crack in Space by Philip K. Dick 783 exemplar, 13 recensioner3581
Dark is the Sun by Philip José Farmer 377 exemplar, 4 recensioner3502
Darkover Landfall by Marion Zimmer Bradley 1,489 exemplar, 25 recensioner3653
The Day of the Klesh by M. A. Foster 110 exemplar, 1 recension3533
Diadem from the Stars by Jo Clayton 324 exemplar, 4 recensioner3532
The Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick 1,905 exemplar, 20 recensioner3650
The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth and Other Stories by Roger Zelazny 1,103 exemplar, 17 recensioner3505
Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny 1,156 exemplar, 18 recensioner3525
Dorsai! by Gordon R. Dickson 1,395 exemplar, 20 recensioner3608
Dr. Bloodmoney by Philip K. Dick 1,777 exemplar, 29 recensioner3638
Dr. Futurity by Philip K. Dick 506 exemplar, 9 recensioner3614
Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg 1,316 exemplar, 37 recensioner3657
Earthman's Burden by Poul Anderson 311 exemplar, 6 recensioner3530
Earthwind by Robert Holdstock 143 exemplar, 1 recension3522
Elephant Song by Barry B. Longyear 112 exemplar3691
The Eleventh Commandment by Lester Del Rey 153 exemplar, 1 recension3511
Endless universe by Marion Zimmer Bradley 252 exemplar, 4 recensioner3548
Eyes of Amber and Other Stories by Joan D. Vinge 244 exemplar, 2 recensioner3615
Faith of Tarot by Piers Anthony 543 exemplar, 3 recensioner3616
The Final Encyclopedia, Volume 2 of 2 by Gordon R. Dickson 74 exemplar3781
Find the Changeling by Gregory Benford 93 exemplar, 1 recension3582
Firebird by Charles L. Harness 111 exemplar, 4 recensioner3631
Fireflood and Other Stories by Vonda N. McIntyre 249 exemplar, 4 recensioner3551
Fireship / Mother And Child by Joan D. Vinge 39 exemplar3570
First Channel by Jacqueline Lichtenberg 165 exemplar, 3 recensioner3830
Der Flüchtling by Gordon R. Dickson 4 exemplar3780
The Forbidden Tower by Marion Zimmer Bradley 1,108 exemplar, 6 recensioner3553
Galactic Derelict by Andre Norton 517 exemplar, 8 recensioner3859
Gameplayers of Zan by M. A. Foster 228 exemplar, 5 recensioner3518
Gemischte Gefühle. by Ronald M. Hahn 9 exemplar3527
The Genesis Machine by James P. Hogan 450 exemplar, 4 recensioner3564
The Gentle Giants of Ganymede by James P. Hogan 572 exemplar, 8 recensioner3556
Ghosthunt by Jo Clayton 204 exemplar, 1 recension3672
Giants' Star by James P. Hogan 499 exemplar, 8 recensioner3622
Glimmungs värld by Philip K. Dick 1,202 exemplar, 14 recensioner3630
The God Machine by William Jon Watkins 24 exemplar, 2 recensioner3546
God of Tarot by Piers Anthony 695 exemplar, 3 recensioner3576
Godsfire by Cynthia Felice 79 exemplar, 2 recensioner3577
Greener Than You Think by Ward Moore 167 exemplar, 4 recensioner3510
Der grosse Ölkrieg by Hans Joachim Alpers 9 exemplar3531
Guardian by Thomas F. Monteleone 48 exemplar3602
En handfull mörker by Philip K. Dick 130 exemplar, 5 recensioner3543
Hegira by Greg Bear 370 exemplar, 2 recensioner3554
Here Abide Monsters by Andre Norton 327 exemplar, 2 recensioner3853
The Heritage of Hastur by Marion Zimmer Bradley 1,097 exemplar, 8 recensioner3515
The High Crusade by Poul Anderson 1,102 exemplar, 32 recensioner3566
House of Zeor by Jacqueline Lichtenberg 215 exemplar, 5 recensioner3610
The humanoid touch by Jack Williamson 239 exemplar, 4 recensioner3617
Hunters of the Red Moon by Marion Zimmer Bradley 528 exemplar, 1 recension3528
If the Stars are Gods by Gregory Benford 272 exemplar, 2 recensioner3573
IK 400 by Poul Anderson 737 exemplar, 22 recensioner3589
Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan 850 exemplar, 15 recensioner3538
The Instrumentality of Mankind by Cordwainer Smith 395 exemplar, 3 recensioner3579
Irsud by Jo Clayton 234 exemplar, 1 recension3552
Islands by Marta Randall 103 exemplar, 1 recension3605
The Jagged Orbit by John Brunner 629 exemplar, 10 recensioner3565
Journey by Marta Randall 116 exemplar3750
Junction by Jack Dann 29 exemplar3689
Juxtaposition by Piers Anthony 2,074 exemplar, 11 recensioner3696
The Keeper's Price by Marion Zimmer Bradley 562 exemplar, 3 recensioner3700
Kinder der Stürme I. ( Science Fiction). by George R. R. Martin 8 exemplar3669
Kinder der Stürme II. by George R. R. Martin 9 exemplar3681
Kopernikus 1 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3501
Kopernikus 10 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3632
Kopernikus 11 by Hans Joachim Alpers 5 exemplar3637
Kopernikus 12 by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3660
Kopernikus 13 by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3684
Kopernikus 14 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3694
Kopernikus 2 by Hans Joachim Alpers 6 exemplar3514
Kopernikus 3 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3523
Kopernikus 4 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3539
Kopernikus 5 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3563
Kopernikus 6 by Hans Joachim Alpers 5 exemplar3575
Kopernikus 7 by Hans Joachim Alpers 8 exemplar3587
Kopernikus 8 by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3599
Kopernikus 9 by Hans Joachim Alpers 9 exemplar3618
Lamarchos by Jo Clayton 247 exemplar, 1 recension3544
Die letzte Enzyklopädie: Das dritte Leben by Gordon R. Dickson 4 exemplar3782
Lord Valentine's Castle by Robert Silverberg 2,093 exemplar, 30 recensioner3667
Lost Dorsai by Gordon R. Dickson 404 exemplar, 1 recension3627
The Luck of Brin's Five by Cherry Wilder 90 exemplar, 3 recensioner3558
Maeve by Jo Clayton 225 exemplar, 2 recensioner3560
Die Majipoor-Chroniken, Bd. 1 by Robert Silverberg 6 exemplar3667
Die Majipoor-Chroniken, Bd. 2 by Robert Silverberg 8 exemplar3680
Makroliv : [roman] by George Zebrowski 200 exemplar, 4 recensioner3549
The Man in the Maze by Robert Silverberg 571 exemplar, 12 recensioner3578
The Man Who Japed by Philip K. Dick 667 exemplar, 7 recensioner3529
Masters of Everon by Gordon R. Dickson 361 exemplar, 3 recensioner3513
The Men in the Jungle by Norman Spinrad 171 exemplar, 2 recensioner3574
The Merman's Children by Poul Anderson 322 exemplar, 4 recensioner3516
Metropolis brennt. by Hans Joachim Alpers 9 exemplar3591
Minotaurus. Der letzte Minotaur. ( Science Fiction). by Thomas Burnett Swann 2 exemplar3837
Missing Man by Katherine MacLean 103 exemplar, 3 recensioner3586
The Nearest Fire by Cherry Wilder 35 exemplar, 1 recension3569
Now Wait for Last Year by Philip K. Dick 1,442 exemplar, 13 recensioner3520
The Nowhere Hunt by Jo Clayton 200 exemplar3625
One Against the Legion by Jack Williamson 97 exemplar, 1 recension3655
Opus 200. Bd. I. ( Science- Fiction). by Isaac Asimov 8 exemplar3658
Opus 200. Bd. II. ( Science- Fiction). by Isaac Asimov 6 exemplar3678
Outcasts of Heaven Belt by Joan D. Vinge 212 exemplar, 10 recensioner3545
Ozymandias by Thomas F. Monteleone 20 exemplar3620
Palast hinter den Wolken by Ugo Malaguti 5 exemplar3686
The Paradox Men by Charles L. Harness 230 exemplar, 2 recensioner3541
Pilgrimage by Drew Mendelson 51 exemplar, 1 recension3666
Preferred Risk by Frederik Pohl 159 exemplar3519
Professor Jamesons Weltraum-Abenteuer. by Neil R. Jones 3 exemplar3674
The Queen of the Legion by Jack Williamson 83 exemplar, 1 recension3756
Quester's Endgame by Jo Clayton 168 exemplar, 1 recension3820
Radio Free Albemuth by Philip K. Dick 1,477 exemplar, 23 recensioner3746
Red Sun of Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley 385 exemplar, 2 recensioner3881
Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny 1,003 exemplar, 12 recensioner3542
Rymdlegionen by Jack Williamson 282 exemplar, 5 recensioner3643
Schatten des Ichs. by Andreas Brandhorst 10 exemplar3623
Science Fiction Almanach 1981. by Hans Joachim Alpers 10 exemplar3506
Science Fiction Almanach 1982. by Hans Joachim Alpers 9 exemplar3555
Science Fiction Almanach 1983. by Hans Joachim Alpers 9 exemplar3603
Science Fiction Almanach 1984. by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3628
Science Fiction Almanach 1985. by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3656
Science Fiction Almanach 1986 by Hans Joachim Alpers 6 exemplar3690
Science Fiction Almanach 1987 by Hans Joachim Alpers 3 exemplar3724
Science Fiction Highlights 7 by Poul Anderson 1 exemplar3713
Science Fiction Highlights I by Philip K. Dick 4 exemplar3707
Science Fiction Highlights II. Herausragende Stories der weltbesten SF- Autoren. by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3708
Science Fiction Highlights III by Jack Williamson 2 exemplar3709
Science Fiction Highlights IV by Hans Joachim Alpers 1 exemplar3710
Science Fiction Highlights IX by Piers Anthony 2 exemplar3715
Science Fiction Highlights V: Die besten Storis aus ANALOG by Hans Joachim Alpers 1 exemplar3711
Science Fiction Highlights VI. Herausragende Stories der weltbesten SF- Autoren. by Hans Joachim Alpers 2 exemplar3712
Science Fiction Jahrbuch 1983. by Hans Joachim Alpers 13 exemplar3600
Science Fiction Jahrbuch 1984. by Hans Joachim Alpers 12 exemplar3624
Science Fiction Jahrbuch 1985. by Hans Joachim Alpers 6 exemplar3654
Science Fiction Jahrbuch 1986. by Hans Joachim Alpers 7 exemplar3687
Science Fiction Jahrbuch 1987. Stories, Fakten, Trends. by Hans Joachim Alpers 5 exemplar3703
Shadowman by Geo. W. Proctor 19 exemplar3663
Sharra's Exile by Marion Zimmer Bradley 994 exemplar, 6 recensioner3613
The Shattered Chain by Marion Zimmer Bradley 1,094 exemplar, 4 recensioner3671
Shiva Descending by Gregory Benford 245 exemplar3557
The Snares of Ibex by Jo Clayton 182 exemplar, 1 recension3730
Soldier, Ask Not by Gordon R. Dickson 1,115 exemplar, 9 recensioner3596
Some Will Not Die by Algis Budrys 198 exemplar, 1 recension3517
A Song for Lya: And Other Stories by George R. R. Martin 373 exemplar, 9 recensioner3567
The Soul of the Robot by Barrington J. Bayley 111 exemplar, 2 recensioner3642
Space Chantey by R. A. Lafferty 53 exemplar, 5 recensioner3504
The Spell Sword by Marion Zimmer Bradley 991 exemplar, 8 recensioner3685
The Spirit of Dorsai by Gordon R. Dickson 678 exemplar, 3 recensioner3619
Split Infinity by Piers Anthony 2,375 exemplar, 26 recensioner3640
Star Hunters by Jo Clayton 206 exemplar, 3 recensioner3588
Star of Danger by Marion Zimmer Bradley 938 exemplar, 9 recensioner3693
The Stars in Shroud by Gregory Benford 253 exemplar3651
Strangers by Gardner Dozois 112 exemplar, 2 recensioner3512
The Survivors by Marion Zimmer Bradley 387 exemplar, 1 recension3540
The Sword of Aldones by Marion Zimmer Bradley 356 exemplar, 4 recensioner3670
Sword of Chaos and other stories by Marion Zimmer Bradley 493 exemplar, 4 recensioner3702
Tactics of Mistake by Gordon R. Dickson 990 exemplar, 9 recensioner3580
The Tapestry Warrior by Cherry Wilder 19 exemplar3676
Thendara House by Marion Zimmer Bradley 1,047 exemplar, 8 recensioner3728
Three against the Witch World by Andre Norton 628 exemplar, 6 recensioner3832
Thrice Upon a Time by James P. Hogan 530 exemplar, 8 recensioner3661
Time in Eclipse by David S. Garnett 38 exemplar, 1 recension3592
Time of the Great Freeze by Robert Silverberg 225 exemplar, 4 recensioner3841
Timescape by Gregory Benford 1,913 exemplar, 27 recensioner3652
Timetipping by Jack Dann 22 exemplar3665
To Live Again by Robert Silverberg 293 exemplar, 4 recensioner3521
To Live Forever by Jack Vance 440 exemplar, 11 recensioner3609
To Open the Sky by Robert Silverberg 334 exemplar, 3 recensioner3537
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K. Dick 1,500 exemplar, 14 recensioner3659
Traumkristalle by Kurd Laßwitz 21 exemplar3535
The Triune Man by Richard A. Lupoff 39 exemplar3641
Två erövrare : en berättelse från Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley 995 exemplar, 9 recensioner3584
The Twilight Men by Otto Basil 33 exemplar, 1 recension3534
Twin Worlds by Neil R. Jones 45 exemplar3673
The Two Faces of Tomorrow by James P. Hogan 488 exemplar, 6 recensioner3593
Underkill by James White 41 exemplar3568
Unto Zeor Forever by Jacqueline Lichtenberg 161 exemplar, 5 recensioner3721
Valentina: Soul in Sapphire by Joseph H. Delaney 78 exemplar3697
Valentine Pontifex. by Robert Silverberg 4 exemplar3682
Valis by Philip K. Dick 3,987 exemplar, 64 recensioner3649
Der vergiftete Planet by Peter Childs 0 exemplar3695
Vision of Tarot by Piers Anthony 585 exemplar, 2 recensioner3604
Die vom fünften Hundert by H. G. Francis 5 exemplar3698
The Warriors of Dawn by M. A. Foster 190 exemplar, 2 recensioner3503
Die Wasserkönige von Majipoor by Robert Silverberg 5 exemplar3675
Waves by M. A. Foster 87 exemplar, 1 recension3668
Who Needs Men? (Coronet Books) by Edmund Cooper 109 exemplar, 2 recensioner3536
The Wind Whales of Ishmael by Philip José Farmer 299 exemplar, 6 recensioner3508
Winds of Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley 747 exemplar, 5 recensioner3683
Witch World by Andre Norton 1,116 exemplar, 16 recensioner3792
Wolfhead by Charles L. Harness 58 exemplar, 2 recensioner3644
Wolfling by Gordon R. Dickson 385 exemplar, 2 recensioner3648
The World Wreckers by Marion Zimmer Bradley 921 exemplar, 7 recensioner3677
Worlds by Joe Haldeman 635 exemplar, 7 recensioner3633
Worlds Apart by Joe Haldeman 437 exemplar3701
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 4 by Lin Carter 73 exemplar3827
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 5 by Lin Carter 73 exemplar3880
Das Zeitmausoleum by Neil R. Jones 5 exemplar3629
L'épouvante by Daniel Walther 9 exemplar3699


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