FörlagsserieKismet Romance

Always by Catherine Sellers 4 exemplar, 1 recension1
No Hiding Place by Brooke Sinclair 3 exemplar2
Southern Hospitality by Sally Falcon 5 exemplar3
Winterfire by Lois Faye Dyer 4 exemplar, 1 recension4
A Little Inconvenience by Judy Christenberry 4 exemplar5
Change of Pace by Sharon Brondos 2 exemplar6
Silent Enchantment by Lacey Dancer 5 exemplar7
Storm Warning by Kathryn Brocato 3 exemplar8
Prodigal Lover by Margo Gregg 1 exemplar9
Full Steam by Cassie Miles 2 exemplar10
By the Book by Christine Dorsey 3 exemplar11
Born to Be Wild (Kismet Romances) by Kris Cassidy 3 exemplar12
Siege of the Heart by Sheryl M. Munson 2 exemplar13
Two for one (Kismet) by Phyllis Herrmann 3 exemplar14
A Matter of Time by Anne Bullard 1 exemplar15
Face to Face by Shirley Faye 2 exemplar16
Opening ACT (Kismet Romance) by Ann Patrick 1 exemplar17
Rainbow Wishes by Jacqueline Case 2 exemplar18
Sunday Driver by Valerie Kane 2 exemplar19
Cheated Hearts by Karen Lawton Barrett 1 exemplar20
That James Boy (Kismet Romance, 21) by Lois Faye Dyer 4 exemplar, 1 recension21
Never Let Go by Laura Phillips 1 exemplar22
A Perfect Match (Kismet #23) by Susan Combs 3 exemplar23
Remember My Love by Pamela Macaluso 4 exemplar24
Love With Interest by Darcy Rice 3 exemplar25
Never a Bride by Leanne Banks 4 exemplar26
Goldilocks by Judy Christenberry 4 exemplar27
Season of the Heart (Kismet Romance) by Ann Hammond 1 exemplar28
Foster Love by Janis R. Hudson 2 exemplar29
Remember the Night by Sally Falcon 6 exemplar30
Wings of Love (Kismet Romance, 31) by Linda Windsor 2 exemplar31
Sweet Land of Liberty by Ellen Kelly 3 exemplar32
A Touch of Love by Patricia Hagan 4 exemplar33
No Easy Task by Chloe Summers 3 exemplar34
Diamond On Ice by Lacey Dancer 9 exemplar, 1 recension35
Daddy's Girl by Janice Kaiser 2 exemplar36
Roses (Kismet #37) by Caitlin Randall 3 exemplar37
Hearts Collide by Ann Patrick 2 exemplar38
Quinn's Inheritance (Kismet #39) by Judi Lind 3 exemplar39
Catch a Rising Star (Kismet No 40) by Laura Phillips 2 exemplar40
Spider's Web by Allie Jordan 1 exemplar41
True Colors by Dixie Dubois 1 exemplar42
Duet by Patricia Collinge 3 exemplar43
Deadly Coincidence by Denise Richards 1 exemplar44
Personal Best by Margaret Watson 3 exemplar45
One on One (Kismet) by Joann Barbour 1 exemplar46
Sterling's Reasons (Kismet #47) by Joey Light 2 exemplar47
Snow Sounds (Kismet No 48) by Heather Williams 1 exemplar48
Sunlight on Shadows by Lacey Dancer 7 exemplar49
Renegade Texan by Becky Barker 4 exemplar50
Risky Business by Jane Kidwell 2 exemplar51
Carolina Compromise by Nancy Knight 1 exemplar52
Golden Gamble by Patrice Lindsey 1 exemplar53
Daydreams by Marina Palmieri 1 exemplar54
A Forever Man by Sally Falcon 3 exemplar55
A Question of Virtue by Carolyn Davidson 3 exemplar56
Back in His Arms by Becky Barker 6 exemplar57
Sweet Seduction (Kismet, 58) by Allie Jordan 1 exemplar58
13 Days of Luck (Kismet #59) by Lacey Dancer 6 exemplar59
Sara's Angel by Sharon Sala 39 exemplar, 1 recension60
Home Field Advantage by Janice Bartlett 7 exemplar, 1 recension61
For Services Rendered by Patricia Kay 22 exemplar, 1 recension62
Where There's a Will by Leanne Banks 6 exemplar63
Yesterday's Fantasy by Pamela Macaluso 5 exemplar64
To Catch a Lorelei by Phyllis Houseman 3 exemplar65
Back of Beyond (Kismet) by Shirley Faye 1 exemplar66
Crystal Clear by Cay David 1 exemplar67
Promise of Paradise (Kismet No 68) by Karen Lawton Barrett 3 exemplar68
Ocean of Dreams by Patricia Hagan 3 exemplar69
Sunday Kind of Love by Lois Faye Dyer 7 exemplar, 1 recension70
Island Secrets by Darcy Rice 3 exemplar71
Coming Home by Janis R. Hudson 1 exemplar72
King's Ransom by Sharon Sala 45 exemplar, 1 recension73
A Man Worth Loving by Karen Rose Smith 2 exemplar74
Rainbows & Love Songs (Kismet Romance) by Catherine Sellers 6 exemplar75
Always Annie by Patty Copeland 6 exemplar76
Flight of the Swan by Lacey Dancer 11 exemplar77
To Love a Cowboy by Laura Phillips 7 exemplar, 1 recension78
Sassy Lady by Becky Barker 15 exemplar79
Critic's Choice by Kathleen Yapp 4 exemplar80
Tune in Tomorrow by Laura Michaels 7 exemplar81
Call back our yesterdays by Phyllis Houseman 8 exemplar82
Echoes by Nancy Morse 14 exemplar83
Fair Winds by Helen Carras 13 exemplar84
One Snowy Night by Ellen Moore 5 exemplar85
Maverick's Lady (Kismet Romance) by Linda Jenkins 6 exemplar86
All Through the House by Janice Bartlett 14 exemplar, 2 recensioner87
More Than a Memory by Lois Faye Dyer 7 exemplar, 1 recension88
Just One Kiss by Carole Dean 3 exemplar89
Hold Back the Night by Sandra Steffen 7 exemplar90
First Mate by Susan MacIas 3 exemplar91
To Love Again by Dana L. Hites 9 exemplar92
No Limit to Love (Kismet Romance) by Kate Freiman 4 exemplar93
Special Effects by Jo Leigh 3 exemplar94
Pure Instinct (Kismet) by Ellen Fletcher 2 exemplar95
There is a Season (Kismet) by Phyllis Houseman 4 exemplar96
The Stillman Curse by Peggy Morse 4 exemplar97
Baby Makes Five by Lacey Dancer 14 exemplar98
Moon Showers (Kismet) by Laura Phillips 6 exemplar99
Garden of Fantasy by Karen Rose Smith 6 exemplar100
Heartsong by Judi Lind 1 exemplar101
Swept Away by Cay David 3 exemplar102
For the Thrill by Janis R. Hudson 4 exemplar103
Sweet Harvest by Lisa Ann Verge 6 exemplar104
Sara's Family by Ann Justice 4 exemplar105
Travelin' Man by Lois Faye Dyer 8 exemplar, 1 recension106
Stolen Kisses by Sally Falcon 4 exemplar107
In Your Dreams by Lynn Bulock 4 exemplar108
Honor's Promise by Sharon Sala 29 exemplar109
Beginnings by Laura Phillips 5 exemplar110
California Man (Kismet) by Carole Dean 3 exemplar111
Mad Hatter (Kismet) by Georgia Helm 3 exemplar112
I'll Be Home by Judy Christenberry 6 exemplar113
Impossible Match by Becky Barker 6 exemplar114
Iron and Lace by Nadine Miller 3 exemplar115
Ivory Lies by Carol Cail 5 exemplar116
Hot Copy by Rachel Vincer 2 exemplar117
Home Fires by Dixie Dubois 4 exemplar118
Family Affair by Denise Richards 4 exemplar119
Heart Waves by Gloria Alcarez 1 exemplar120
One tough cookie (Kismet) by Carole Dean 2 exemplar121
Angel in disguise (Kismet) by Ann Wiley 2 exemplar122
Lies and Shadows (Kismet) by Pam Hart 4 exemplar123
No Competition (Kismet) by Marilyn Campbell 5 exemplar124
Bits and pieces (Kismet) by Merline Lovelace 3 exemplar125
Common Ground (Kismet) by Jeane Gilbert-Lewis 1 exemplar126
Forever Joy by Lacey Dancer 16 exemplar127
Lady in Black by Christina Dodd 86 exemplar, 1 recension128
To love a stranger (Kismet) by Blythe Bradley 6 exemplar129
Always a Lady by Sharon Sala 70 exemplar, 2 recensioner130
Sweet Victory by Beverly Lane 2 exemplar131
Ashton's Secret by Liana Laverentz 1 exemplar132
Lightning Strikes Twice by Lacey Dancer 10 exemplar133
All but Love by Ann Howard White 10 exemplar134
Midnight Sun by Vella Munn 12 exemplar135
High-Riding Heroes (Kismet Romance) by Joey Light 11 exemplar136
Homeward bound (Kismet) by Kat Attalla 15 exemplar137
No Illusion (Kismet Romance) by Lynnette Kent 2 exemplar138
Fair Warning (Kismet) by Catherine Sellers 7 exemplar139
Love in Bloom by Karen Rose Smith 68 exemplar140
Bedroom Eyes by Becky Barker 12 exemplar141
Lifesaver (Kismet) by Janice Bartlett 11 exemplar142
Heavenly (Kismet) by Carol Bogolin 1 exemplar143
Outside the Rules by Linda Hughes 2 exemplar144
Until Tomorrow by Sandra Steffen 4 exemplar145
Prim and improper (Kismet) by Rachel Vincer 5 exemplar146
Hannah's Hero by Denise Richards 4 exemplar, 1 recension147
Anything You Can Do by Sara Garrett 0 exemplar148
Voice in the Dark (Kismet Romances) (Kismet) by Judy Whitten 2 exemplar149
Never Say Goodbye by Suzanne McMinn 1 exemplar150
Daniel (Kismet) by Joan Shapiro 4 exemplar151
Persistence pays (Kismet) by Kristal Ryan 5 exemplar152
A Man of Few Words by Thelma Zirkelbach 3 exemplar153
Rough Edges by Pat Pritchard 5 exemplar154
Dreams and wishes (Kismet) by Karren Radko 2 exemplar155
MacLaren's Memory by Mara Fitzcharles 4 exemplar156
Fire on the Mountain by Anne Bullard 2 exemplar157
Gentle Persuasion by Sharon Sala 37 exemplar, 1 recension158
Master of the Chase by Susan MacIas 6 exemplar159
Sleight of Hand by Laura Resnick 23 exemplar160
Luke's Lady by Mara Fitzcharles 3 exemplar161
Summer's Fortune by Joan Reeves 6 exemplar162
His Woman's Gift by Lacey Dancer 9 exemplar163
Minor Adjustments by Beverly Sommers 6 exemplar164
Paris When It Sizzles by Julie Kistler 9 exemplar165
Betting on Love by Patricia Kay 16 exemplar166
Playing Love's Odds by Alison Kent 22 exemplar167
Future Perfect by Suzanne Brockmann 132 exemplar, 6 recensioner168