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Baseball in Birmingham (Images of Baseball) by Clarence Watkins 2 exemplarAlabama
Baseball in Mobile (Images of Baseball) by Joe Cuhaj 2 exemplarAlabama
Baseball in Montgomery by Clarence Watkins 2 exemplarAlabama
Baseball in Hot Springs (Images of Baseball) by Mark Blaeuer 1 exemplarArkansas
Baseball in Little Rock (AR) (Images of Baseball) by Terry Turner 5 exemplarArkansas
Los Angeles Dodgers (CA) (Images of Baseball) by Mark Langill 8 exemplarCalifornia
Baseball in San Diego: From the Padres to Petco (Images of Baseball) by Bill Swank 5 exemplarCalifornia
Baseball in San Diego: From the Plaza to the Padres (Images of Baseball: California) by Bill Swank 4 exemplarCalifornia
Baseball in Ventura County (CA) (Images of Baseball) by Jeffrey Wayne Maulhardt 1 exemplarCalifornia
Chicago Cubs: Baseball on Catalina Island by Jim Vitti 7 exemplarCalifornia
Dodger Stadium (CA) (Images of Baseball) by Mark Langill 5 exemplarCalifornia
Dodgertown (CA) (Images of Baseball) by Mark Langill 5 exemplarCalifornia
The Hollywood Stars (CA) (Images of Baseball) by Richard Beverage 10 exemplarCalifornia
Mexican American Baseball in Los Angeles (Images of Baseball) by Francisco E. Balderrama 3 exemplarCalifornia
Mexican American Baseball in Orange County (Images of Baseball) by Richard Santillan 5 exemplarCalifornia
Mexican American Baseball in the Central Coast (Images of Baseball) by Richard A. Santillán 2 exemplarCalifornia
Mexican American Baseball in the Inland Empire (Images of Baseball) by Richard A. Santillan 2 exemplarCalifornia
Mexican American Baseball in the Pomona Valley (Images of Baseball) by Richard A. Santillan 4 exemplarCalifornia
San Francisco Giants (Images of Baseball) by Tricia O' Brien 2 exemplarCalifornia
San Francisco Seals (CA) (Images of Baseball) by Martin Jacobs 12 exemplarCalifornia
Baseball in Colorado Springs (Images of Baseball) by Roger P. Hadix 2 exemplarColorado
Baseball in Denver (Images of Baseball) by Matthew Kasper Repplinger II 2 exemplarColorado
Baseball in New Haven (Images of Baseball) by Sam Rubin 1 exemplarConnecticut
Bridgeport baseball by Michael J. Bielawa 3 exemplarConnecticut
Spring Training in Bradenton and Sarasota (Images of Baseball) by Raymond Sinibaldi 0 exemplarFlorida
Baseball in Atlanta (GA) (Images of Baseball) by Paul Crater 1 exemplarGeorgia
Baseball in Savannah (Images of Baseball) by Brian Howard Lee 1 exemplarGeorgia
19th Century Baseball in Chicago by Mark Rucker 7 exemplarIllinois
Baseball in Rockford by Kenneth Griswold 2 exemplarIllinois
Black Baseball in Chicago by Larry Lester 5 exemplarIllinois
Chicago Cubs: 1926-1940 by Art Ahrens 4 exemplarIllinois
Chicago Cubs: Tinker To Evers To Chance by Art Ahrens 3 exemplarIllinois
Chicago Sluggers: The First 75 Years by John Freyer 9 exemplarIllinois
Chicago White Sox: 1959 and Beyond by Dan Helpingstine 3 exemplarIllinois
Chicago's Wrigley Field by Paul Michael Peterson 7 exemplarIllinois
Comiskey Park by Irwin J. Cohen 5 exemplarIllinois
Kane County Cougars by David Malamut 1 exemplar, 1 recensionIllinois
South Side Hitmen: The Story of the 1977 Chicago White Sox by Dan Helpingstine 3 exemplarIllinois
Baseball in Indianapolis by W. C. Madden 2 exemplarIndiana
Baseball in South Bend (Images of Baseball: Indiana) (Images of Baseball) by John M. Kovach 2 exemplarIndiana
Hoosier Hitmen: Indiana University Baseball (IN) (Images of Baseball) by Pete Diprimio 1 exemplarIndiana
The KOM League Remembered (KS) (Images of Baseball) by John G. Hall 4 exemplarKansas
Notre Dame Baseball Greats: From Anson to Yaz (IN) (Images of Baseball) by Cappy Gagnon 3 exemplarIndiana
Baseball at Davenport's John O'Donnell Stadium by Tim Rask 2 exemplar, 1 recensionIowa
Baseball in Louisville by Anne Jewell 8 exemplarKentucky
Baseball in Northwest Iowa (Images of Baseball) by Joan Wendl Thomas 4 exemplar, 2 recensionerIowa
Baseball at Tulane University (LA) (Images of Baseball) by Derby Gisclair 2 exemplarLouisiana
Baseball in New Orleans (LA) (Images of Baseball) by S. Derby Gisclair 6 exemplarLouisiana
Baseball in Baltimore by Tom Flynn 5 exemplarMaryland
1967 Red Sox:: The Impossible Dream Season (Images of Baseball) by Raymond Sinibaldi 1 exemplarMassachusetts
1975 Red Sox: American League Champions by Raymond Sinibaldi 0 exemplarMassachusetts
Baseball on Cape Cod (MA) (Images of Baseball) by Dan Crowley 4 exemplarMassachusetts
The Boston Red Sox, From Cy to the Kid by Mark Rucker 7 exemplarMassachusetts
Boston's Royal Rooters (Images of Baseball) by Peter J. Nash 3 exemplarMassachusetts
Red Sox Legends (MA) (Images of Baseball) by Jennifer Latchford 4 exemplarMassachusetts
Baseball at the University of Michigan (MI) (Images of Baseball) by Rich Adler 3 exemplarMichigan
Detroit Aces: The First 75 Years (MI) (Images of Baseball) by Mark Rucker 3 exemplarMichigan
Detroit Sluggers: The First 75 Years (MI) (Images of Baseball) by Mark Rucker 3 exemplarMichigan
Tiger Stadium (MI) (Images of Baseball) by Irwin J. Cohen 7 exemplarMichigan
The Minneapolis Millers of the American Association by Rex Hamann 1 exemplarMinnesota
As Good As It Got: The 1944 St. Louis Browns (MO) (Images of Baseball) by David Alan Heller 6 exemplar, 1 recensionMissouri
Baseball in Springfield (MO) (Images of Baseball) by Rusty D. Aton 2 exemplarMissouri
Baseball in St. Louis, 1900-1925 (MO) (Images of Baseball) by Steve Steinberg 5 exemplarMissouri
St. Louis' Big League Ballparks (MO) (Images of Baseball) by Joan M. Thomas 7 exemplarMissouri
Omaha, Baseball In (NE) (Images of Baseball) by Devon M. Niebling 2 exemplarNebraska
Baseball in Newark by Robert Cvornyek 4 exemplarNew Jersey
Baseball in Trenton by Tom McCarthy 3 exemplarNew Jersey
Baseball in Albuquerque (Images of Baseball) by Gary Herron 6 exemplarNew Mexico
New Mexico's Pueblo Baseball League by James D. Baker 1 exemplarNew Mexico
Baseball in Rochester (NY) (Images of Baseball) by Scott Pitoniak 4 exemplarNew York
Baseball Legends of Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery by Peter J. Nash 18 exemplarNew York
Brooklyn Dodgers in Cuba (Images of Baseball) by Jim Vitti 3 exemplarNew York
The Early Polo Grounds by Chris Epting 6 exemplar, 1 recensionNew York
New York Aces: The First 75 Years by Mark Rucker 1 exemplarNew York
New York Sluggers: The First 75 Years by Mark Rucker 2 exemplarNew York
Shea Stadium by Jason D. Antos 7 exemplar, 1 recensionNew York
Yankee Stadium: 1923-2008 by Gary Hermayln 5 exemplarNew York
Baseball in Asheville (NC) (Images of Baseball) by Bill Ballew 6 exemplarNorth Carolina
Akron-Canton Baseball Heritage by Thomas Maroon 2 exemplarOhio
Baseball in Columbus by James R. Tootle 7 exemplar, 1 recensionOhio
Baseball in Toledo by John R. Husman 6 exemplarOhio
Cincinnati Reds: 1900-1950 by Kevin Grace 1 exemplarOhio
Cincinnati Reds: 1950-1985 by Jack Klumpe 3 exemplarOhio
The Cleveland Indians: The Cleveland Press Years, 1920-1982 by David Borsvold 3 exemplarOhio
Crosley Field (Images of Baseball: Ohio) (Images of Baseball) by Irwin J. Cohen 2 exemplarOhio
Images Of Baseball: Riverfront Stadium by Mike Shannon 3 exemplarOhio
Baseball in Tulsa (Images of Baseball: Oklahoma) by Wayne McCombs 5 exemplarOklahoma
The Portland Beavers (OR) (Images of Baseball) by Kip Carlson 4 exemplarOregon
Baseball in Altoona : from the mountain city to the Curve by David Finoli 3 exemplarPennsylvania
Baseball in Erie (PA) (Images of Baseball) by Mark K. Vatavuk 1 exemplarPennsylvania
Baseball In Reading (PA) (Images of Baseball) by Charles J. Adams III 7 exemplar, 1 recensionPennsylvania
Images of America; Williamsport's Baseball Heritage by James P. Quigel 2 exemplarPennsylvania
The Philadelphia Phillies (Images of Baseball) by Seamus Kearney 1 exemplar, 1 recensionPennsylvania
The Pittsburgh Pirates' 1960 Season (Images of Baseball) by David Finoli 1 exemplarPennsylvania
Baseball in Greenville and Spartanburg (SC) (Images of Baseball) by Bob A. Nestor 2 exemplarSouth Carolina
Baseball In Chattanooga by David Jenkins 6 exemplarTennessee
Baseball in Memphis (Images of Baseball) by Clarence Watkins 2 exemplarTennessee
Baseball in Nashville (TN) (Images of Baseball) by Skip Nipper 5 exemplarTennessee
Baseball In Dallas by Chris Holaday 6 exemplarTexas
Baseball In Fort Worth by Mark Presswood 4 exemplarTexas
Baseball in Norfolk (VA) (Images of Baseball) by Clay Shampoe 2 exemplarVirginia
Baseball in Richmond by Ron Pomfrey 2 exemplarVirginia
Baseball in Tacoma-Pierce County (Images of Baseball) by Marc H. Blau 5 exemplarWashington
The American Association Milwaukee Brewers by Rex Hamann 5 exemplarWisconsin
Baseball in Eau Claire by Jason Edward Christopherson 1 exemplarWisconsin
Playing for Time: The Death Row All Stars by Chris Enss 8 exemplarWyoming
The College World Series: A Baseball History, 1947-2003 by W. C. Madden 9 exemplarCollege baseball
The Little League® Baseball World Series (Images of Sports) by Robin Van Auken 0 exemplarLittle League
The Blue Ridge League (Images of Baseball) by Robert P. Savitt 3 exemplar, 1 recensionMinor Leagues
Kitty League (Images of Baseball) by Joshua R. Maxwell 1 exemplarMinor Leagues
Women's Baseball (Images of Baseball) by John M. Kovach 6 exemplarWomen's baseball
Peverelly's National Game by John Freyer 6 exemplarUnited States


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