FörlagsserieBiblioteca di monografie scientifiche Zanichelli

Underverk med såpbubblor by C. V. Boys 174 exemplar, 4 recensioner3
Världsrymdens gåtor by Hermann Bondi 52 exemplar4
Acceleratori di particelle. Macchine della fisica nucleare by Raphael Littauer 2 exemplar6
Life in the Universe : A Scientific Discussion by Michael W. Ovenden 34 exemplar9
Relativity and Common Sense by Hermann Bondi 155 exemplar12
Perpetual motion; electrons and atoms in crystals by Alec T. Stewart 12 exemplar14
Isaac Newton by Edward N. da Costa Andrade 4 exemplar15
How old is the earth? by Patrick M. Hurley 35 exemplar16
Sound waves and light waves by Winston E. Kock 22 exemplar17
Trettio år som skakade fysiken by George Gamow 337 exemplar, 1 recension19
Datamaskinen och den mänskliga hjärnan: En modern introduktion till elektronisk databehandling by Donald G. Fink 26 exemplar23
L' universo dei suoni : come udiamo, cosa udiamo by Edward E. David 1 exemplar24
Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom by Edward Andrade 29 exemplar25
Quantum Electronics by John Robinson Pierce 10 exemplar27
La coltivazione dei cristalli. Metodi e ricette by Alan Holden 2 exemplar28
Il cuore dell'atomo : struture del nucleo atomico by Bernard L. Cohen 7 exemplar31
La struttura dei cristalli : l'ordine nella natura by luciamaldacea 0 exemplar33
Electrons and Waves by John Robinson Pierce 21 exemplar34
Latent image : the discovery of photography by Beaumont Newhall 38 exemplar35
The Tides: Pulse of the Earth by Edward P. Clancy 24 exemplar39
The Physical Foundations of General Relativity by D. W. Sciama 21 exemplar40