FörlagsserieHarlequin Love Affair

The Dream Never Dies by Jacqueline Diamond 1 exemplar
Twice in a Lifetime by Rebecca Flanders 17 exemplar, 1 recension1
The Same Last Name by Kathleen Gilles Seidel 33 exemplar2
City Life, City Love by Beverly Sommers 10 exemplar3
Untamed Heart by Elda Minger 3 exemplar4
Now and Forever by Sharon McCaffree 3 exemplar5
A Matter of Trust by Rebecca Flanders 1 exemplar6
Love Changes by Barbara Bretton 2 exemplar7
Hostage Heart by Renee Roszel 3 exemplar8
Tomorrow's Promise by Sandra Brown 400 exemplar, 7 recensioner9
Raven's Song by Caron Welles 3 exemplar11
Canvas of Passion by Deirdre Mardon 2 exemplar13
Dark Star of Love by Elizabeth Glenn 7 exemplar14
Building Passion by Jane Bierce 3 exemplar15
Miracles Take Longer by Zelma Orr 4 exemplar17
Love's Revenge by Jacqueline Ashley 4 exemplar18
Call of Eden by Barbara Kaye 1 exemplar19
Untamed Possession by Andrea Davidson 3 exemplar20
In the Eyes of Love by Zelma Orr 7 exemplar, 1 recension22
Scent of Gold by Hilary London 2 exemplar27
To Love a Stranger by Meg Hudson 1 exemplar28
Destiny's Sweet Errand by Deirdre Mardon 1 exemplar29
Thorn in My Side by Heather Lang 3 exemplar31
Taste of Love by Elizabeth Glenn 2 exemplar34
Memories of Love by Robin Francis 1 exemplar35
Hunting Season by Jacqueline Ashley 1 exemplar36
Rites of Spring by Sandra Kitt 3 exemplar38
Love is a Fairy Tale by Zelma Orr 6 exemplar46
Second Sight by Rebecca Flanders 8 exemplar48
Images on Silver by Rayanne Moore 4 exemplar52
Measure of Love by Zelma Orr 3 exemplar64
Someone Else's Heart by Zelma Orr 4 exemplar74
Housebound by Anne Stuart 61 exemplar, 1 recension77
The Heart's Reward by Vella Munn 5 exemplar79
From Twilight to Sunrise by Martha Starr 4 exemplar80
The Wellspring by Pamela Thompson 1 exemplar83
Come Home to Love by Judith Arnold 6 exemplar84
In Love's Shadow by Ginger Chambers 1 exemplar85
Secret Longings by Sharon McCaffree 3 exemplar, 1 recension88
Touched by Love by Elda Minger 2 exemplar89
Only with the Heart by Sandra Kitt 1 exemplar90
Hiding Places by Modean Moon 1 exemplar92
Lovers Never Lose by Muriel Jensen 2 exemplar93
An Unexpected Gift by Andrea Davidson 5 exemplar95
Wanderlust by Vella Minn 4 exemplar96
Seize the Fire by Elda Minger 5 exemplar97
Afterglow by Rebecca Flanders 4 exemplar98
A Modern Man by Judith Arnold 4 exemplar100
Where Fires Once Burned by Zelma Orr 7 exemplar108
Flowing to the Sky by Judith Arnold 7 exemplar109
A Tough Act to Follow by Anne Henry 1 exemplar110
Another Man's Treasure by Renee Roszel 7 exemplar112
In the Name of Love by Jacqueline Ashley 6 exemplar113
Jackpot by Judith Arnold 10 exemplar117
Winter Magic by Margaret St. George 9 exemplar, 1 recension118
A Family to Cherish by Cathy Gillen Thacker 6 exemplar121
A Class Above by Carolyn Thornton 1 exemplar122
Wherever You Go by Bobby Hutchinson 1 exemplar124
Angel's Walk by Kathleen Carrol 5 exemplar126
Spring's Awakening by Jacqueline Ashley 2 exemplar128
MacKenzie's Lady by Dallas Schulze 16 exemplar130
Minor Miracles by Rebecca Flanders 16 exemplar131
Heaven Shared by Cathy Gillen Thacker 10 exemplar132
Castles and Fairy Tales by Margaret St. George 8 exemplar134
Forever Is a Long Time by Pamela Browning 2 exemplar138
Man and Wife by Judith Arnold 6 exemplar140
When Hearts Collide by Ginger Chambers 1 exemplar144
Silent Night by Beverly Sommers 9 exemplar, 1 recension152
Shooting Star by Barbara Bretton 13 exemplar153
This Day Forward by Elizabeth Morris 8 exemplar154
Intimate Strangers by Saranne Dawson 7 exemplar155
Painted Sunsets by Rebecca Flanders 20 exemplar, 1 recension159
Best Friends by Judith Arnold 7 exemplar160
The Long Journey Home by Jacqueline Ashley 4 exemplar162
Wild And Free (Harlequin American Romance, No 184) by Vella Munn 11 exemplar163
No Stranger by Stella Cameron 12 exemplar165
Tomorrow's Vintage by Marisa Carroll 3 exemplar166
Playing for Time by Barbara Bretton 49 exemplar, 1 recension167
Dream Chasers by Anne McAllister 9 exemplar168
On Wings of Love by Laurel Pace 2 exemplar169
An Unexpected Man by Jacqueline Diamond 10 exemplar170
Second to None by Stella Cameron 16 exemplar171
A Question of Honor by Jacqueline Ashley 2 exemplar172
Fair Game by Susan Andrews 1 exemplar173
Verdict of Love by Beverly Sommers 1 exemplarUnnumbered Issue