FörlagsserieDover Books on Chemistry and Physical Chemistry

Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure, by Gerhard Herzberg 78 exemplar, 1 recension
Catalysis and Catalysts by Marcel Prettre 4 exemplar
The Discovery of Radioactivity and Transmutation by Alfred Romer 5 exemplar
Electronic Processes in Ionic Crystals by N. F. Mott 9 exemplar
Electronic structure and chemical binding : with special reference to inorganic chemistry by Oscar Knefler Rice 1 exemplar
The Electronic Theory of Acids and Bases by W. F Luder 5 exemplar
From classical to modern chemistry;: Some historical sketches, by A. J Berry 5 exemplar
Ionic processes in solution by Ronald W. Gurney 4 exemplar
The kinetic theory of gases, being a text and reference book whose purpose is to combine the classical deductions with recent experimental advances in a convenient form for student and investigator by Leonard B. Loeb 3 exemplar
Kinetic Theory of Liquids by J. Frenkel 8 exemplar
The modern theory of molecular structure by Bernard Pullman 8 exemplar
Optical rotatory power by T. Martin Lowry 3 exemplar
Organic Chemistry by FRANK WHITMORE 2 exemplar
Organic Chemistry, Volume 1 by Frank C Whitmore 5 exemplar
Organic Chemistry, Volume 2 by Frank C Whitmore 4 exemplar
The phase rule and its applications by Alexander Findlay 5 exemplar
Polar molecules by Peter J. W. Debye 11 exemplar
The principles of electrochemistry by Duncan A MacInnes 2 exemplar
Structure of molecules and the chemical bond by Y.K. Syrkin 6 exemplar, 1 recension
The study of chemical composition. An account of its method and historical development, with illustrative quotations by Ida Freund 4 exemplar
Ternary systems;: Introduction to the theory of three component systems, by G. Masing 4 exemplar
Thermodynamics by Enrico Fermi 277 exemplar, 2 recensioner
Valence and the Structure of Atoms and Molecules by Gilbert Newton Lewis 4 exemplar