FörlagsserieMondo economico Il Sole 24 ore

Il tempo delle scelte: Lezioni di economia (Mondo economico) (Italian Edition) by Romano Prodi 7 exemplar, 1 recension5
Thinking Strategically: The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics, and Everyday Life by Avinash K. Dixit 613 exemplar, 4 recensioner7
The Work of Nations: Preparing Ourselves for 21st Century Capitalism by Robert B. Reich 393 exemplar10
L' economia senza etica e diseconomia : l'etica dell'economia nel pensiero di don Luigi Sturzo by Alfio Spampinato 2 exemplar14
I numeri dell'economia : come si leggono e a cosa servono le statistiche by Enrico D'Elia 1 exemplar15
Executive Economics: Ten Tools for Business Decision Makers by Shlomo Maital 19 exemplar17
The Death of Inflation: Surviving and Thriving in the Zero Era by Roger Bootle 26 exemplar18
Sex and Business: Ethics of Sexuality in Business and the Workplace by Shere Hite 8 exemplar45
The Day Traders: The Untold Story of the Extreme Investors and How They Changed Wall Street Forever by Gregory J. Millman 13 exemplar48
Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel 278 exemplar, 4 recensioner49
Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter L. Bernstein 2,141 exemplar, 21 recensioner50
The Rich and How They Got That Way: How the Wealthiest People of All Time - From Genghis Khan to Bill Gates - Made Their Fortunes by Cynthia Crossen 51 exemplar51
What the CEO Wants You to Know : How Your Company Really Works by Ram Charan 317 exemplar, 6 recensioner52
The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life by Rosamund Stone Zander 1,368 exemplar, 29 recensioner53
Why I Hate Flying: Tales for the Tormented Traveler by Henry Mintzberg 17 exemplar54
Profit From the Core : Growth Strategy in an Era of Turbulence by Chris Zook 108 exemplar55
Marketing Moves: A New Approach to Profits, Growth & Renewal by Philip Kotler 22 exemplar58
L'era del cliente by Antonino G. Busacca 2 exemplar59
Marketing Insights from A to Z: 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know by Philip Kotler 88 exemplar, 1 recension63
Tutti innovatori by Hubert Jaoui 2 exemplar68
Lateral marknadsföring by Philip Kotler 33 exemplar69
The Future of Competition: Co-Creating Unique Value with Customers by C. K. Prahalad 112 exemplar70
Money for Nothing: Real Wealth, Financial Fantasies and the Economy of the Future by Roger Bootle 31 exemplar74
Why Not?: How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big And Small by Barry J. Nalebuff 206 exemplar, 1 recension75
Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit by Philip Kotler 66 exemplar161